Homeschooling and the Morning Sickness Factor

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Homeschooling with Morning Sickness - can it be done? |
As I emerge from the morning sickness and begin to feel well again, I thought I’d share some insights I’ve gleaned from the 5 times I have done this since I began homeschooling.

*First off, give yourself a break.  Morning sickness is not for the wimpy.  It takes a lot of energy to lay on a couch and try to convince yourself you will survive.  In fact, it takes a lot of energy just to make it to the couch in the first place (unless of course, you spent the night there).  So, give yourself permission to take a break from all things.

*Make meals as simple as possible, enlist someone to help you with laundry and dishes…better yet, use paper plates, cups, etc.  Get your husband to shop for you and keep the refrigerator stocked with easy snacks for you and the children.  Don’t be afraid to ask for help.  You can be superwoman some other time.

*As for homeschooling, consider my post at The Homeschool Classroom on Homeschooling Year RoundYou can catch up later.  That is one of the many beauties of homeschooling ~ flexibility.  Is there really a need for you to stress right now about what is not getting done?  Think about the larger picture.  Will it really matter that you did not do 2 months worth of math with your 3rd grader when you can make up those 2 months somewhere else?  Older children can keep up with many of their studies on their own and with very little direction.  The short amount time you are sick (I know it feels like an eternity when you are in the midst of it), will even itself out in the long run.  It will be okay.  I promise.

*Avoid “Bad Mother Syndrome”.  I am convinced that my children are the most unruly, my house the most messy, my world the most chaotic, and I am very, very afraid I will never, ever feel “normal” again.  It is during these times that it is most crucial for you to ask for the Lord’s guidance.  Sometimes, these feelings are a good “jumping-off” point for us to truly analyze our shortcomings and those we see within our families, but we also must be aware that Satan will use these times when we are already down and out to knock us down further and convince us we are no good at this Christianity thing or this homeschooling thing.  He will put questions into our heads like:

“Wouldn’t they all be better off if I just sent them to public school?”

So, even in the midst of your illness, you must ask the Lord for discernment.  Ask Him to show you TRUTH and give you the ability to PERSEVERE.

*And finally, when you do come up for air and realize the morning sickness is beginning to subside, REJOICE! Then…take a moment to look around you and do the next thing.  What one thing that did slip while you were “away” should be re-established right away?  Do you need to take some time to get the discipline of the children back under control?  Is your husband begging  you to clean the house and have all the laundry done up?  Is everyone hungry for some “real food?

Do not despair…what fell apart while the couch held you hostage will not take all that long to rectify with a little bit of consistency.

So, as a final note, let me say as someone who has survived morning sickness many times and who has homeschooled through a majority of those times, I empathize completely with your plight.  It is a very difficult place to be.  I hope you find some encouragement from my words.  And a great big cyber-hug from me to you!

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26 thoughts on “Homeschooling and the Morning Sickness Factor

  1. Thank you so much. I needed this post! It was so beautiful and insightful. I am in the midst of all day pregnancy sickness and I am just trying to get by.

  2. Amy~I’m definetly “bookmarking” this page for future reference! What a relief this post would be for me!
    Also, I love your new “look” here! I just spent my “spring break” revamping my blog too! I’m not done yet, but it’s fun changing things!

  3. Hello Amy! I’m sorry my visits have been so few and far between lately. Blogs were one of the things I have had to let go of to survive the 24-7 sickness. What a great post! Thank you so much for your words! I am happy to report that I have found a supplement that helps me to get through the day without losing everything I eat. It’s called Mommy’s Bliss Morning Sickness Magic. I am hoping to contact them and ask if they’d sponsor a giveaway on my blog. That would be so perfect. :) I am unable to keep any form of pills down. No vitamins. Prenatal horse pills are completely out of the question. The morning sickness magic are small gel caps and you only take one at a time- plus they are full of ginger so instead of dissolving in your stomach and then coming right back out they dissolve and instantly calm it enough to keep it down. They have Folic Acid and vitamin B6 and Red Raspberry leaf in them also so I feel very relieved to be getting down some of the nutrients my baby needs since nothing else will stay down. Just thought I’d share in case you are still unable to keep your prenatals down too!
    And I am so glad that you are seeing the light at the other end of the morning sickness tunnel! :)
    .-= Mama Mirage´s last blog ..Counting down… are YOU being heard? =-.

    • I knew you were sick and totally understand not frequenting blogs. Just the scrolling down on blogs was enough to make me sick!

