Morning Sickness & My To Do List

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I feel yucky…
oh so yucky…
it’s just ducky how yucky I feel!
(kudos to whoever can name the musical spoof!)
OK, seriously.. Morning Sickness.  Need I say more?  It really puts a cramp in my To Do List.
Nowhere on my To Do List does it say
Hold Down Couch
Live In Bathroom
Sleep All Day

yet, that is what I find myself doing.  All. Day. Long.

Sure, I have moments of coherency in which I do a mad dash of schooling along with a shot of meal planning and put the rest of my life on autopilot, but that To Do List?  It just sits there.

If you walked in my house today you wouldn’t believe my post on what my day looks like because my day just doesn’t look like that in the early stages of pregnancy.  I wish I could say my children are in such a good routine that they just automatically keep on with the cleaning schedule, but hey, they’re 11 and under and cleaning is not high on their priority list (even though they are the most awesome kids on the planet!)

So, I have a plan.  Wanna hear it?

I have a list on my table that I make each and every day that only has 5 things on it. That’s it.  5 things.  I don’t allow any more than that and I don’t allow generalities like Clean the Garage because that is just too big of a project to be 1 thing all by itself.

My list today says,
1. Make bed.
2.  Put away my basket of laundry
3.  Clean around computer area
4.  Scrub cast iron skillets
5.  Clean main bathroom toilet

That’s it.  Those are my must-do tasks for the day.  That way when I look back on my day from a horizontal angle, I will not feel like a failure.  Even if the floor is a mess and the dishwasher needs to be loaded, I will have done 5 things and those other things can be added tomorrow.

I might even start making a 5 Things List for my children!

So, how do you deal with To-Do’s in the throes of morning sickness?

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34 Comments on Morning Sickness & My To Do List

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34 thoughts on “Morning Sickness & My To Do List

  1. I actually manage mine quite the opposite. My morning sickness is mild enough that laying around makes it worse because I’m thinking about it, so I try to stay as busy as possible, making a rather extensive to-do list. I imagine that were I to actually get sick instead of just being nauseous, I’d handle it after your fashion. Hope these weeks fly by for you and you’re feeling well again soon!

  2. I felt the same way at the beginning of this pregnancy ( I am 31 weeks into my 3rd pregnancy). I was so bad that I would get up in the morning just to lay on the couch until lunch time then muster enough energy to get up and make lunch. It was a very trying time! I will be praying for your strength! ?

  3. How did I miss the announcement? Congratulations! Great encouragement to get things done- never put big jobs on the list, for sure, because even if you do a big portion of a multi-step task, if you don’t get to cross it off the list, you don’t feel accomplished. Hold down that couch girl! You’re growing a little person- it takes some work!

  4. My husband did most everything when I had bad morning sickness! If it’s just mild nausea I agree with the previous commenter that staying busy is best, but there were days when I thought, if I get off this couch I am going to throw up. So I didn’t.

    The bracelets someone else mentioned are probably Sea Bands or Psi Bands. I recommend the Psi Bands, as they are adjustable and fit tighter to press more firmly on the Nei-Kuan pressure point. They are also waterproof, and come in cute designs. I used them and I think they helped, but it could’ve been in my head. I didn’t really care why they worked as long as I felt better :-) Hope your nausea is over soon!

  5. like i’ve already said, i missed the initial announcement and had to read down to make sure you’re actually pregnant, or were sharing from past experiences. anyways. i’m SO struggling with this. a list is a great idea though. even though i’m starting to feel a bit better, the headaches i’m getting are killing me. not quite. but they are quite strong and i need to lay down a lot because of them. i may just start out with a list of three things. :0) don’t want to go overboard with anything!! lol. praying!!

  6. How did I miss the announcement too? I am recently pregnant with my 3rd with dreams of having a large family! :-) Congratulations!

  7. “I feel Pretty! Oh so Pretty! I feel pretty and happy and gay!” lol.

