Homeschooling Year Round

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Homeschooling Year Round |

Note:  We have now been homeschooling year round for more than 6 years!  It continues to be a very good fit for our family.  Because I get so many questions about our year round methods, I’ve written a new post, Homeschooling Year Round Q&A, to help answer those questions.


In March, I posted some of the reasons our family homeschools year round at The Homeschool Classroom.  But, I thought you might like to hear more since this seems to be a hot {literally} topic!

We chose to begin schooling year round about 3 years ago.  The main reason was because I was having a baby in July {that was Miss Emily, in case you were wondering} and we were moving a month later, then going on a couple of vacations after that.  I  knew it would be a whirlwind and wanted to get in as much school as possible prior to giving birth.  So, we schooled until the end of June.

I was thrilled with how easy it was to just keep going.

What I didn’t know was that life was going to get even more complicated and schooling through the next summer would become necessary and not some fun little experiment.

Emmy got sick the end of November and went into the hospital the beginning of December.  We spent the next month in and out of {mostly in} the hospital while my other children stayed behind at home, cared for by grandparents who knew very little of our homeschooling routine.  After a month of semi-normalcy, Emily passed away and life and homeschooling went haywire for a time.  It was April before I was back to homeschooling.  By that time I was pregnant and sick.

So, to compensate, we schooled through the summer.

What sold me on the idea was seeing how my children thrived with a continuation of a routine that had been lacking in their lives for months.  Add to that the fact that there was no need to review before moving to the next book in a subject, and you had one happy mommy and passel of content children.

We all knew what to expect.  There was no wasted learning.  The months they had missed were but a blink before they were caught back up.  It was a much needed sense of normalcy in our less-than-normal lives.

Some families choose to do fun activities or unit studies or some sort of different-than-normal schooling during the summer months.  For us, that just isn’t something I can do right now.  Keep on keepin’ on is the name of the game and the only thing we change up is the fact that we move school to the afternoon hours.  Morning is set aside for outside play when the air is still somewhat cool.  The afternoon can be spent indoors {often downstairs} where we can stay cool.

Now, it’s YOUR turn!  What do YOU do during the summer months for school?

Summer School is Summer Fun!

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30 thoughts on “Homeschooling Year Round

  1. Hi Amy! We always go year round so that we can take a break whenever suits us. We can have days off without any guilt through out the year. During the summer here it depends on the weather. We tend to take off nice sunny days as they are few and far between and do trips and outing and play days with friends. We still have alot of rainy days in the summer and might as well be doing school on those days. So, it is business as normal in the summer here!

  2. Our first year of homeschooling, we did year round, and I loved it. The second year, my husband requested that the kids get a summer break, which they loved. However, it was VERY chaotic, and it also made it really difficult to get back into a normal homeschooling routine and really apply ourselves once again – even for me! Its so much easier to let the kids play all day than to enforce a routine and put in effort to get work done in a timely manner. So after that experiment, with the blessing of DH, of course, we’re back to year-round homeschooling. Besides, that gives us more free time throughout the year to take breaks when wanted or needed!

  3. We are also joining the year round school schedule. We will wrap up our school year at the end of May, and I plan to take 5 weeks off (more for me to take a break, and get organized for starting back up). During that 5 weeks we will STAY HOME and go the the pool. That is it. No running around. My two big kids will have swim team, and we are blessed that our pool is a 200 feet from our backyard. No driving required.

    I am starting Sonlight this coming school year! We’ll get going after the 4th of July weekend.

    I love the flexibility of year round schooling. We can take off when needed, without stress. We’ll take a long Christmas break, which is so refreshing during that time of year.

    And because we are foster parents, we are able to be flexible for adjustments to our family and routine.

  4. We won’t continue with the same school routine, but we’re not taking the summer completely off, either. I have goals for each of my children and also want them to all read A LOT. I’ll be blogging about our summer plans one of these days- as soon as I figure it out:)
    .-= celee´s last blog ..Rainy days and recitals =-.

  5. this will be our first summer for school. i’m not sure how i’m going to do it. but it’s so nice to know we can tailor it to however works for our family! :0)

  6. We do the exact same thing! Seems we are always having a baby mid year or need a week off for this or that. Ex: This week is revival week at our house. My intentions were to complete a full school week but Revival has proven to be rather exciting so… We probably wont get to school this week. Another thing year around school means for me is a 6 week on 1 week of schedule. Less burnout for me and the kids that way. Also it accommodates our 4 day with a light Friday schedule. (Fridays are for reading and math)

    Anyway.. I do it too!

  7. We don’t really home school yet because my daughter is only 2. But we take fun walks and bring baskets to collect things, practice naming objects, she helps me in the kitchen (sorting silverware and such). So for us, learning is pretty organic to a situation and yes, it goes all year around. :)
    .-= Kate´s last blog ..Introducing Solids: What, When, How =-.

  8. Hi Amy~
    In our home we do work books only some of the time but all year.
    Homeschooling for us is a lifestyle…we are always providing times of learning and teach ALL year long.
    We play board games,puzzles, do art,go on nature walks,the zoo,watch educational videos or cooking shows.
    My kids play sports and we swim in our pool.

    We grow a garden and collect bugs.
    My kids cook and have chores.
    We have animals and read a lot together.

    A funny thing I just remembered form when I was a new homeschooler about 10 years ago…
    We were at the State Fair and we rarely go on the rides…we like the hobby hall, animal barns, seeing the Granges and quilts!
    My oldest son said “Momma can I ride the rollicoaster? Of course I said, “NO!”
    He then said, “Momma I want to practice ride safety!” he’s still a stinker at age 15…almost 16!
    He is now learning driving safty! EEEEKKKK I’m not ready for that!

