Top Ten Things To Spend My Tax Return On

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Over at OhAmanda, there’s a little ole meme called Top Ten Tuesday.  Some of my blogging friends have joined in and I thought I would too every so often, because it really is a lot of fun!

Since I have tax returns on the brain, I thought I would share with you what I *hope* to spend this year’s just-got-it-in-by-the-skin-of-our-teeth tax return money on!

1.  Homeschool Curriculum – This is everything from Sonlight Core 5 to Institute for Excellence in Writing Student DVD’s to my preschooler’s Rod & Staff workbooks.  There is nothing like new homeschool books to make a homeschool mama’s heart sing!

2.  Lasko 4440 40-Inch 3-Speed Hybrid Fan with Remote Control – This is one SERIOUS fan!  My pregnant self is hot and this type of fan was a lifesaver at a house we visited about a month ago.  Can’t wait to own one of my own!

3.  Savvy Blogging Summit registration and room. I’ve kept this a wee bit of a secret, but I applied to this conference (it’s really more like a course on blogging) and was chosen to be 1 of 60 attending!  However, the fees are nothing to sneeze at, and since I’ll be taking my entire family, the room rate is nothing to sneeze at either.  I’m hoping to help with costs by bringing in some advertisements and using some of our tax return money.  {If you have a business or blog you’d like to advertise here, I’d love to have you!}

4.  The buffalo – Not only did we get the meat, but we got the head, the skull, and the robe (which is the hide with the wooley buffalo hair on it).  None of this was free.  And apparently, it takes FOREVER to get everything but the meat back.  So, we still owe some on it and will be picking it all up come September.  (I get a baby AND a buffalo all in the same month…lol! 😉 )

5.  New tires for the van – Now that’s a fun one, huh?  Good thing I’m not in charge of vehicle maintenance around here.  Tires?  Who needs tires?

6.  Window tinting for the van – This one I am a bit more excited about.  Although, there is a chance I will miss all the stares we get as people pass and watch our children’s antics…um, maybe not.

7.  Keyless Remote Entry for the van – Now this one I am thrilled about!  With a new baby on the way and my hands already full, being able to push a button and unlock the doors is a serious time saver!

8.  Student loan – Yet another boring one, but Ty’s student load is almost paid off, so we plan to get it over with a little early.  That was the last bit of debt we had and it wasn’t originally debt as the military WAS paying on it…until my husband chose not to reenlist.

9.  CD for Micah – No, not the kind you listen to.  The kind you invest.  Each of our children has a CD in their name at whatever bank has the best rates that year.  Micah doesn’t have one yet, so it’s his turn!

10.  Dr’s bills – Inevitable, huh?  With a new baby on the way, it just goes with the territory.

So, there’s my Top Ten!  How about you?  Got a return coming?  What are you planning on doing with it?

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19 thoughts on “Top Ten Things To Spend My Tax Return On

  1. Ah, tires. It’s a bummer to have to replace them. The blog conference sounds fun though!

    We got our return as quick as we could and bought a much-needed king-size bed which was a great deal. Then, before we had time to blow it, we took most of it and made over ten months worth of payments on our van. It felt good. We’re paying it off this summer about two years early and I’m so excited!

  2. That’s quite a hefty return! Congrats! We make estimated quarterly tax payments and any overpayment just gets applied to the next year, so I’ve never gotten any money back:( I will be buying our next Sonlight curriculum, core 3/4, sometime before August.
    .-= Celee´s last blog ..Almost as good as Nana’s =-.

  3. Don’t ya hate using fun money for practical things? LOL. We are going to pay off the small balance on our credit card (and should really just CUT IT UP after that), and sock the rest away. Long story, but we have a mortgage and a rent right now and we’re pretty scared to spend any money we might need in the future!
    .-= Vanderbilt Wife´s last blog ..Top Ten Tuesday: Recipe Link Madness =-.

  4. Hi Amy,
    I thought I’d pop over before heading off to my MOPS meeting this morning!

    I wanted to get hardwood floors with a fraction of our return…but this summer hubby will be busy doing other things. (he will do the install when we finally get started!

    We will just save the whole thing…..sounds fun huh?
    It will later if hubby gets laid off.

    Congrats on getting chosen for the blog conference! WOW thats awesome!

    Warm Blessings,
    .-= Fruitful Harvest´s last blog ..Happy Friday and Our Newest Additions~ =-.

    • It literally felt like it would never end until my husband called to see just how much was really left. It wasn’t too bad, but considering we graduated 10 years ago…well, it was getting old. Glad to be done w/ it!

  5. LOL I love Top Ten Tuesday or Ten Things for Tuesday like we did over at but I couldn’t post a blog about what I’d do with my tax return! :( I had to buy a van since mine broke down… so there goes the return! Although my darling hubby did buy me a new wedding set as a surprise because I’ve been wanting a pretty one… which I LOVE! So, how about Top Two? LOL
    .-= Desi´s last blog ..I don’t have a thing to do… and I’m glad!! =-.

  6. We actually owed taxes this year (hubs did it that way on purpose), so no refund money for us. But if we had, it would probably go to something like car or house repairs. I am intrigued by your buffalo! Have you had one before? How does it taste? We have been getting tons of venison from my brother in law for years. I’ve about had all I can take, but not sure if you can get buffalo in Pennsylvania? I am going to look in to this:)
    .-= Jen @ Little Bit This n That´s last blog ..Top Ten No-Fail Gifts for Women =-.

    • The buffalo tastes very similar to beef, except it is dryer due to a very low fat content. You have to cook it low and slow so you don’t totally dry it out. It is very healthy for you and naturally organic because buffalo free range even when held in captivity. Hope you manage to find a source so you can try it!

  7. HI! I’ve just been curious as to how many kiddos you have…my husband sent me your blog and I have really enjoyed it. We have 5 so far and homeschool of course. Hope to see your registration at our quiverfull website (though that is not why I commented….honestly couldn’t find it on your blog so wanted to ask). Hope to get to know you better in the future. I love knowing there are others like me out there!

    • Shaina,
      Hi! I have 5 living children. Our daughter, Emily, died 2 years ago at the age of 7 months. Her story is part of my Grieving Mother page. I am also pregnant with our 7th, due in September.
      My only hesitation about signing up for the site is that you have to put your city and state and full name. I’d rather not do that. Let me know if I am mistaken about this.
      And I’d love to get to know you better!
      Many blessings,

  8. Our tax return went towards debt, which is, of course, the right place for it to go. However, I would’ve loved to spend it on homeschool books!
    .-= Sandpiper´s last blog .. =-.