    Poor Amy! I feel so bad for you! When I have morning sickness… I DON’T have a to-do list!! I make sure my sink is shiny and my toilet is clean and if the rest of the house is covered, I call my mom or my sister-in-law to come help with the rest!!

  8. amy,
    have you tried any herbal remedies or i know a lady that wore some sort of braclet and she said it helped alot w/feeling sick. i know you get it worse then most…so these may not work.
    i’ll keep ya in my prayers!
    love ya- candi

  9. I am sorry I have no recommendations for this because I am bad and just stay on the couch for most of the first trimester. I think your idea is a good one and i might try it for myself.

  10. I’d say your list is too ambitious. Remember, your most important job right now is growing a baby! Take those cleaning chores off and replace with rest, drink enough fluids, eat enough snacks, and snuggle with the kids.

  11. Desi & GapGirl win my kudos for knowing the spoof!

    The morning sickness is a little more like my morning sickness with my boys than my girls at this point. I get breaks…something that never happened with the girls. I didn’t throw up at all yesterday! Yay for me! lol

  12. *** West Side Story*** Sung by Maria because she was so in love!!! ( I took several Musical theatre classes in college)

    Anyway, so sorry your so sick but I pray you are able to make it thru the days with as much ease as possible. I remember those days all too well


  13. As we all know, morning sickness is a good sign. I just passed this stage. I am 15 weeks pregnant with my 8th baby. I am not sure if it is because I am older and just more of a baby myself, but this time around the nausea was worse than in the past.I only got sick 1 time, but was terribly nauseous 24/7. I wasn’t able to try it, the thought of it seemed worse than the morning sickness, but Kim @ is pregnant with her 10th and she swore by beans I wish I would have just made myself eat them to see if it worked for me- maybe next time.

    Hopefully your morning sickness doesn’t last long. Mine usually starts at 6 weeks, goes strong until I am about 12 weeks, with only a few bad moments during weeks 13-15. Then on to more productive days.

    God bless and congratulations

    • Beans!! Someone told me about this when I was pregnant with #4, but I didn’t feel sick and didn’t try it. With #5, I was sick, and didn’t think of it. I’m pregnant with #6 now (#4 living) and I was so sick and beans seriously help!! I was off the bean diet for a few days when my parents came to visit and I got SO SICK! I am back on it and feel so much better. Definitely try it!! =)

  14. I haven’t found morning sickness to be tough on me since having kids (i.e. my second pregnancy went okay). But each day I have three major things on my to-do list, and should we have an off day, I consider myself successful to have finished those three. Or even only the first one. They are 1. Take care of my kids. 2. Prepare healthy meals. 3. Do daily and weekly chores. That’s it. I have plenty of other projects that I want to do all the time but if I don’t get to those, it’s still a successful day. That way if I just can’t, I never have to feel like I failed. :)

  15. I am sorry to hear you are feeling yucky instead of pretty! I just finished that phase not that long ago, myself! I am relieved to be beyond it. I felt much like you describe and did a lot of couching-holding, as well. I did what I could – giving myself permission to not kill myself by trying to do too much. My older kids helped out a lot (as well as hubby when he was home from work) and I found relief in remembering it was just a season, prayerfully, better times would be ahead. You are right in that certain things just have to be done, but it does help to remember there are other things that do NOT need to be done. They won’t get done and it WILL be OK. After all, no matter what you accomplish each day, you are fulfilling God’s plan in providing a safe and healthy “home” for your new little one! I hope you can enjoy it for all it is worth very soon!

  16. I’m holding the couch down, too… for the same reason but I have some good days and try to seize those. Sometimes, my husband really steps up to the plate and I’m honestly surprised at how well he can prepare a great meal for our family. It’s comforting to know that he can on the off chance I migt have to have C-section and can’t do everything after the baby is born. My parents and sister-in-law and all our family live half way across the country and can’t visit for more than a week at a time so he is all I’ve got.