      I actually know of Mommy’s Bliss. I have a nearly full bottle of the liquid in my refrigerator as it did nothing for me. I didn’t think I could get the pills done, but it sounds like a great thing with the ginger in there to calm your stomach. I’m so glad you are finding some relief!

      Are you sick much longer?

  4. With my daughter I was sick from about 8 weeks until she was born. Even through the labor. With my son I was not sick but 5 times the whole pregnancy. So I am wondering if I’ll be sick the whole time again this time. Right now I know that it’s not just the 2nd trimester that has me keeping my food down, it’s the Mommy’s Blis stuff. I forgot to take it the other day and was back to sick! It took 2 weeks for it to start really helping the first time and I hope that my missing a day doesn’t mean I have 2 more weeks to go before I start feeling okay-ish again.
    I did not know the Morning Sickness Magic came in liquid! I got mine first as a sample from my midwife and my main reason for getting more was because they had folic acid and are the only thing that doesn’t come right back up. I figured if that’s the closest thing to a prenatal that I can take, then I probably should, since the only food I could keep down was meat so a balanced diet was totally out the window. It was a nice surprise when after 2 weeks of taking it I started keeping other stuff down better too.

    I must have missed it if you said how far along you are…? I’m 15 weeks.

  5. We survived the sickness spells, now I’m feeling guilty over being big and clumsy and tired as we countdown the last 11 weeks. I’m sooo tired and easily frustrated. Thank you for reminding me that this too will pass, and they will still learn something ! I’m glad to hear you are feeling better!
    .-= TaderDoodles (Lisa B)´s last blog ..Menu Plan Monday – March 22nd, 2010 =-.

    • The end definitely poses its own set of obstacles as well. However, I’ve come to a place of gratefulness for the Lord “forcing” me to slow down my life via pregnancies. Enjoy these last few weeks!

  6. The WP site looks great! the picture link to your daughter’s story isn’t working. But I love the layout. Are you in NC? I am in Greensboro. Glad your transition over to WP went well! Am so encouraged by your blog. I need your perspective in raising my little arrows!

  7. I love this post!! I Just had my 4th boy and want two more. If I decide not to get pregnant again it will be because of the morning sickness. Homeschooling during pregnancy has to be one of the hardest things I have ever done 😀 You are right, it’s a matter of perspective and planning. Thanks for your tips, they were very practical.

  8. Oh, thank you for these encouraging words! In the midst of laundry overload and in the words of another blogger “enough crumbs on the floor to make a casserole” plus the opening-the-fridge-gagging reflex, I thought I was the only one who felt like a total loser slob. I appreciate your sharing that you have felt the same way. We have been doing homeschooling in the living room with me in the big comfy chair!

  9. Just the mention of morning (all day for me) sickness, makes me queasy. I’m glad your coming out of it, just in time for spring.
    Your blog is looking good…can’t wait to read your post about the switch. I’m trying to decide where to go when/if I leave hsblogger.

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  12. I get sick the whole nine months. We still got it done. Sometimes we worked in the morning, sometimes in the afternoon. We do school two days a week in the summer. I am preggo with my 5th and I am due in 6 weeks. I need to go get some paper plates and use them :)

  13. Thank you for your blogging, today’s post and this one really helped as I am 6 weeks pregnant and have 5 others to care for and homeschool. I feel disgusting, did I really feel this bad before, do I have selective memory? The fear factor of losing this baby also gets to me, but I try to keep perspective. I think I’m going to live hour by hour in His grace. Keep close to Him during this time and always .

  14. Im suffering with The Sickness now – expecting my fifth child. Thank you for your words of wisdom. Fortunately for me and my homeschool plans, my morning sickness doesn’t strike until the late afternoon!

  15. Thank you very much for your encouraging words. I am pregnant with #4 and am homeschooling my 6 year old and 3 year old (while keeping the toddler busy, of course). The morning sickness has me knocked off my feet right now, and I’ve not been able to continue work through the summer as I hoped. We hope to have a large family but I worry about homeschooling through morning sickness time after time. Your words put things into a fresh perspective– God bless you all!

  16. This is exactly what I needed to hear right now. 100% on the nose of what I’m thinking and feeling. Thank you for the support, help, and much needed hug.

  17. Thanks for this post. Really going through it right now with baby number 5. Makes me feel so not alone in this baby making, homeschooling journey.
    God Bless You

  18. I know this is an old post but thank you as I contemplate starting our school year with weeks of morning sickness ahead! You always have such encouraging posts.