Devotional for the Grieving

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Christmas of 2009, the Lord laid on my heart the desire to write a devotional for grieving families.  I knew it needed to be based on the Psalms.  I knew it needed to dig deep.  I knew it needed to be free for the asking.

I had hoped I could finish it in time for the 2 year anniversary of my daughter Emily’s death; however, a new pregnancy and daily life kept me from that goal.

As months passed, I struggled to write and edit the devotional.  Finally, feeling the devotional must be completed this year, I asked for your prayers.  You stormed Heaven and the Lord gave me the courage and the drive to finish that very week what had been started so long ago.

Thank you.

Now here it is.  Free for the taking.  From one grieving heart to another.

Psalms for the Grieving Heart

This devotional is 30 days of Psalms.  30 days of thoughts to ponder.  30 days of prayers, heart cries, hope.

If you, or anyone you know is grieving the loss of a child, a parent, a spouse, a friend, please download a copy.  Print it out.  Read through it day by day.  Pass it on.  May you bless and be blessed.

You are loved,

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53 thoughts on “Devotional for the Grieving

  1. There couldn’t have been a better time for you to offer this. We will be making the trip to Iowa today b/c Mike’s grandma passed yesterday afternoon. Thank you so much Amy! Praying for you and your family.
    God bless!

  2. Congrats on finishing your book! I’m sure it was written with many tears… (((hugs))) Thank you for making this available and I pray this will help others who have to walk the same difficult road.


  3. I have already sent this link to one person who lost a child and have printed out a copy. I look forward to perusing it in more depth. Thanks for sharing your heart with others and walking alongside them on a journey no one wants to take. Hugs and Prayers.

  4. Thanks Amy for the quick responce. I know it will help my griving heart….and I will past your book along to a friend that lost a baby
    at 23wks gest. the placenta pulled loose.
    Baby lived only 2 hrs. Mom has lupus and they won’t be having more unless they adopt.

    I also want to let you know I am thinking of you and Emily on the anniversary of her death!

    My you feel Gods love carry you through this day!

    Prayers and Love,

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  6. Thank you so much for this book. I found it at the perfect time. My cousin lost her only daughter in November of 2010 at the very young age of 18 days old. She was devistated. Her and her husband have 3 sons and they desperatly wanted a little girl to add to their family. I think this book will be perfect for her to read.

  7. Thank you for the work you put into this & sharing it. I came across your blog a few wks ago as I too have recently lost my 5th child (almost 7 months ago) and am pregnant with our 6th due the day our son died, I also homeschool, etc. I have thoroughly appreciated reading what you have posted, especially on grieving. It’s comforting to know that I am not alone in what I have been experiancing. I look forward to reading through this. Thank you again & God bless you!

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  9. Thank you so much for sharing this with us. My best friend lost her husband a couple of days ago and this could not have come at a better time. I have shared it with her and know that it will bring her healing and peace. I will pray the same for you.

  10. Amy, this is wonderful! I’m glad that you finally finished it. I am printing it out, along with the corresponding Scripture, for my Grandma-in-law. We lost my husband’s grandfather 3 days before Christmas this year and she’s having a hard time. (After 63 years of marriage, anyone would.) She’s a lapsed Catholic and I don’t think she ever reads the bible, so I am printing out those Psalms and will put them between the corresponding devotional pages, and give them to her this weekend. Thank you so much!

  11. Amy, just prayed for you this morning as I am aware of the significance of this date in your life and your family’s. I read of your own journey in loss a couple of weeks back, but couldn’t recall your name during prayer. Then, to see this link on Facebook was my opportunity to be able to say, We are praying!!! Also, just thanking you for turning your own sorrow into the comfort of Christ in the lives of others by way of this devotional you’ve written. It will be the voice of the Lord to so many, I just know it. Only God could make something so comforting and helpful out of such a great loss. Christ’s blessings be heaped upon you and your precious family today! Amen.

  12. Thank you for this! I look forward to reading it. I don’t think I could have done that last year. We are approaching the one year mark since our 8th child, Kara Faith, flew to Jesus. Many blessings to your family!

  13. Thank you so much for sharing this labor of love with all of us. As a grateful mom who also lost an unborn baby, words and reassurance from a knowing fellow mama mean everything.
    Thank you so much, and peace to you.

  14. Amy,

    I want to think you for taking us to your darkest places, and deepest depths of grief. Through suffering, we learn. And I pray that I can be taught gently and lovingly by the Lord through this devotional.

    Love to you in Him,


  15. Thank you for being willing to write this. My mother passed away in October 2010 and then in December we lost our long fought for child at 16 weeks gestation. Tomorrow would be mothers 57 birthday, hopefully reading this and being reminded of Gods love and plan will help the healing. Thank you Jenna

  16. Thank you so much for writing this book and then making it available. My friend just lost her husband and I’m emailing it to her. I’m going to keep it as I’ll inevitably need it myself along with others.
    God bless you! Amanda

  17. May God bless you for writing this book and may he grant you and your family comfort on this sad anniversary of your sweet daughter’s death. Thanks for being willing to help others who are grieving.