  17. I have stared staring 3 things on my daily to do list. If I do those, the day’s a success. But I think 5 might be a better goal. Especially so I can add the small but important things, like spend 15 minutes snuggling, an not feel like a slacker.

    good luck with the morning sickness.

  18. In my case, I was so sick (hyperemesis gravidarum) that I couldn’t do anything at all for a long time. Ladies from my church took turns cooking, cleaning, and caring for my two boys who were age 1 and 2 at the time. It was SUCH a blessing to us. I hope there are some wondeful women in your life who can help you through this!

  19. Just rest and be well…and delegate, delegate, delegate! 😉
    There is time to catch-up on everything else later.


  20. Amy
    I am so sorry I burdened you with my Sonlight questions.I did not know you were dealing with morning sickness!!!
    Thank you, though, for taking the time to help me.Most people assume, since we are a large Christian family, that we have always homeschooled.But I’m only 2 years into it, and all the choices make my head spin.
    I hope you feel better soon.Thanks again for your help.
    – Kathi

  21. Congrats!!! :) Gosh, I’m 28 weeks and still suffereing with morning sickness! My favorite remedy (that I figured out just recently) is sucking on lemon slices. Kinda weird and sour, but it really does work! hope you feel better soon! I’m really feeling your pain!


  22. Amy,

    I’m sorry to hear you’re not feeling well. I admire you for making even a small To Do list. :-) I pray you can get the sleep and nourishment you need to get through these tough weeks!


  23. “I feel pretty!”

    Oranges are the only thing that make mine better. I’m sorry you are feeling Yucky, are any food in particular bothering you?

  24. Meat is really hard for me to get down. But really it is a day to day thing. That is probably the hardest thing about it…not knowing what to eat.

  25. Well, no morning sickness yet for me. I am hoping to skip it but with my daughter I just did what had to be done and that was it!

  26. I COMPLETELY understand! I am not feeling so sick right now, but my first trimester, and most of my second trimester, I was really sick all the time. The only thing that really helped me was eating right before bed, and taking magnesium. I hope yours passes soon, and you start to feel better!

  27. I have to thank you for this blog. My husband and I have been thinking of a fifth child I wondered how I would do it. You inspire me. Thank you.

  28. Ah… With my first I had severe morning sickness (hg) I was so ill the first trimester that I only managed to keep us alive and out if the hospital, second trimester I managed to keep a small amount if food down and we visited family for Christmas… And that’s really all I remember about those months… Third trimester I managed to Internet hunt down anything we still needed after our baby shower which I remember being great! And I remember taking a few short walks and then going through a mountain of papers that magically appeared after the 6-7 months I had been sooo ill. Then I remember just trying to get fresh air and straighten things up a bit. Then once I had the baby I remember just staring at the baby and basking in i dont feel sick for months and very little else. With my second the first month was unnerving as I was having allergic reactions to everything… With help myself and my child managed to eat and stay clean, my husband had to fend for himself. Then 2-3 months of rough sickness where I managed to care for my child, nursing, napping, bathing… We read A LOT… Thankful for family who sometimes could help and my husband who was really on the ball. I made a weekly list broken down by priority and day and everyday I would be sure we ate something and my child was properly cared for and happy and I would put laundry in the hamper and make grocery lists for husband. Somehow with help I made it to second trimester and By the Grace of God what had been by aparently everyone’s standards but mine bad morning sickness passed and I was able to live rather normally. The morning before I had the baby I actually reorganized the house and set up a nice playroom. It was still exhausting and I had my lists that as a family we accomplished and a month after baby came my first was potty trained fully so I imagine I managed to work on that a bit and 6 months after baby we packed up and moved… Its not always morning sickness to work around, life is wild. Praying next pregnancy is either more like the last minus allergy or better :-) that’s all I can do 😉 I agree lists make everything so much easier. And if you can get ahead of things, a few meals in the freezer and a system for laundry and shopping and dishes it doesn’t seems so crazy. My goal right now is to get everything really together before #3 is on the way 😉