Outside the Box

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There is a box and 90% of the world is sitting inside of it.

Actually, there’s a good chance 99.9% of the world is sitting inside of it.

But boxes don’t do anything…

at least not on their own.

It’s the people outside of the box who actually get things done.  So, my question to you is:

Which side of the box are you on?

Jesus took boxes and smashed them, rearranged them, broke them down, moved them.  He showed the world a different world from what they were used to.  He made them think.

As Christians, we should do the same!

We should think and live outside the box.  Every single day.

But, it’s hard to do.  Inside the box is safe, warm, comfortable.  Outside the box is a great, big, unknown world.  We can’t be lazy outside the box.  We can’t be complacent outside the box.  We can’t be ignorant outside the box.

I use the terminology “thinking outside the box” quite regularly in my day to day life because it truly is the epitome of our family.  Our family strives to live outside the box, be box movers and even sometimes box wreckers.  I want to raise children who can think for themselves and recognize when others aren’t.

But how do YOU know if you are living on the inside or the outside of the box?

Ask yourself:

Does my family look different than the rest of the world?

Do I find myself appalled by the things the world deems normal?

Do I ever feel alone in certain decisions?  Even within my own church?

Do I know that following Christ isn’t the easy thing to do?

But, even if you’ve answered these questions in the affirmative, you may only be teetering on the edge of the box, ready to jump back in at any moment.  Living outside the box is the abundant life that comes from freedom.

It is the life that says, “There is Truth and I will stand for it!”  It is the life that says, “I will unashamedly lead my family in a different direction, and I will press on and persevere no matter the consequences.”

Stepping outside the confines of our boxes can be intimidating at first, but trust me, there comes a point when you are so different and life is so much better on the outside, that you shudder at the thought of getting back in that dark, boring, crowded box.

Oh sure, there are times when I wonder what the people in the box must think of me.  And there are times when I think life inside the box would be so much easier, but there is nothing in there worth giving up the wide open spaces I enjoy now!

Now is the time.  It is a new year.  Open your eyes.  Look around you.  What do you see?

Does your life match up with Scripture?  Are you fully surrendered to Christ, rather than to the box?

Are you led by the Lord or are you swayed by popular opinion, media blasts, and a world that has turned its back on the God of the Bible?

When persecution strikes your family will you be equipped to face the storm or will you drown inside a soggy box because you didn’t see it coming?

I beseech you, get out of the box!  Grab onto your role as mother, wife, friend, follower of Christ with both hands!  Live an extreme life that breathes adventure!  Quit worrying about what will happen to you if you aren’t safe and snug inside the box.  God’s got you!

No, it won’t be easy…God doesn’t ask us to do easy things.  And no, it won’t be popular…that’s not in the Bible either.  But, I know from what I read in God’s Word that life outside the box is life abundant

And folks, that’s what I want more than anything…

Life abundant until I have life everlasting.

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16 thoughts on “Outside the Box

  1. This is a very challenging post, Amy – one I must take to heart and keep remembering! I think life inside the box is very boring – life outside the box is always different and comes with so many exciting opportunities… A much better place to be! :)

  2. I am on MOMYS and subscribe to your blog. I really really enjoyed this post! My husband and I have been feeling so far out of the box lately and feeling sad we seem to be the only ones in our local circle. :( I really needed the encouragement in this post to keep on a keepin’ on. :) I need to remember to set my eyes on what’s ahead and not what’s around!

  3. What awesome timing! I’ve been pondering several of those questions lately. Not looking to jump back in, just thinking about how much easier it seems, but I KNOW that’s not where I want to be. My scripture of the year is goes with this thought: Better is little with the fear of the LORD than great treasure and trouble therewith. Proverbs 15:16 (KJV)

    I would much rather have the fear and fellowship of the Lord than take the easy road.


  4. Amen! I heartily agree! We are striving to live our lives “Outside the Box” even when it gets very lonely. That’s why the title of our blog is “Life Outside the Box”! :)

  5. Yes! We are for sure outside the box! And as much as I would NEVER jump back in…it is hard to not think about how easy it would be to go back in or to wonder what the people on “the inside” are thinking.

  6. We are outside the box…..sometimes very happily and sometimes to our own sadness. I recently read a quote by a dear Christian lady who had received more grief and trials in her short life than I thought humanly possible. Her quote, “It’s okay to think outside the box, as long as you stay in The Book”. She died very young, leaving behind 2 young children….I found the quote on her now grown son’s facebook page. Love this article you wrote and love the quote….major food for thought and action!

  7. Living outside the box can make you feel like you are swimming upstream. I admit that I reached a point where I felt like it was too difficult to keep swimming, so I “jumped back in the box”. Ironically, that just made things worse and now I’m back out of the box trying to get back on track.
    Enough cliches for you? :)
    Good post!

  8. I am pretty sure I’m about as far out of the box one can get without becoming Amish…which would put me in a different box. LOL! Great post! Lisa~

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  10. I so want to be a family that lives outside the box. We are a pastor’s family and a homeschooling family. What I want to know is…what does it look like to live outside the box?? What does that really mean in practical terms?? We are currently in a homeschooling rut and I am burned out. I need practical ideas of how to get out of the box. Any ideas?? I sure would love some help on this. It has been on my heart for a while now, I just don’t know where to go from here.