Out of the Mouths of Babes

Our 3 year old has had a profound understanding of all that has happened these past 3 weeks. We have been amazed, and often comforted, over and over again by the words she speaks. Tonight was no exception…

As she sat eating a piece of peanut butter pie in her little purple jammies, she suddenly said, “Where is Emmy?”

I hope the sound of me sucking in air was not audible, but both my husband and I looked up at her, startled. My husband said, “She is in Heaven.”

To which my daughter replied, “She’s not at the hospital. Jesus was at the hospital, and then He took her to Heaven, and He’s holding her in Heaven.”

“Yes, dear, He is.”

“She’s not sick anymore.”

“No, dear, she’s not sick anymore.”

We stare into her eyes and we see Emily. Those big eyes that know so much. They are Emmy’s eyes in a slightly different shade. And she speaks Emmy’s words…

“I’m not at the hospital. Jesus was there and He took me to Heaven. He’s holding me.”

Lord, hold my child close to You,
And if You will, I plea,
That as You hold her close to You,
She remember when I held her close to me.
~A.R. 3/2/08

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10 thoughts on “Out of the Mouths of Babes

  1. Thank you, Lord, for this Christian home. May these children continue to grow in you by the example of Ty and Amy as they live a life of faith according to your Word, clinging to you and trusting you for strength for each day. In the Name of the Lord Jesus. Amen.ken

  2. How the young ones can speak such wisdom! I pray that you find comfort…not only you, but your precious husband and children too. God’s grace and peace be with you!

  3. My dear, I know these days are so hard! But I promise you this, that these precious moments and the amazing understanding of your three year old will be somthing to treasure in days to come! Just before one of our further along miscarriages we had had a friend’s son die in a freak accident. This was a child who I had been a nanny for when he was a baby, so I was quite devestated with the news. Just weeks later we found out we were pregnant and then lost BJ. When we come in from the hospital and told our boys that we lost BJ and that he/she was now in heaven, our four year old cried and sobbed! When he had calmed down I went in the kitchen for a drink and he sat to watch a video. All of a sudden he came into the kitchen with a smile on his face! He looked at me and said ‘It’s OK Mommy. Ben will be a big brother to BJ and will look after him for us.’I barely managed to nod at him before he left the room and I broke down sobbing! It is OK and I know that these children who I have loved are all safe in the arms of the Father. It took my little one to remind me of that.That moment which was soooo painful at the time is such a comfort to me now. Praying for you! (((HUGS)))

  4. I read through everything on this page today. You and I are on the same forum, CMOMB…I am sorry for your loss… there is nothing that I can say from experience to comfort you… The Lord is with you until the end of the age.I will weep and mourn with those who mourn.I am praying for you. I know that the Lord will bear you up through this. It is true that you can trust Him though He slays you. (I do know that much from experience.) He is faithful to heal the broken hearted. To breathe life into your spirit.I never knew that other people have had the thought that a certain child might not be with them for very long. I have thoughts that one of my children (don’t know which one, if I even have them yet) will not live very long. I am not afraid, but I am at peace with it, though the very concept tears my heart up.God is good, all the time, and He is able to do far above what we can think or imagine or hope for. He works ALL things for the good of those who love Him and for His own glory.I want to glorify God, and I can see that He is getting glory through your tragedy too. Praise God, may His Name be great upon the earth.Mourning with you,Mrs. Meg Logan

  5. Those words at the end of your post are so beautiful. That’s exactly how I would feel, too. I know I can’t really begin to understand what you’ve gone through so recently. Last night I remembered that it was the would-be birthday of one of our miscarriages. He or she was due on 3/3/03! I was crying because I had gone to the hospital for a, what’s it called? D & C? because I have problems with bleeding when I give birth. They took the baby for testing. Somehow I didn’t realize that I wouldn’t get the baby back. I had been told about how hospitals can’t take anything from people; that’s why they ask you if you want the placenta… It had been a traumatic night, and suddenly it was too late when I realized I should have told them to forget the testing and give me my baby. So I still cry. Babies shouldn’t end up in trash cans. But I comfort myself, though, knowing that that baby who I had already loved, is with Jesus. And in my heart, where baby is buried, his or her place is planted all round with flowers. I want the Lord to let baby know that he or she really was loved.God bless you and comfort you.Krista

  6. I wish you did not have to endure this. I am continuing to pray for you and thanking God for the words of your 3 year old!

  7. That is so precious! We still pray for you and your family that God will give you strength and comfort…In love,Crystal Schaper

  8. Amy, So thankful you are taking comfort in the small ways the Lord is speaking to you. He uses the little ones in ways that we can not imagine, just like he is and will use Emliy’s little life to accomplish his purposes. I hope you might could get some of the books, I still enjoy picking them up. I too had a low day yesterday, they come and go, its all in my perspective. May the LOrd continue to bless you with peace and comfort.Praying! Cindy Morrishttp://www.weloveyoujoel.blogspot.com