  18. Amy, I praise God for you and for having the courage to prepare this wonderful devotional. May you be richly blessed for sharing with others the comfort our Lord has given you these last 3 years. Praying for a sweet day of remembrance for your Emily today….
    A sister in Christ,

  19. I put a link to your blog on my Facebook page. This devotional is a true gift and ministry.

    Trials sure have made me appreciate the Psalms more. The psalms are a ministry to the soul. May God bless you for the way you have ministered to others through your difficulty.

  20. This statue of Lady with the Flower Basket is one of my favorites. She stands in the Sculpture Garden in a park in Ft. Collins, CO. Was so glad to see it gracing your site.

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  22. Is there anyway this item can be mailed? I have no way to print and would like to have this in paper. My oldest son comitted suicide 9 years ago at the age of 24 and I believe this would help me very much. Thank you and God bless.

    • Sandra,
      I am so sorry for your loss. I do not have a way to mail this out. I wonder if someone you know could print it out for you.

  23. How sweet, kind, thoughtful and generous of you. May God return this blessing to you a hundredfold. My grief is more of a quiet one–I had a miscarriage in the Spring of 2010. No one saw my baby. I never even got the chance to feel my baby move. But, I have grief none the less. I am blessed with 3 children already. The 4th I never knew. I’m blessed, but I struggle. I know that my loss may not be as bad as others. But it is still there.

    Thank you for showing mothers (and families) that grief is real, it is normal, it is an emotion that is felt and needs the Lord.

    God bless you.

  24. I received your e-book via an email post from moneysavingmom. Our oldest daughter was killed in a car wreck 3 years ago. The Lord has been our light and hope through it all and still remains faithful everyday, in every memory and longing. She has two little girls who are in our lives daily!! We thank God for this amazing gift. I am going to print this off and share it with my 2 other girls. God is Soverign, God is in the details and God is good.

  25. Amy,

    Your book is beautiful – beautiful in a way that comes from the other side of grieving a child – knowing that hope is not truly lost. Joy will come again. I’ve always said that grief is Holy Ground. Walking with Him, our only real source of strength, comfort and healing, lessens the pain of our grieving hearts.

    God is glorified through your efforts and many will be blessed…

  26. Thank you. We lost our little boy at 20 weeks last Friday. 10 days now without him, and we are finally starting to be able to deal with the grief. He lived two beautiful hours in our arms, responded to our voices and touch, and held our hands so tightly in his little ones. He was perfect, it was my body that failed. Thank you for saying in yesterday’s devotion we do no stand condemned, because feeling my body failed, I felt I failed in not getting my doctor to take me seriously enough when I knew there was already a problem. We have done four days of your devotions so far, and will do day number five today. It was sent to us from a friend. Thank you. I know we will probably need to redo these lessons again further on in our grief as I’m sure we’ll be able to process more then, but it has already helped a lot. Thank you! You and your family will be in our prayers.

    • Kendra,
      What a precious 2 hours…so many people do not even get that. There is purpose in our grief. Even if that purpose is to someday be able to advocate for other women or comfort other women in your same situation. Many blessings to you. Praying for you and your family as you grieve.

  27. Thank you for this devotional. I just lost my baby at 23 weeks gestation on Feb 12. He was the first I have ever lost this late in pregnancy.
    I am a mother of 4 other children and learning how to sort through this for the first time.
    Thank you for your help on where to start back into the Word. I too have been at a loss as to where to begin with God. I know He

  28. Thank you for this! I am priting it out to use during my Bible time. I lost my younger brother to a violent murder this past summer (2010) and my grief is overwhelming at times. Thank you for sharing your own story and this devotional.

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  30. Grieving the loss of a child, spouse or other family member, arm, leg, pet or any form of loss is tough. But the Lord can help pull us through. My dog recently got healed of LUPUS. Amazing story when 3 clinics said NO…mustard seed faith pulled me through seeing the win. Not all have that type of ending but my heart goes to each one who experienced a loss. A loss is a loss. Sometimes part of life a little earlier than expected. My dog’s story is on my website by my name.

  31. Amy, I’m halfway through the devotional, and I want to let you know how blessed I have been by it. Thank you for sharing your heart. So often I have read your short words and thought, “Yes! I feel that way. I’ve thought that. She understands.”
    This book is good for any grief, not just the death of a loved one. I am sharing this with a Bible study group I am in. I hope it blesses others too.

    • Thank you, Jimmie! I am so thankful it is reaching so many people…even those who are not grieving the loss of a loved one. I never would have thought God would use it that way…how amazing!

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