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Today’s guest post is from Cheryl at Adventures of a Somewhat Crunchy Mama. I was thrilled to get her guest post, because this is a topic I’ve never addressed, yet one that stumps many homeschool families.  We named our homeschool when we registered with the state when our oldest turned 7.  We used precisely the guidelines Cheryl mentions here!  I hope this post helps those of you struggling to come up with just the right name!

Have you named your homeschool yet? You do not have to be funded by the government in order to have an official title. Just think of yourself as a privately funded school. Ha!

Naming your homeschool can be a fun activity and financially beneficial too. Many retail stores offer discounts for educators. You may find it easier to ask for that discount under your professional sounding school name.

In addition to financial benefits, naming your homeschool can offer your family a greater sense of comraderie. Some children enjoy the feeling of their whole family being under the title of one school, rather than just grade levels.

Since coming up with a great name can be difficult, here are a few things to keep in mind when choosing a homeschool name:

  • You are a school. As I stated earlier, just because you’re not backed by government dollars doesn’t mean what you’re doing is insignificant. You are just as much a school as any public or private one.
  • Think longevity. Be sure to choose a name that can go on college applications. The Hug-In Home School may be fun for a Kindergartner, but a high schooler surely wouldn’t like it.
  • Be creative. You don’t have to simply use your last name, though you can if you like. Look to your goals, favorite foods, backyard nature or hobbies for inspiration. For example: Christian Hearts Learning Center, Strawberry Fields Academy or Towering Pines Home School.
I personally decided to draw inspiration from a book we read, Carry on Mr. Bowditch, a great read about a young boy who eventually goes to work aboard a ship. My favorite line in the whole book is this:

“When a ship is becalmed-the wind died down-she can’t move-sometimes the sailors break out their oars. They’ll row a boat ahead of the ship and tow her….Oars are made of ash-white ash. So-when you get ahead by your own get-up-and-get–that’s when you sail by the ash breeze.”

Because of the beautiful imagery of this line, we are the Ash Breeze Academy.

So the next time we’re at the grocery store at 11:00AM on a Wednesday, and some curious, elderly woman asks my kids why they’re not in school, they can say “We’re on a field trip from Ash Breeze Academy.”

What’s the name of your homeschool?

Cheryl homeschools four boys, three teens and one toddler. You can find her blogging at Adventures of a Somewhat Crunchy Mama or follow her on Twitter at @SomewhatCrunchy.

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45 thoughts on “Naming Your Homeschool – Guest Post

  1. I never thought about naming our homeschool…. Is this something that most homeschool families do? Is it necessary, or is it more just to make the homeschool sound more official? Interesting. :-)

    • Angela,
      We have to register w/ the state when our oldest child is compulsory school age. When you register, you have to have a school name. I’m not sure what other state laws are, but that naming our school was definitely something we had to think about. In addition to this, it helps when you are applying for certain things (like Book-It) or getting discounts at school supply places.

  2. We decided to go with Lighthouse School for Boys.
    We have 4 boys.
    I love Lighthouses. They remind me of how we are to let our light shine for others.
    So, we combined the two.

  3. Hilarious….my 3-year-old has already started explaining to random strangers that “we do homeschooling”.

    Thanks for this post – this is something I have been wondering about, especially for financial reasons! In the UK you are not obliged to register with the Local Education Authority but there are places which do offer discount to educators. There is one supply store in particular which doesn’t trade with private individuals, but which has great discounts on bulk loads of exercise books etc. Maybe we’ll go ahead and do it!

    • Question: Has anyone had any issues with using a name? Can you be sued for using a name? For example, my town actually has a Faith Christian Academy. Since there is a Faith Christian Academy I’m guess I couldn’t use that? What about Waldorf in name?

      I am looking for a name that conveys teaching styles I use: my guy loves the work book based Horizon program (and Horizon is a good word to have). We are is unofficial (since in following PA laws I don’t have to do any schooling until my son turns 9 –ie. he doesn’t turn 8 until 1 month past the start of local school so gets a ‘free’ year), fun, experimenting with methods, focused on reading, russian, waldorf-y (I was able to talk my way into enrolling him in Waldorf ‘classes/clubs’—so he does the extra classes at a local Waldorf School (for a fee of course) like knitting, music–pentatonic flute, Waldorf art, for 2 hours a day but is not part of the school officially and just goes in afternoon from 1-3).

      Sorry to get off track the point is at some point I am required to have a name for home school when he meets the age requirement: I want something like I love Waldorf ‘extras’ plan to keep doing the knitting, add second language, hope to use some/most of the Waldorf Homeschooling stuff when I officially start.

      Also I try to incorporate the 7 (now 8) habits from book “The Leader in Me”…

      So can anyone sue you if you use their school name or method in your name? I’m not set on it just wondering but really want something like Waldorf Leadership Academy or Russian Horizon Academy or some combo of Waldorf/Russian/Leadership.

      • Oh, my son wants: Dolphin Soccer School or Sheriff Badge School or Vampire Boys School he isn’t being very helpful! He’s only 6 though.

      • I would avoid using any company’s name in you school name, but rather use the “essence” of what you like. So instead of Waldorf, use something with nature words in it. The name will be on your child’s diploma, so don’t get too cutesy. 😉

  4. Great post!
    I love it! For the past few years I have been trying to think of a name for our homeschool!
    I’m sssoooo on it now….and will start a new blog with the name we pick, to cronical the things we do here!