    Love and Blessings,
    .-= Fruitful Harvest´s last blog ..Happy Friday and Our Newest Additions~ =-.

  9. My husband has been sweetly suggesting (for a couple of years now) that we homeschool year-round as well. He notices a difference in the children’s attitudes when their brains are not being challenged on a daily basis. Fighting and fussing are common during the no-school summer months. My own desire for a break is the only thing that has kept me from doing school year-round. However, this year…..Well, let’s just say that your post is another confirmation that this is God’s plan for us this summer. Thank you, I think:)

    • LOL…nothing like the Lord prompting through a blog (happens to me ALL the time!)

      And for what it is worth, I get plenty of breaks throughout the school year :)

  10. Amy,
    We will be homeschooling year-round as well. For many of the same reasons. The biggest for us is the continuity. FOr both the kids AND I! I find that as soon as I get out of a routine, it’s SOOOOO much easier to slack off. If we just keep going, that temptation is not there!

  11. Amy,
    We burned out last year just in Pre-k with my oldest. We were trying to maintain some institutional schedule as I was pregnant with my 4th. Now I will be homeschooling my K and Pre-K together with MFW.
    I plan to do year round strating in June, since we will have a new baby in the house. In hopes that we will maintain a relaxed atmosphere without the stress of feeling like we are not moving fast enough when we need a day off.

  12. We’ve been homeschooling for 22 years now and have school year round for most of those years. Schedule interruptions due to sickness, travel, new babies, etc make it too hard for me to get it all done in the Sept-May time frame. We have enjoyed a four day week when dh was in seminary and in full-time church ministry and had a day off during the week. We have schooled four-six weeks on and one week off. Now we just school whenever we can and take off whenever we need to…It seems to get more difficult for me as the children get older….I have a soon to be 26 yod who is expecting her third baby this fall, a 22 yod who is busy with teaching violin and helping me with household duties and the younger siblings, a 17 yos who works part time with his dad on The Homeschool Channel, a 13 yos (who is chomping at the bits to start working with dad), a soon to 11 yod, a 5 yos and a 18 month old son. Year round is just the way to go for us to make sure we can get it all in. Besides in MS it’s just too hot to be outside in the afternoons in the summer unless you have a pool….and we don’t!!

    • 22 years! That is fantastic! It seems to just make sense to keep going with the schooling because life is so unpredictable (and full of opportunity as well). Thanks for sharing. :)

  13. I just have a question. When you homeschool year round, do you just do one year of school in 365 days? Or do you go ahead and advance them when they finish to the next grade? I’m starting K with my oldest this year, and the idea certainly appeals to me to homeschool year round. Just wanted to hear your thoughts on it! :) Thanks!

    • Gail,
      Yes, I do just advance each subject as they go. We have no real “end” to the school year, but lots of breaks throughout. It hasn’t been an issue that they are in all different grades of materials because very little of what we do is age-graded. Hope that helps! :)

      • Thanks Amy! That does help! I’m not sure how your state is when it comes to homeschooling. So my other question is, how does that work when answering to the state? For us (in GA) as far as I know, I just have to fill out a monthly calendar saying which days we did school. I’m not sure if I have to tell them what grade they are in or if they just want to know the age…. just wondering how that worked for you. :)

        • My state is very lenient and doesn’t require me to actually keep track. However, all you would need to do is every day you do something school-related (even if it is going to a museum on Saturday), you write it down. Keep a journal or a calendar for that sole purpose.

  14. It is such a BLESSING to find your blog!! I was so stressed out about the fact that we are still finishing up school in July! Well, not anymore! We are coming up to the end of our first year of homeschooling so my mind still works with the traditional academic year. It is such a relief and huge load off my shoulders to be reminded that I can change things around to fit my family’s needs. Thank you!

  15. Okay, I am so doing this! Year round homeschooling and school in the afternoon in the summer!? Genius! Absolutely genius! I tend to forget that we can adjust and readjust to fit the flow and needs of our family. Hello, it’s HOMEschool, lol! I sure did need the reminder. You’re awesome!

    • Obviously the Lord brought me back to this post for a reason! He seems to have to remind me a lot! 😉 I just commented on this a post a few months ago (lol) and the anxiousness was creeping up again. I completely forgot about it! So glad for the reminder!

  16. I think I have posted a comment in every one of your home school posts *smile*. Starting to homeschool next week and I may try year round but there is a family in my church that home schools and we may group together so I may follow her lead. I don’t know yet I guess I’ll make a decision after I dive.

  17. Agree with through the summer if you transitioning for public/private to homeschool, I recommend it so they are able to continue on what they learned without having to deal with the pressure of reviewing forgotten concepts and being new to homeschool. We will be continuing through the summer also this year.

  18. I just stumbled across your site doing a search about year-round homeschooling. I chose year-round homeschooling because we live in Florida and it’s too hot to go outside during the summer, so I figured we might as well do school. We’re going into our second year of homeschooling, and now that I’m looking at the books for our new year I see how much review takes up the first quarter of the book…review we don’t need because we just finished K5 three weeks ago and we’ll be starting 1st grade in the next two weeks (once I finish getting my books!). I was wondering what you do about all of the review? Do you skip the beginning of the books? Is there a more year-round friendly curriculum? Thanks!

    • Yes, I always skip somewhere between 30 and 40 lessons in their math books! Most everything else we do simply transitions into the next year with little review, but math books just seem to be built that way.