The Woven Wrap

I am soooo thankful Mandy left this comment on my post about Slingin’ Babies.

Many of the DIY mamas on TBW have made wraps out of osnaburg material for a woven wrap supportive enough for a bit heavier baby.

The very next day I was out and about with Micah in the knit wrap when I realized it has been a while since I’d had him in there. He’s now about 20 lbs and he kept slipping further and further down until he was about hip level!  I immediately thought of Mandy’s comment and trucked myself over to WalMart (the one on our side of town still carries fabric).

I ended up buying homespun for $2 a yard and cutting it down the middle to make a wrap for me and a wrap for my friend Ashley.

The picture isn’t the best because I looked like an ogre that day and wanted my face kept out of pic and Micah was a man on the move. But, you get the idea…

By the way, I’ve since test drove this little number several times and I am thrilled with it! I didn’t bother to hem the raw edge in case you are wondering. And I’ve updated the original post (with a much better picture!) as well.

If you have any posts on slingin’ babies, let me know and I’ll add a section on the original post with a link to your post so others can see how you sling your babies! (I’ve already added Mama K’s awesome baby carrier reviews post, so go check it out!)

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9 thoughts on “The Woven Wrap

  1. Cool wrap~
    Your biscits look terrific!
    The pictures of your hubby are funny! (in the best way)

    I’m having a giveaway to celebrate my 1year blog anniversary if you want to stop over?!


  2. finally, I could find this post once more. You have few [url=]useful tips[/url] for my school project. This time, I won’t forget to bookmark it. :)

      • sorry I am new at this, does thread bare mean wearing down??? It is a fairly new twin flat sheet that the fitted that matched lost a tent battle with the kids (why they used the fitted to make a tent is beyond me lol)and I’ve been holding on to it to find a use,