A Mustard Plaster for Your Chest Cold

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In this season of H1N1 and all other sorts of yucky bugs, I thought I’d share a recipe shared with me several years ago. It is your basic old fashioned mustard plaster. (and in case you are wondering…it’s safe for children too!)

Mustard Plaster
10 level TBSP of flour
1 level TBSP of dry mustard
Mix with enough water to form a paste.

Put olive oil on your chest area and then spread the paste on top of that.

Cover with a towel and go lay down and relax. (I prop myself up on pillows so I can breathe easier.)

Leave on for 15 minutes or until skin starts to turn pink (prior to the 15 minute mark). Rinse with mild soap and water. Repeat up to 2 times per day.

It does start to burn after a bit, but nothing unbearable. However, DO NOT try to leave it on any longer than 15 minutes!

We are all finally well here! Praise the Lord! But, I know so many others who are still suffering through with various bugs.

I must admit I am more wary of being out and about in public places than I can ever remember being in years past. So, before leaving me a comment, please be sure and wash your hands thoroughly. ;o)

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14 thoughts on “A Mustard Plaster for Your Chest Cold

  1. I think we are all being more careful this year. Especially those of us that have already had a taste of it in our household! Glad you are feeling better!

  2. Amy,

    What a great old fashioned remedy! Seems like these really do work more than all the new medicines do with no side effects.

    Love and Hugs ~ Kat

  3. Hi Amy~
    When I get a cold I take a ginger bath…1/3 cup powdered ginger in a full tub of water. (you can get the ginger from the bulk spice section.)

    My girls and I have the sniffles…I think we are almost over it though!


  4. What a great post…so practical! I have often heard of a “mustard plaster”…but never have I seen a recipe for one. Thanks for sharing!


  5. I bought “gasp” hand sanitizer for the house for the very first time. I am not big on it, I think a person can be too clean and with with all of this antibacterial soap and sanitizer EVERYWHERE, are we getting rid of the “good germs” too? I even started using sanitizer at work and at home, because of all the illness around, and I am starting to get sick, which doesnt happen often. Just my opinion! Thanks for the remedy, may try it! I put vicks on the bottom of my kiddies feet with socks too, and that helps them sleep at night.

  6. My kids love this and always ask for more: chop an onion and put half in each of two jars. Fill both jars halfway with honey and put the lid on, leave overnight, tipping upside down every so often. The onion is antibacterial, etc and the honey draws out the juice of the onion, leaving the onion dry and the honey runny… strain off the honey, discard the onion and take teaspoons of the honey mix every hour or so…
    Also a friend of mine told me to put sliced garlic on the soles of my feet (with socks over to keep it on) and it really works! With babies or young children, put it on top of thin socks with another pair on top as their skin can sometimes react to the garlic.
    Apple cider vinegar is also very powerful and can be taken quite nicely by mixing a couple of teaspoons of that and the same of honey in warm water as a warm drink. Just a few remedies I’ve come across :)

  7. You should be aware though, that putting the mustard plaster on your chest can increase the size of your thyroid, which isn’t good at all.

  8. Can you use regular mustard–prepared mustard from the store? We live in the country of Norway, and I have not yet found powdered mustard in the stores.

  9. Your so cute. Love the comment about washing hands. My daughter just texted. Went to ER. Bronchitis. Told her we r praying!! Thx for tips happy new year

  10. My mother used a recipe which she placed between 2 pieces of cheesecloth then placed on our chest. It seems like it was left on a lit linger than 15 minutes
    . It worked miracles!

  11. Ha! my mom would rub vicks on our back and chest, then wrap us with newspaper! I guess she didn’t want to deal with washing towels. I had forgotten about that until I read this! :)