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I used to wear only skirts and dresses.  For one whole year that is all I wore.  I was newly convicted about letting God plan our family, and as I scoured the internet for like-minded mamas, I began to believe dress wearing just came with the territory.  But, I took it a step further.

Or should I say, I took it a step UP…up onto my Holier-Than-Thou soapbox where I could look down my nose at everyone who did not wear skirts and dresses and pass judgment on the condition of their hearts, while my heart festered ugly and self-righteous.

When the Lord took the blinders from my eyes, I ran the opposite direction, scared I might become that woman again.

However, somewhere beneath the rubble of my self-righteous heart, was a heart that still longed to understand God’s heart concerning skirts and dresses and me.

So, quietly I would search.

One time I found the courage to ask a friend who had worn dresses for as long as I had known her how she ended up there.  Her answer surprised me.  She said her husband loved her in dresses and saw them as very feminine and flattering.  He complimented her profusely when she chose to wear a dress for the day and from that she realized how honoring it would be to him to wear things that he enjoyed seeing on her and on their little girls.

I guess I was expecting some sort of holier-than-thou response.  Instead I got quiet, humble obedience.

But my husband doesn’t really say much about my wardrobe unless he feels a shirt is too lowcut.  So, I found myself wondering if his silence was reason enough for me to avoid skirts.

Yet the niggling remained.

When I would search the Bible looking for the answers to my questions, I would find myself unconvinced that the often-quoted Scriptures people use to say women are supposed to wear dresses spoke definitively to that end.

But a few months ago someone I highly respect reminded me that as Christians we are to be set apart.  This person was not talking about women wearing dresses, but that is immediately what came into my mind.  Dresses and skirts are distinctly feminine, and in today’s culture, distinctly different.

When I am out shopping and I see a woman in a skirt with little girls in skirts trailing after her, I immediately see her as different.  Why?  Because women don’t wear skirts anymore. There is obviously something “different”, set apart if you will, about a woman in skirts.

But, skirts really confound me.  Even though I wore skirts and dresses for a year, I wasn’t good at it.  I ALWAYS felt frumpy.  I ALWAYS felt uncomfortable.  And in the winter, I ALWAYS felt COLD!  So, after I quit wearing skirts full time, I began to wear them here and there on nice days when I could wear sandals.  I truly did feel different in skirts, but I didn’t feel like it was something I could stick with.

Then I ran into Caroline from at a pregnancy crisis center benefit where the Duggars were speaking.

Michelle Duggar sympathizing with Garin as he cried in line at the book signing.

Caroline and I chatted in line and that night I visited her business site and her blog…again, quietly searching.

And then I went out on a limb.

I emailed Caroline and asked if she would help me.

I rambled out this messy, excited email asking if she would help me…and take all of you along for the ride as well.  And she agreed!

And that’s when “She Wears Skirts” was born.

I needed a mentor.  I needed someone who could come alongside me and help me fully understand the method and modesty behind my desire to be set apart in this way.  And I wanted Caroline to share her expertise with all of you in the process.  “She Wears Skirts” is a collaboration between two mothers, one searching and one guiding.

What you will find here in the next several weeks is not a bunch of rules and regulations.  You will find heart.  You will find humility and a desire to serve from both Caroline and myself.

I am inviting you on the journey.  Caroline is handing out the maps.  Neither one of us is here to push you down the path.

As we take this journey, we will talk about things like

  • why modesty matters
  • a basic checklist for getting started wearing more skirts
  • what sorts of undergarments work best
  • what shoes to wear
  • what to wear when pregnant and/or nursing
  • how to accomplish every day tasks while wearing skirts and dresses

We’ll have photos and video, shopping tips, and Caroline will offer supplemental information on the Modest Mom Blog for those who want to dig even deeper!

Will you join me?  I’d love to have company on this journey!

She Wears Skirts series:

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162 thoughts on “She Wears Skirts – Introduction

  1. THANK YOU!!!!!!!!

    You have no idea about the timing of this for me and my life.

