Half My Stuff Saturday – The War of the Clothes and Toys

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Remember I said I needed to psyche myself up to actually get started on the basement?  Well, once I’m ready to tackle something, I rarely remember to bring my camera!  Pictures in this post are all AFTER pictures. (which my mom says is probably a good thing since I might scare you if I show you too much of my messy side 😉 )

So, I had my mom here helping out for the week.  Because of that, it seemed like the perfect time to tackle the more difficult projects–the clothes and the toys.   I needed to pull out baby things anyway, so that’s where I started.

A few months ago, we moved my oldest son downstairs to his own room which had previously been the home of the tubs.  We found a space for the tubs of clothes in another storage area, but they always seemed in the way.  In fact, they were so in the way, that instead of putting away the clothes I would cull from the upstairs bedrooms, I would just toss them on top of the tubs, waiting for the day when I would have time to actually wade on in there and put them away properly.  In addition to this mess, the tubs were not labeled in easy-to-read places.  Talk about a nightmare!

So, mom and I dug in!

There were tubs of shoes and baby things and cloth diapers, not to mention tubs for every child in this house.  We sorted and culled and pulled out stained items and got them to soakin’ and sunnin’.  Tubs were labeled and moved around into a much more user-friendly arrangement.  Here’s the final result:

The tall closet in the foreground of the picture is my homeschooling closet.  I also cleaned that out and got the doors shut!  As far as the tubs go, I got rid of about 5 bags of stuff!  Pretty good!

I decided to move out of the storage room and head into the main living area downstairs…also known as the Toy Room.  Several months back we moved all the kids’ toys downstairs to try to keep the upstairs neater.  You know what that equals: Out of Sight, Out of Mind!

As I was cleaning and sorting, I kept thinking how overwhelming it all was and how my children were probably even more overwhelmed when I asked them to clean up!

I was pretty determined to get this room under control and I would definitely say at least half the toys were either thrown away, donated, or sent to grandma’s to be stored.  The room is in much better shape now and not nearly so overwhelming to keep clean!

I must admit, I’ve always dreaded going down in the basement, but yesterday evening, I went downstairs to put away some things and I actually sat down in one of the chairs down there and just rested.  Usually, the basement is anything but restful to me.  Amazing what an uncluttered, clean palette can do for a very visual mama. *sigh*

Now, where to next???

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8 thoughts on “Half My Stuff Saturday – The War of the Clothes and Toys

  1. That looks great, Amy! I don’t know what it looked like before, but I can imagine. We don’t have a basement, but we have an attic where all of the tubs of clothes live and it’s currently disasterous!! Glad yours is now a place of rest instead of a place of anxiety!

  2. Oh wow, I somehow lost my feed in reader to your blog and didn’t see this series till today (my reader is fixed now lol), can I use this idea on my blog? I would have done it all along with you had I realized it (ok maybe I would have….I’m a bit scattered at the moment). I NEED to do this and it would give me motivation AND something to write about :). Thanks for the inspiration (I cleaned my dining room table today before I even saw this, does that count??) :)

    • Sure! I’ll be finished up in the next couple of weeks, so why not pass the torch, so to speak! Would love to see what you accomplish! :) (and yes, cleaning the dining room table DOES count! lol)

  3. WOW!! it looks great. Something you said at the end really hit home with me… “it’s amazing what an uncluttered, clean palette can do for a very visual mama.” I think that must be why I don’t like the clutter, either. It doesn’t have to be spic-n-span, just picked up and in it’s home. I never really thought of it that way before.

  4. Looks awesome:) I need to go on a toy hunt too…actually I want to start over fresh with learning toys since we are starting homeschooling on the 16th…lol, shouldn’t be a problem, right?

    • We really try to be careful about our toys (although, we have let things slip here and there). We believe toys and play should be purposeful and not just nonsense. I’d love to hear how you end up doing with this project!

  5. I still need to tackle my mess of tubs in the den… currently our den is almost unusable… there are tubs everywhere and i don’t even know what is in most of it… if yours was anything like that then i say you have achieved quite a bit!