The Bell

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For years I dreamed of a big ole bell outside my back door that I would use to call everyone in from the field for meals.  But, considering I live in a city where my children are never more than 10 feet from my backdoor and my husband is in an office downtown, there really didn’t seem much use for that sort of dinner bell.

However, while at a friend’s house, I was intrigued to discover she had a bell.  And she knew how to use it.  In the city.

Tired of calling the kids from downstairs to come to meals?  Ring the bell.

Tired of trying to gather them all up for chores?  Ring the bell.

Tired of yelling to the far reaches of the house?  Ring the bell.

No, this isn’t some rigorous Captain VonTrapp whistle drill, it’s just a mama’s-voice-saving-Pavlov-dog sort  of awesome experiment {I ring, they come} that has done wonders in our home for creating an easy way to get everyone in one spot quickly.

Let me give you a real quick real life example:

Quite often supper time hits while they are watching an afternoon movie.  Said movie is downstairs.  I can ring the bell and all the children are upstairs ready to wash hands and help set the table to eat within seconds.  It’s the city-fied version of calling them in from the fields!

Or sometimes they are scattered all throughout the house playing and working.  Again…ring the bell and they all come running.  Mama doesn’t have to search every nook and cranny for every child because they all come to me to find out what’s going on.

So, now I have my wonderful long-sought-after dinner bell!  What do you use to call in the kiddos?

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22 thoughts on “The Bell

  1. “City-fied version of calling them in from the fields” lol! Good one!
    We have a small house so everyone can always hear everyone else around these parts.
    Or if they “can’t hear” me, I can reach them quickly and easily.
    But if I had a larger home, I think I would need a bell, too. It has a nice Little House on the Prairie feel to it.
    .-= Dawn´s last blog ..Bisquick Giveaway =-.

  2. Great idea! I have always wanted one of those triangles hanging on my back deck, but we don’t have ‘fields’ either. Lately I have wanted to get an intercom installed, but usually one of my little ones is thrilled with the job of announcing to everyone that dinner is ready.
    .-= Sandpiper´s last blog ..Bits & Pieces =-.

  3. right now with s working at night and sleeping during the day…i suppose he wouldn’t really like the bell idea that much. :)
    i currently send k on the errand of fetching and it always makes me laugh that she specifies either you’re not in trouble or you’re in trouble upon announcing that the said child needs to see mom. lol!

  4. I am loving this idea! Now to find a bell or maybe even an air siren? LOL! 😀
    .-= Sherry´s last blog ..WFMW – It is elementary my dear Watkins.. (Giveaway) =-.

  5. Personally, I’ve been begging my husband for an intercom system! Of course, that only works when they’re upstairs, not when they’re outside. Our backyard is pretty small, though, so I don’t even have to yell:) Glad you finally got your bell!
    .-= celee´s last blog ..Forgiving others: Is it an option? =-.

    • You can go online and find Tue sound of a tornado alarm and play husband has found some different sounds and some you can save and play when needed, I think you would just do a search for tornado alarm or what you want to use, then you can control it :)

  6. When I was growing up (in a city!) my Mom had a dinner bell she would ring for dinner or a phone call. . .. We could hear it from the basement or the back yard. Initially it was embarassing, but we all knew that it was our mom that was ringing it!!!!!

  7. Some of my children have spent a few years in Montessori school, and they use a bell when the teacher needs attention or silence. It sounds like a great idea to use a bell in the house! We are moving somewhere with ‘fields’ very soon and I’m excited to finally have a use for my parents’ bell.

  8. We have a dinner triangle in the kitchen (bought at Cabella’s). In the past we used a bell on the wall (bought it at hobby lobby). I have also used a wireless door bell for my ones in the basement. A cow bell works well also :)

  9. We moved into a 2 story home when I was 16 that was somewhat in the shape of a boat…squared off in the back (roadside) and it came to a point in the front (lakeside). On the upstairs porch, at the point was an actual ships wheel. When said wheel was turned a horn blew. The owners said that the kids could hear it anywhere, even on the lake since sound travels well across water. And, of course, they’d come a-runnin! :)

  10. My mom mastered a two-finger whistle to call us in from the 17 acres I grew up on. But my grandma has a wonderful antique bell collection, and I’d love to use one of those when my kids are old enough to range afar.

  11. My husband and I have a little joke…We have a small house, and the kids are usually underfoot (they are 7yrs and under) But as a joke my husband calls them in to brush teeth by picking up our kitchen phone (like an intercom system(that we DO NOT HAVE)) and saying “tims kids, attention tims kids, It’s time to brush your teeth” They get excited when he picks up the phone and never know what daddy will say!