    For the last year, I to, have been debating the skirt/pants issue. Really debating it with myself and discussing it with my husband. I hadn’t taken the leap to full time skirts/dresses yet because of what it would take financially for me to do so. However, this year for Lent, I decided to give up pants. The amount of my personal laundry has increased due to my few choices in clothing, but I’ve been noticing a lot of things in the skirts (aside from the fact that I too feel rather frumpy in all but one of them…). Aside from feeling more feminine, I also feel gentler towards our daughters. My husband, while not saying that I have to wear them full time, has looked at me with that “she’s most definately mine” sparkle in his eye. And our daughters (4 and 3) have insisted on dressing like mommy and I have had to force them into pants to go out and play on the swing set (believe me, the show that the neighbors could have been treated to…).

    I haven’t fully decided yet on if I am going to skirts full time. I am leaning heavily in that direction though. Even though our church isn’t a women in skirts only denomination (nor does it observe Lent like a more liturgical church does), I feel it is something worth considering (and I do own some headcoverings, but I guess that is another topic for another time.) I have several friends who are skirts only and they are quite normal people. Well, I suppose normal is relative 😉

    I will be looking forward with great anticipation on this series. Though I do have one question. Will the issue of exercise/working out be addressed? I have yet to resume my daily workout this Lenten season (I am trying to use a popular DVD) because of the up, down, squats, and rapid moving moving that could result in quite the exhibition and then klutzy me getting tangled up in my skirt, tripping and falling in the living room and injuring myself. I wish to avoid breaking my bones (I’ve spent enough time in a walking cast, thanks.)

    So thank you so much for this series. I can’t wait!

  2. Thats great!
    A few days ago I started to think about the question why some conservative christian women only wear skirts, what are the reasons behind this and how it is in everyday life. Your series is the direct answer – thanks! I’m really looking forward to lean more about this topic!

    Greetings from Germany!

  3. I will be reading this topic the whole way through. I dont think I can ever go to wearing skirts/dresses every day but I would like to wear them a lot more often. I have several in my closet that I have been trying to wear more frequently but find that I dont know what to do to keep my legs/feet warm so I end up not wearing them for the whole winter. My other big thing with them is I am not super comfortable wearing them because I feel like I am even bigger in a skirt. I do much better in the spring or summer because the weather is nice and I can wear sandles.

    • I’ve found that sweater tights are warm and look nice. Cuddle Duds or other types of warm leggings also work well. I’m a Minnesotan so I totally understand your need to stay warm in the winter :-)

  4. I’m a life long skirt/dress wearer, but the concept of wearing skirts now to honor my husband is brilliant! I always just thought that I do it because that is the guideline or rule he has set for our family. Doing it to HONOR him is a wonderful thought!

    Having worn skirts for thirty something years makes wearing them no issue for me at all. BUT….looking nice and not frumpy is certainly an area I can and will work on!

    Thank you for going down this path and sharing it!

  5. Oh Amy I’m excited about this!! I just had my 5th baby a few months ago and now that I’m starting to change clothing sizes again, I have been wondering about skirts. I want to feel more feminine and I don’t think trousers and jeans flatter me with my new post-5-babies figure. I want to look good for my husband, though he doesn’t seem concerned one way or the other.

    A month ago I owned no skirts, like pretty much ALL the months before that for the last decade. After a birthday and an eBay shopping spree, I now own 7 skirts! I really like them! I am not sure about wearing them all the time, and like you I was getting worried about going to FAR and becoming legalistic about it, if I was doing it to please God. I need to know more about it from a Biblical point of view.

    I only have sons, but I would probably dress any daughters I may have in dresses and skirts most of the time (although maybe that’s part of only having sons so far, lol! I would LOVE a girlie girl to dress up! 😉 ).

    I don’t know what to WEAR with my skirts though. What tops go with them? What shoes? Socks or tights? I feel a bit clueless on these things. Even putting on one feminine item of clothing makes me want to pay attention to detail for the rest – like my hair, instead of scrunching it back at the nape of my neck, I long for a Lissa Rose flexi clip to dress it up a little! :) I’m really enjoying looking more feminine, and can’t wait to follow you and Caroline through this journey! Thank you!