    Peace and Love,

  5. We are Strouse Academy. We named our school the first year back in 2003 when we signed up for teacher perks at Office Depot they wanted to know what your school name was on the application.

  6. We are Proverbs 9:10 Acadamy

    {Proverbs 9:10 reads, “The fear of the LORD is the beginning of wisdom: and the knowledge of the holy is understanding.”)

  7. Eagles Wings Academy

    Isaiah 40:31 (New International Version)

    31 but those who hope in the LORD
    will renew their strength.
    They will soar on wings like eagles;
    they will run and not grow weary,
    they will walk and not be faint.

  8. Great post! We’re Olive Plants Academy. You’re right- I had to provide a school name recently at a bookstore for a discount. Instead of the typical “you’re a homeschooler???”, the clerk said, “Oooo…nice name.”
    Love reading all the other school names, too.

  9. We are Poplar Grove Academy – from Isa. 44:1-5.

    I love the name Ash Breeze! We discovered “Mr. Bowditch” last year, and it became one of my favorite books; precisely because of how he sailed by ash breeze… such an inspirational read.

  10. We named our homeschool Four Cedars Academy based on Psalm 1:1-3. We have four children, hence the four cedars. If we should be blessed by more, then we will just change the number in the name. 😉

  11. I was ordering ink for our school and needed a name to get the business discount so I came up with Whole Hearts Academy I think we are going to stick with It I like it :) we are focusing on our children’s whole hearts that’s what’s most important that they love God and grow in him and he in their hearts

    • I LOVE your name! We are Whole Hearts Home Academy…for the same reason…focusing on their hearts since they are the wellspring of life!

  12. I know I’m a little late on commenting but after being a homeschool mom for about 5 years, we just recently decided to name ours – LOL! We are “Country FarmHouse Firm Foundations” … I believe that if I lay the groundwork for a “Firm Foundation” based on the Bible, then our daughter will want to learn about God, walk with God and most of all, try to live as God wants her to live. It’s not about “forcing” her to do something, it’s about showing and sharing with her “God’s Love” ?

  13. Wells Academy is our family and school name. And now I am seeing that this name also contains what I want to spring forth in my children so they can lead others to Jesus with wells of Living Water !

  14. We’ve named our homeschool Clayton Christian Academy – Clayton is my maiden name, and we are Christians. I figure this name honors my father and my Father!

  15. Hi, I just began reading your blog and this is awesome. We named our homeschool this year and it is Godmade Intelligence. I love homeschooling and nuturing my children in the knowledge and understanding of the Lord. God bless you and all that you do.

    Mrs. Mix

  16. I have only recently been introduced to your blog, and I love it. It has answered so many of my questions about how to start homeschooling. I have decided I am going to name our home school Saving Grace Christian Academy.

  17. Hi,
    I literally just filled out our states “intent to home educate” form for our son (kindergarten) and will fax it tomorrow. I am reading everything I can get my hands (or mouse) on about homeschooling and a friend told me about your blog. You are awesome by the way. I think I like Living Word Academy of Seminole Heights. There are several other families in our church who just started or will start homeschooling soon so maybe we can all be a part of Living Word Academy and Seminole Heights is the neighborhood we live in and the name of our church.

  18. I asked my homeschool support group how I am suppose to register my homeschool name. They told me that there is no way to do it. How is it done? I live in AR.I am homeschooling a 14yr old. A friend of mine recently asked me to homeschool her daughter and asked how much I would charge. Do you have any advice about that?

    • Not all states require a name. You school name will be what you put on the diploma and that can be anything you like. I would contact about your other question.

  19. We live in Tennessee, and are about to start our 3rd year of homeschooling (gosh, has it BEEN that long??). We are required to be under an umbrella school or church, basically a Christian school. Because they are already established, I used their name on an ID once & was “called out” on it that I technically did not “WORK” for that school, but merely UNDER it, lol. So after reading this column, I will be ordering my new school ID for this year under the name of “Salt and Light Academy”, (and take my discounts accordingly, thank-you-very-much LOL). Because recently when praying for our homeschool and other children in our care (we do foster care as well, and currently have our 3 – ages 9, 10 & 11 – an 8 yr old foster & two toddler fosters) God keeps giving me that praise & worship song in my heart and head….to be salt and light to the world. And that’s what I pray homeschooling will enable us to raise our children up to be. Thanks everyone for their input! Wow I wish I had found this blog sooner :)

  20. Kingdom GLOW Academy

    Kingdom (because we in God’s Kingdom)
    God Leads Our Way (GLOW, who Leads us)
    Academy (helps the girls ground themself that they are really at school)

  21. I am thankful to read about this post in regards to naming my homeschool. My daughter is currently seven months and have named my homeschool after her name. Both my husband and I decided to call it “Heaven’s Academy”

  22. I was going to go with the “boring” *last name* Christian Homeschool, but after reading this, I may have to reconsider. Off-hand, I’ve always liked the JOY acronym (Jesus first, others second, yourself last), and my daughter’s middle name is Joy, so we very well may end up as JOY Academy or JOY Homeschool. Our state doesn’t require a name for the purpose of Homeschooling.

  23. I was reading through scripture trying to come up with a homeschool name, and two words that stuck in my head were “light” and “wise.” So I settled on “LightWise Academy.”