Motrin Ad on Babywearing ~ My Story


Babywearin’ mamas everywhere are outraged by this ad, and rightly so. Poor marketing, Motrin. Bad, all-around idea ad agency. Might wanna get this off the networks before too many more baby-packin’ mamas see this!

I could fire off all the benefits of babywearing and all the statistics and all the other militant-mama artillery in my arsenal, but what speaks louder than all of that is my story.


I became a die-hard babywearer with the birth of my 3rd child in 2004. I had finally gotten the hang of it and LOVED it. So, naturally, when my 5th child, Emily, came along in 2007, she spent a goodly amount of time in some sort of homemade-by-me baby carrier. The store, the park, hiking, you name it…I wore her.


And at 7 months and 6 days, I lost her.

What I gave her ~ the comfort of mama’s closeness ~ and what she gave me in return ~ priceless memories ~ are unmatched. She would bury her fuzzy little head against my chest and fall fast asleep. I would snuggle my check against the top of her head and breathe in her sweet baby smell.

And these memories are not just mine. My husband speaks so fondly of the days he would come home from work and catch a glimpse of me in the window working about the kitchen with Emily strapped to my back in a mai tai. He would come in and kiss her and kiss me and watch us as we continued about our work ~ mama and baby melded together in a domestic dance.


One of the hardest things to put away after her death was my stash of baby carriers. I wanted so badly to hold this child to my heart once again. I searched the carriers for her hair, her smell, remnants of all my memories.

This is what babywearing is. It is a mother’s love enveloping her child. It is not a fashion statement, it is not a martyr’s curse, it is not a pain in the neck, or back, or hip…it is me…it is Emily…sharing moments that would someday be memories…precious, precious memories.

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20 Comments on Motrin Ad on Babywearing ~ My Story

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20 thoughts on “Motrin Ad on Babywearing ~ My Story

  1. I have no idea if this ad is on tv b/c I don’t have tv per se…just a small tv w/ blue screen that we use to watch videos on occasion. I happened across the ad on a fabric coop I am on. Obviously, this is something I take very personally…I say the more people who know, the better!

  2. OH My…it me again!I watched the ad again…and after it was over there is a way to scroll and watch other things related…did you watch any? I did and, this one lady told the Mortin people what she thought…and that her headache was from them…..not from wearing her baby! Yah!!!!I might put this ad on my blog if you don’t mind?Peace,Georgiann

  3. Wow Girl~I’m also going to write the “nice folks” over at the Motrin Company.I this ad on TV? I don’t watch much TV, I can believe they would air such a thing. I might even give them a call….I love to wear my baby too…..the rewards are countless as you know!Peace and Prayers,Georgiann

  4. Amy, Thank you for sharing this.. I will also be shooting off a note to the company.. Hugs to your mamas heart.

  5. Motrin should give you a call on the next ad campaign it puts out. You’re a good and convincing writer. :] Bless you and this new life coming soon. Been thinkin’ of you and thought I’d stop by and say hi.

  6. I’ve never ‘worn’ my babies…just had too many before they made any comfy ones and couldn’t get used to it – besides I had older children that wouldn’t let me, they wanted to hold my babies! :) BUT, I can totally relate to the love for that snuggle time. I can relate to the precious baby’s head on the cheek. The smell of the hair and that “baby smell”. I remember having to put things away of Anna’s. I feared losing that smell – her smell. You know what’s funny? One of her main smells was a sweaty head (not stinky – just a hot smell). Her little heart beat so fast that she sweat a lot. I miss that smell.My heart is so tender these past couple of days. I cried a lot yesterday and even this post made me cry today. I can relate to the emotion you illustrated.Love (again),Lynnette

  7. I posted this on your blog as well…Looks just like my dh! I don’t have the pics loaded on my computer, but he hiked one of our children up a mountain in a mai tai. Nothin’ like a man wearing a baby!

  8. Oh, how beautiful her little fuzzy head is, sticking out by your chest! How I ache for you – and wish you could hold her again. A pain so great could only be eased by knowing where she is, and that one day – you WILL see her and be with her again.

  9. I didn’t watch the ad; didn’t feel like being annoyed lol. I’m an avid babywearing mama; ever since the 1st. Now I wear my twins! :-))The pics are just beautiful… thanks for posting.

  10. I made both of them myself. The navy one is a mai tai and I got the instructions from Sleeping Baby (just google the name and I’m sure you’ll find it). The other is a homemade wrap. All it is 7 yds of stretchy material. I think I got the instructions for it off of Mama Toto. If you don’t sew, you can find both of these types of carriers used on places like Diaper Swappers or Mothering dot Commune. I don’t wear my sling much anymore b/c I love these two kinds so much! I’ll go check out your post later. :)

  11. Hi there~I just put a post together…using the video clip…I added a few things to it. If you what to check it out?Also I was wondering about the carrier you are wearing in the picture. What is the name of it? Where did you buy it? I really like the postion baby is in…different than a sling.(I do love my sling but want something I can do chores with her in at homeI’m a lefty and don’t wear my baby much in the home….I would love to start.I mostly wear her when we are out and about.Thanks for anything you can tell me about this stlye of carrier!Peace in Christ,Georgiann

  12. Beautiful pictures of you and Emily, Amy. What a treasure that you were able to store up so many snuggly moments with her so close to you. What could be more precious? May the sweetness of those memories grow with the passing of days.

  13. Thanks, Amy, for posting this ad. I’ve worn my babies forever….the ad really bothered me! That ad really seems to emphasize societies view that it’s really only about “me” and not about the little ones. Babywearing was made into a joke…so sad. Thanks again. I, too, will write the company.Rachel

  14. Oh this is a fabulous post. I am so saddened by your loss of sweet Emily. I am sure you cherish every moment you held her close.


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  16. That video is just plain outrageous! I too am a diehard baby wearer. I don’t HAVE any babies wear any more, but I began with a big soft cloth (covered me from waist to shoulders) pouch thing that zipped up the front and had straps that were too far apart, so I crisscrossed the waist tie to accommodate (1992 folks). We had a aluminum framed backpack (There’s a pain in the SHOULDERS but it worked in outdoor crowds for bigger babies) and finally my slings 2000-2006. I have had 3 slings, each on retired with its perspective toddler when they outgrew it (one went with a foster baby to gramma’s house). I loved it, I loved having them close to me, loved everything about my slingbabies. Seeing all the NEW ones out now amazes me and makes me wish I could have another little one to live tandem with for a year or two…. :) Thanks for sharing this.
    .-= Dawn´s last blog ..Blogging Conferences and the Like =-.

    • Ooo! I love hearing stories of diehard baby wearers who did it long before it was the “in” thing to do! Thanks for sharing. (By the way, shortly after the commercial came out they pulled it and made a public apology…it was just in poor taste and they were big enough to admit it.)