  6. I’m so excited to see what you have in store for this series! I, too, have had that little “niggling” in the back of my mind that I should be wearing more skirts…I had a few that fit well when I was about 20 pounds lighter (ugh) and I so enjoyed wearing them and my husband LOVES it when I wear a skirt or dress.
    I want to look lovely for him, and for Him. I want to be an example for my three daughters as well as laying some foundation for when my five sons are old enough to be looking for wives. :)
    It is very difficult to find skirts at Wal-Mart or Target that are acceptable, so I’m going to do some browsing at The Modest Mom’s site.
    Thank you for your great blog.

  7. Amy – I’m so excited to see this series! When I first went skirts only, I definitely stepped into the “holier than thou” territory that you mentioned, and it has taken much working of God on my heart to change that.

    One thing I’m definitely looking forward to your posts about is the maternity/nursing aspect of skirts and dresses. I’m just barely into the 2nd trimester of baby #4, and while I have plenty of drawstring skirts that I can wear through the pregnancy, they aren’t nearly as pretty and flattering….AND make me look even bigger (NOT something I need any help in when I’m pregnant. I get huge). It has taken a lot of looking and searching, and I’m still not “there” yet.

    Another thing I’m looking forward to is the skirts vs. frump issue. Women in our denomination tend to wear mostly skirts, but there is SO much frump instead of classiness.

    Thanks for starting this series!

  8. I appreciate your honesty and soul searching. I have also struggled with these thoughts. I have yo-yoed back and forth between the conviction of femininity and modesty and fitting in with the pant-wearing world. I have 3 daughters, 15,13,and 6. My older daughters have been on this journey with me for about 6 years, but now they are old enough to have their own convictions and they have decided to wear skirts. Seeing their decision and the daily effort to stand for Christ has encouraged me on the days I struggle. WEARING SKIRTS DOES MAKE A DIFFERENCE! They are feminine, godly, examples and it affects those they have contact with and my sons and husband. I can’t really explain why, but their “lights” shine brighter in skirts. I hope others will share their experiences as I have searched for years for kindred spirits in this area.

    Thanks for bringing this issue to light!

  9. Not being raised in a conservative family, let alone Christian, I’ve always struggled with this. Some of my friends only wear skirts, but it’s because of ‘rules’ not conviction or their heart for the Lord.

    Thank you for what you are going to share. I really need it for myself and in training my children.

    I’m really excited for the next post!!

  10. I wear a skirt about 95% of my waking hours. WHY? My husband prefers them. So I do so to please him and I really don’t mind 95% of the time. I do find it hard to wear them for somethings even now that I am used to them. Like when painting the barn, mowing, or weeding on my hands and knees. I have a few capri pants I wear for this.
    Most women in our church wear skirts at least to the morning service, but prefer pants. To me it is not a issue, but I will tell you I do notice people in the stores and when about who are like dressed. And a young girl in a dress is someone I try to go out of my way to compliment.
    My daughter wears a dress about as often as me when going out, but at home with the 4 boys she wears loose shorts that go below the knee. Now that she is 11 they are hard to find. She plays the harp and to find a loose fitting skirt that hits close to her ankle is hard to find also. Any shorter and when she places the harp it could be a little to much of a show. So we are always thankful for resale shops and garage sales. Also we have found that buying dresses after Easter and Christmas a size or two bigger for next year helps. They normally have great deals after the holidays and most of those type of dresses tend to be longer. I recently asked her why she still prefers to wear a dress when we go out and she told me she liked looking like me and she liked dads approval. Then she said something that got my attention. She told me she new we were to be a set apart people and that she thought God would use her dress to lead those who might need salvation to her. That by what she was wearing they might know she was a christian and see her love and joy and want what she has.

