They Think Babies Are Cool

A few months ago, while dining out at a local restaurant, one of our waitresses asked my children if they ever got tired of all the babies.  Before I could pick my mouth up off the floor, my oldest son piped up and said with the most puzzled look on his face,

No.  We like babies!

Just the other day this same child, who happens to be a 7th grader this year, told his dad he couldn’t wait for the new baby to get here.

Was it because mommy would once again be able to wash the dishes?

Was it because he was tired of giving his achy mommy foot massages?

Was it because he thought pregnancy was a cruel and unusual punishment for the entire household?

Nope.  His words were:

I just love it when a new baby is born!  They are so cool!


My children think babies are cool! |

Yes, folks, my kids think babies are cool.  My oldest daughter, age 9, has already begged to be the first to hold the baby (after mom and dad, of course).  My six year old wants to help babysit, and my 4 year old and 20 month old get a severe case of the giggles when they feel the baby kick them from inside my tummy.  Mommy having a baby every year and a half or so hasn’t changed their opinion of babies in the least.  Babies are cool…always have been…always will be.

But, why?  Why do my children have a differing opinion from the world that says a large family hinders the children, squashes their creativity, and inhibits their ability to excel at life?  The answer is simple:

They’ve never experienced that sort of negativity.

What they know are a mom and dad who also think babies are cool.  They know a mom and dad who think THEY are cool!  Each new baby is a brand new personality, a brand new dynamic, a brand new life, created just for them.

We are a family unit, not a bunch of headless individuals running around doing our “own thing.”  God set each of these children in this particular family for a purpose and everyone here knows that. So, baby #7 isn’t some random accident.  He or she belongs just as much as the baby before them.

We talk about ourselves as a family.  We talk about each of our children’s gifts.  We talk about how God has blessed us with each and every child.  We share their birth stories and the memories we’ve kept in their pregnancy journals.  They all love it, and adding one more child to the household is fun because there is one more person to share all of this with.

In a day and age where we think we have to psychoanalyze everything, we often end up planting the very thing we are trying to avoid. Seeds of jealousy don’t grow here because we never water them.  We avoid comments that might suggest one child is better than another.  We don’t allow pity parties.  We don’t encourage selfishness.  We don’t play the “that’s not fair” game.  And we tell our children every single day that we love them.

In fact, quite often we tell them how cool we think they are.  And guess what?!  If they are cool, then the new baby must be cool too!

Micah getting a horsey ride from big sissy

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19 thoughts on “They Think Babies Are Cool

  1. Parents’ attitudes have a LOT to do with children’s attitudes on so many different issues and levels. Our children love babies too, and regularly pray that God will give us more babies. :)

  2. My kids want me to have “as many as the Duggar’s”. I told them, sorry, I got started too late for that! Then they’ll say something like, ok after this one, you can have one more and adopt two more. Precious! My oldest son, 6th grade, just makes over our almost 2 yr old. He adores her! He’ll be the best dad!


  3. My kids feel this way too! Our youngest is 18 months now and the older ones started telling me they needed a new one once he turned 1. They are actually asking for twins this time so there will be enough babies for everyone to get enough holding time (we have 7 already). : )

  4. Amy, you just described my family. My oldest who was 16 at the time when we told the kids the twins were coming, was the most joyful and excited…..and he mourned the most when we lost our last child to miscarriage. He incorporated it into a homework project with his first all-nighter, right after we told the kids of our loss.

    Our kids too were calling first holding rights and my daughter Lilly called one of the twins in church.

  5. A different point of view…I am the 4th in line in a family of 10 children(4 boys,6 girls). Thought I would share that I love that I grew up in and still have many siblings. To a lot of people we were different.I had friends from school who told me that if one of my siblings died my parents wouldn’t even know because there were so many of us! What??? I would tell them that we were ALL people. To us it seemed horrible to be an only child! We always had play mates and others to share in chore time. We were berry farmers and I have wonderful memories of working on the farm with my siblings, camping,etc.
    We too were always sooo excited when another baby was coming. We would fight to hold them and love on them!

  6. This is something I’m really looking forward to when I have more children! That they will love each other so much! The two I have already do. My daughter is always following my son and trying to hold him and help him. She will do almost anything for him, she thinks she is his second mommy (even though she’s only 2.5 and I have to frequently remind her that she is NOT his mommy…she likes to “discipline” him lol).

    I can’t believe someone would ask that! I’m sure she probably meant well (trying to connect with the other kids) but, umm, seriously? That just isn’t something you say, especially not in front of the very pregnant mother!

  7. LOVE IT!! No one can believe that my kids really haven’t experienced jealousy as each new baby has been born. But we simply don’t even give credence to the thought, and, as a result, our kids are SO excited for the next baby!! It’s all in how you approach it. If you teach a child that a new baby is a hassle, a burden, and a general pain, that’s how they’re going to react. If you teach a child that the world revolves around them, then, of course, they’re going to be resentful when they get a new sibling and realize that’s not true. HOWEVER, if you teach a child that siblings are blessings, babies are wonderful, and each of us are members of a family, made and designed by God to love and support each other, then that’s what they come to expect.

  8. That’s awesome Amy! I was so pleasantly surprised when my oldest (5yo) was asking if I could please get another baby in my belly soon!!! He loves babies and even though my other ones don’t quite “get it” yet…I know his example will rub off on them! In fact, already my 4yo is asking if the baby can please be his “first buddy” 😀

  9. It really bothers me when I hear of adults saying such things like that to children. I mean it wasn’t a really negative phrasing, but it was still negative in intent.

    Have some respect, people!

    And I think it’s great how your oldest loves babies! They really are cool! I am so excited to see my son as a big brother.

  10. How sweet! Kids do naturally love babies and that is something that gets brainwashed OUT of them, not into. :) In a loving stable positive environment where babies and kids are viewed as treasures and not burdens, kids don’t learn to resent babies. I think it’s wonderful how excited your kids are about the new baby! Mine are thrilled too. I love how they love her.

  11. Loved your article. My children have always welcomed more brothers and sisters too. I love their attitude. So much better then those who made remarks to me when I was pregnant like, “You do know what causes that don’t you?”

  12. What a sweet post! I absolutely love that even our almost 17 yr old (son!) gets excited, and has gotten excited every single time we’ve announced a new pregnancy :-)

    What a blessing to have children who believe that they are blessings rather than inconveniences!

  13. I love large families and I don’t understand the negativity. There will always be a small percentage of large families in which the children are neglected or abused but it makes me rather angry that people turn these exceptions into the norm and think that children are being deprived!

    What an awesome thing for your son to say! I bet it was the waitress who had to pick her jaw up off the floor after that!

    Great post!

  14. I love this post. The past couple of months my children (ages 6, 5, 3, and almost 2) have taken turns asking for a new baby. It’s been so cute and encouraging to me that my oldest wants more siblings and doesn’t feel jealous or resentful at the thought of it. You make such good points! We didn’t even really realize we were raising our children to like babies this way. lol It’s great to do something positive on accident once in a while.