The Chore Board

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Another method that worked well for our family for a long time was using a dry erase board in plain sight.
~taken from The To-Do List Part 2

I used to use my dry erase board for these chores…
~taken from The To-Do List Part 3

Sometimes I wonder why I stick with something that doesn’t work (read the end of this linked post) and sometimes I wonder why I ditched something that worked quite well.

Nothing like reinventing the wheel and ending up with something that doesn’t even roll. *sigh*

On Saturday, I told you I was going back to a method of cleaning that had worked for us.  Well, this is it:

It’s about time for a new board. This one is looking a bit raggedy.

The Chore Board

Somewhere along the line, I thought giving the children set chores for each day corresponding with the cleaning list I had made up would make my life easier.  It didn’t.  For some reason the chores rarely got accomplished.  Life got in the way and no one remembered to refer to the chart…mom included.  We would just jump from Morning Chores to Homeschooling and the Weekly Chores would never factor into the day (I’ve mentioned before how I need to have the cleaning done in the morning before school…prime example of why).

Some days we would manage to remember our chores, but most days we did not, and after a longer-than-I-care-to-admit stint of the floor not being mopped, I’d had enough.  I went back to my tried and true Chore Board.

Here’s a quick overview of how it works…

My Cleaning Days are set up like this:

Monday = Laundry (try to do all of it and then maintain throughout the week) & Dusting & Water Plants
Tuesday = Floors
Wednesday = Bathrooms
Thursday = Basement
Friday = Van & Outside chores
Saturday = Family Day & Prepare for Sunday
Sunday = Rest and Worship

While the children do their morning chores each morning, I make up a list for each child old enough to help out on my large dry erase board. One reason I think this works so well is because there are often little odd jobs I see needing to be done that I can tack on to their list.  When I had a set list, I could not do this.  I think my children tend to do better if jobs are rotated.  I also see the benefit of being able to ERASE the job when it is complete. {even mamas need that!}

I cannot tell you how nice it has been to return to this method.  It is such a good fit for our family!

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16 thoughts on “The Chore Board

  1. It’s so funny that you change things up all the time. Makes me feel better because I do the same thing! Being able to erase the white board is nice! It’s such a great feelling to be rewarded from your work and have a clean slate.

    • Circumstances change and you have to be adaptable or you just keep doing what you are doing and wondering why nothing is working. I should have stuck w/ this, but was influenced by others (adult peer pressure is the worst! lol). I thought for sure I *should* have everyone on a set schedule, but realized it just isn’t the way our family runs. :)

  2. Thanks for this post! I am so going to do this! My kids are still crazy small but they can do small things and mostly it will help me to remember what needs to be done even if I am doing most of it. I am just finishing up my 1st trimester with my fourth and am SO ready to have a clean/orderly house again! I cringe at the thought of a schedule but this looks like something I can do! Thanks again!

  3. These are awesome tips!

    Thanks so much for joining in on Mingle Monday! I hope your having a great week. Not much longer til the Summit!!! {Squeee}

  4. This post is so interesting to me because just yesterday I went back to using the whiteboard for writing up the day’s school assignments for the kids. After agonizing over a checklist for weeks I finally decided, if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. It just works better for them, I don’t know why. Gets the job done. Makes the kids happy. Makes mama happy. I will have to try it for chores too, great idea! :)

  5. Thank you for posting this. Tomorrow is our last day of school. This post reminded me that I need to get some chores in place for the summer. I need it to be planned and expected. I like the white board idea- a lot.

  6. I need something like that for this summer!

    I got some old Schoolhouse magazines yesterday, and I was flipping through and I was like why does that woman look familiar? It was you and your brood, and an article about “me time”. Good article too!

  7. I am loving your website. The timing of finding it has been perfect. We just had #3 and have no plans to quit. :) After my first son was born something clicked in me and I knew that this is the calling God has on my life. I had successful heart surgery last year and now my body can keep up with the desires of my heart.
    I do have a chore question. Do you do any chore rewards / allowance? Or are they just expected because every family member pitches in?
    I’m sure I’ll have many more questions along the way. :)

    • Shannon,
      We do not reward for chores and do not have allowances. Now, recently, we did implement a reward system of sorts simply because we needed them to be consistent w/ their morning chores. So, for each week of consistently doing morning chores without me having to remind and remind, they got a special treat (which for most of them meant coffee or ice cream out with Daddy or Mommy or a board game of their choosing played just the two of us). Now that we have the consistency under control (took about 2 wks), we are no longer rewarding for it.

      There really is an economy of a household where every member is expected to pitch in. I do not want my children expecting payment for everything they do. We do pay for anything that is above and beyond their normal chores and anything I would have to pay someone else to do if I didn’t have them do it. :)

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  9. Your chore ideas are great and simple, but do you only clean bathrooms once each week? I have ten living at home right now and all three bathrooms seem to need to be picked up every day. Also, laundry all in one day? How do you do it?

    • This was 4 years ago and when I say bathrooms, that means they are deep cleaned once a week. We still do a once a week deep clean, but tidy up the bathrooms every day. And I haven’t done laundry all in once day since I had 2 kids! lol I wrote this post to explain how a Chore Board worked, but it has to be adapted to your size of family for sure. We have a totally different method of cleaning now that we have more kiddos and a bigger house. :)