  11. This is wonderful! I’ve recently been very convicted about my wardrobe and God graciously REPLACED it for me. I’ve wanted to make a switch to mostly skirts (eventually only skirts perhaps…?) but it does seem to be difficult for me to implement in real life (I am a sweatpants kinda girl, haha). I read another blog of a Mama with a large family (we’ve got one little munchkin so far and are looking forward to seeing how many more God will bless us with!) and her reasoning is also to be set apart in our culture. My husband and I both love the idea and I do feel very feminine when I wear skirts (and I have a whole bunch)… but jeans/pants just seem to be habit for me. All that to say… I’m really looking forward to this series!! :)

  12. Love the upcoming series. It’s funny. This has been niggling in the back of my mind as well. The way I’ve been thinking about it is that we are called to be set apart from others and that is a really good way in today’s culture. However, dresses or skirts always make me feel fat and frumpy. I don’t even own one. But I would like to wear some if I could ever find the style that won’t make me feel that way. Can’t wait to read more on your series!

  13. I have worn skirts full time since I got married. The funny thing is, I never really made a decision to do it, it just kinda happened, and I realised one day I felt far too much like my ‘old self’ (a non-christian involved in some very immoral activity) in pants. I loved the feminine feeling skirts gave me, which was a side of me I needed to reconnect with.

    Skirts, by no means, have to be frumpy. As a 20 year old (where skirts are even less acceptable than they are for 30 and 40-somethings) I have actually been complemented by peers, mostly male ones glad to see a woman who looks pretty or, dare I say, beautiful, as opposed to ‘sexy’ or ‘hot’. I am yet to find anything I can’t do in a skirt, I have even ice skated in a skirt (with some awesome brightly coloured knee-high socks and something similar to ‘bloomers’ underneath, and you know what, once I got skating, I didn’t even feel cold). I rode a horse in one, I even found a way to go to a theme park and get in the thrill ride harnesses that go between your legs in a skirt (which involved a knee high skirt, stockings and some careful manuvering of material.)

    One of the most important things I learnt about skirts and dresses is look at the materials. I have winter skirts and summer skirts, the winter ones are made of much thicker materials, denim or with attached underskirts, and are often much fuller, whereas the summer ones are very light and usually less full, some are simply a rectangle sewn into a tube with a button and a (small) slit. The problem is, skirts in the store are most often sold for summer, so to get ones warm enough for the winter, making your own is a huge advantage. However, frequent the thift stores enough and once in awhile one will come up.

    I find dresses are a bit easier but not much in regards to finding them in stores.

    Good luck in your endeavour and I look forward to reading the posts!

  14. I can’t wait for this! I love to wear skirts, and so do my girls, (but like you said, when it’s cold…not so much) Many people I know do have these convictions including my own mom, although with her it wasn’t always so. I just want to make sure it’s a “heart” thing before I commit to it full out and not just a “rules” thing. We live on a farm and sometimes the jeans are just so much easier. I’m really looking forward to this series!

  15. I’m so excited about this series! I’ve felt called to wear skirts more/full time but I feel really alone and my extended family thinks it’s insane. I’ll be glad for some encouragement!

  16. Oh, Amy, I am so excited about this series! I, too, have felt the gentle nudge from the Holy Spirit to change how I dress. But, as you stated, I don’t know where to begin to make the change to wearing more skirts and dresses. I always feel uncomfortable or frumpy in them, too. So, I can’t wait to learn with you!! Thank you for doing this!

  17. I’m curious to know more about this line of thought, I’ve heard and seen it. Though I don’t think it is for me — my husband has specifically let me know that he prefer I NOT wear skirts or dresses, for various reasons. Clearly being modest is important to us, and presenting ourselves well. I think I will be more interested in those aspects of this series. But, I am very interested.

    • Hello Kate I once dated a women who hardly ever wore pants and one time she told me that some of the other fellows asked her “do you always have to wear a dress all the time” what shocked me and even more when she added “hope you don’t mind because in me your not getting no tomboy” and even more shocked I told her that was one of the very things I liked about her!

      To me finding a women that isn’t sensitive about her jeans is a real gem and it’s sad that so few women wear skits also they are so flattering and to me even the worst fitting skirt hides any extra pounds far better then pants! As far as the religious aspect I feel a skirt or dress is very oroper for church but also in countrys where men wear skirts or rather kilts if they was to be sinsitive about it if worn for dress this is proper for them too but anyway skirts or kilts the women have in my opinion take the lead in the looks department lol and they could never be to feminime for me !

