A Little Bit of Fancy

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ornamental; decorative; not plain:
Her mei tai is fancy.

About a year ago, a gorgeous piece of embroidered blue silk caught my eye on the clearance shelf at a local retailer. On a whim, I bought 1 yard of it. This was all I could justify spending since even on clearance, it wasn’t cheap by my standards.

I knew from the moment I laid eyes on it, it would someday be the front panel of a mei tai. Yet, it would take a very special complimentary fabric to make this work. I owned no such fabric.

So, for a year I have been scouring clearance bins and shelves for a fabric that had just the right look, just the right weight, and just the right amount of yardage. I finally found it!

Gold damask and blue embroidered silk makes for one very FANCY mei tai!

Oh, and one last picture…
Micah’s latest shoes

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13 thoughts on “A Little Bit of Fancy

  1. Great job Momma!The fabrics go nicely together! Well done!I love the shoes too!Have a blessed Easter~Warmly,Georgiann

  2. Very pretty! Wish I had a baby so I could justify making a new mei tai (well, that’s not the reason I wish I had a baby!).

  3. That is so pretty! I ordered a carrier similar not long ago & it was $$! I didn’t even use it yet, being I have twins one would have to be in a stroller or another carrier. Baby looks very comfy :))

  4. I made a mei tai last year and love it also. I used scrap fabric I had and it works great. My only wish is that I had put a little of padding in the shoulders. As Lillie gets older, it pulls on my shoulders. Just a good reason to make another one! Your looks so pretty! Great job!

  5. Mei tais are actually my favorite way to carry toddlers, so a baby is not required! ๐Ÿ˜‰And Georgiann, you’re a sweetheart! I am really working on this UN-frumpy thing and enjoying it and feeling so good! I’ve even dropped a couple of pounds! How’s that for a bonus!Sleep…well, some nights are good…others are not. But God is in the little things.Much love all!Amy

  6. I almost forgot to say…You look terrific! I pray that you have been getting enough sleep…..you look well rested and your hair looks nice!How did your clothes shopping go the other day?Blessings,Georgiann

  7. I followed your link to your shoe post and then to the tutorial and pattern. Just so you know, this is exactly what I’ve been looking for. I love it! I’m definitely going to use the pattern. I bookmarked it. Thanks for posting it.

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