  18. Thank you for following the leading of the Spirit. I have considered many times what options I have for more skirt-wearing, and always conclude that it would be so difficult with our busy lifestyle and that skirts might not always be the most modest choice. This series may help me envision how daily skirt-wearing could be practical and I am willing to listen!

  19. I will be reading with great interest! I didn’t see my Mama Wilson ever in pants. It wasn’t proper! She is really one of the few I can remember. How do you do things like construction work (for a lack of a better word), like painting on a ladder and working on gutters? My husband and I work together on these things. Also, how do you mow the yard? I look forward to reading the series! Thanks!

  20. I am looking forward to this series. I grew up skirts-only, but I really do not know the reasoning behind it. My mom grew up wearing pants/shorts… and even for several years after she and dad married didn’t wear skirts full-time. I know alot of it was legalism with no real, legitimate reason. I like a comfortable pair of jeans, capris or shorts, but sometimes feel like wearing a skirt here at home – but I don’t b/c I don’t own any suitable for home and don’t want to ruin my nice ones. I guess I could make some :) My other “problem” (excuse?) is that I have to wear tennis shoes most of the time b/c of foot problems – and to me skirt and sneakers don’t go together very well. I’m looking forwards to reading all about it!

  21. I will be happily joining you. I want to wear skirts, jumpers and dresses. I have 1 that I wear all the time and its kakhi. I also wear my lounge dress around the house all the time simple because its the only one that is long that I own. I want one that is to my ankles. I just feel most comfortable in them. I am having such a hard time finding skirts/dresses and jumpers of that length at a reasonable cost. I guess I need to learn to sew. I bought a craft sewing machine and have yet to touch it. I wish I had a titus 2 woman to teach me to sew.
    God bless

  22. Thank you so much for this series – I’m really looking forward to it! I’ve been debating the skirt issue for the past six months or so – I’ve been wearing them but also trying to do research so I can answer all the “whys” – for myself and for others that ask.

  23. I’m so looking forward to this series! I’ve been thinking a lot about moving to skirts only (or at least mostly) for several months now. I do have a few skirts, but only a couple ways to wear them, so looking forward to ideas, especially about shoes and tights, etc.

  24. I can’t put my finger on why…but I’m very interesting in this topic. I’m really looking forward to this series! Thank you for sharing your heart and your journey!

  25. I commend you for being willing to search this out, and will be praying God will keep hearts tender. This will take soul searching, a change of heart, and obedience. It isn’t an easy decision, but once it is made one of the best ones you will make!

  26. This is looking to be a great series. Thanks, Amy!

    Living in Minnesota, it is COLD half the year. While I’m not a 100% skirt wearer at this point, I have found that wearing long underwear (Cuddleduds) and then knee socks makes wearing skirts probably warmer than even pants,

    I can’t wait for other parts of this series!

  27. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! I cannot wait to read this series! Sometimes I feel like I am the only one trying to dress modestly…let alone wear skirts all the time! In the summer, except for the rare occasions I ride horses, I wear skirts 100% of the time; in the winter I am probably at 95%. I find that I wear my cotton tights under my jeans anyway…I might as well wear a skirt! And I have now found some great ‘extra long’ skirts from New Creation that make it even easier to wear skirts in the winter…I can wear long johns underneath if I want to even :o) I even have an old jean skirt for mowing the lawn & such. I too had the problem of finances & trying to switch my entire wardrobe, so it has been a several year process, but I am pretty much there! Thrift stores like Goodwill are a great place to go to get started :o) God bless all of you lovely women who are trying to be what God made us to be! Thank you for sharing & supporting!

  28. Thanks for walking me through this thought pattern. I have been toying with this idea for a awhile along with other things that need to change in my life. With two young girls and another baby on the way I think about the images in our world and I have the most unique place in their world because they will look to me on how a woman is to act. Thanks for all your articles some are a little hardcore for me but they make me think and that is important for a stay at home mom whose brain can easily turn to mush. You are always very encouraging to start where you are in all journeys.

  29. oh, I sit here in tears because I have been on the same journey! I have been praying God would show me the right way, that I too would find the mentor I so desperately need to show me how to be modest and feminine in the way God desires of me, with out the holier then thou attitude. I don’t want that, but I have a hard time explaining why I feel wearing skirts and dresses is right, but I just feel it. And I know what you were saying about being set apart, that is exactly how I have been feeling, you have expressed it better then I could have.

    thank you so much for this series, I can’t wait to learn and grow through it!

  30. This is fabulous and I, too, am excited about this topic! I switched over to longer length skirts only about a year and a half ago, for several different reasons. For one, my husband loved the idea, a desire to be more feminine and modest on my part and just wanting to be different and set apart in a humble way. We don’t attend a skirts only church or anything, just personal conviction after reading some testimonies of why others felt lead to convert. :)


  31. PS
    I also forgot to mention that I live in Maine where winter temps can get chilly and have found that cotton leggings or heavy tights keep me toasty warm (under skirts)in the winter.

  32. Thank you for this! I’m looking forward to reading along. It always blesses me so much to see other women and girls who are willing to be “different” and dress in a distinctive feminine way! I love dressing like a lady!

    May the Lord bless you as you seek His direction and plan!

  33. OH! Look how God is using Amy and Caroline through this post! I am excited to see all the woman finding an answer to convictions!
    I have been skirts only for years and I am happy to see there are others who feel the same way!
    God will provide, He knows our needs before we ask, (Matt 6:8) and I have found he will provide the wardrobe as you seek to worship and seek His will!
    I cant wait to see what God will do in all your lives!

  34. Amy, I am excited for you! My daughters and I started wearing skirts and dresses only about 4 years ago. It took me 7 years of going down the path you are on now to get there. Now, I love it and do not like wearing anything else. My husband is much like yours–he does not comment on my wardrobe very often. When I talked with him about it, he said “As long as you use common sense about it. I do not want you out working cows with me in a skirt. You could get hurt.” LOL I tend to be accident prone. So I have saved a pair of jeans and pants for those type of situations he would deem them the best. I know this will be a blessing to many. Thank you.

  35. I wear skirts in the spring and summer because I don’t like to be cold. I also am not good at it either but the more I think about it my ugly jeans make me feel manly and the skirts frumpy, so I’d choose frumpy over manly! Thanks for this I’m switching back to skirts. Also, my pre- teen bought herself a pair of jeans when I wasn’t with her. This was a real wake up call! They are much too tight and not even labeled “skinny” jeans. I think that there is no such thing as a modest pair of jeans.

  36. Amy,

    I will definitely go on this journey with you! My precious Mother in Love just purchased me a whole bunch of dresses and skirts and I have felt very compelled to become a full time dress/skirt wearer. One of the things she taught me was, dresses do NOT have to be frumpy. Comfortable is fine, but frumpy is not necessary. Even a simple jean dress can be prettied up with tasteful jewelry:)

    I’m with you on this one sister! Can’t wait to see how this goes:)

    Faith on Fire

  37. Oh, Amy!!!! I love this!!! This is such great timing in my life as others, it seems. Isn’t God wonderful, how he works!?!?!?!? However, I have a question, would you mind me posting a link to these posts on my blog? I really think several friends that read my blog would be intested in reading this as well! Thank you again!!!

  38. I know what you mean about the ‘self-righteous’ feeling. I too have wondered about this issue. I honesly, only have 1 skirt and not only do I feel frumpy in it, but my husband actually said that it wasn’t very flattering on me. I stopped wearing dresses(not on purpose) because I was so often pregnant/nursing and they didn’t fit well.
    Anyhow, I read Edith Schaeffer’s book The Hidden Art of Homemaking where she said that in China where her parents were missionaries, the men wore skirts & women wore pants. I realized that it wasn’t a skirt vs pants issue, but a modesty issue.
    I do look forward to your series.

  39. I’ve always worn skirts and dresses a lot, even when I wasn’t a Christian. I’ve just always thought they were pretty and flattering. However, over the past few years I’d started wearing pants more often. Recently I made a conscious decision to go back to wearing mostly skirts and dresses. I am a public school teacher in a poor, tough city, and I noticed that when I wore skirts/dresses, the children loved it! They always noticed and commented on how pretty I looked; now, I didn’t care about the compliments – what I cared about was the way the children seemed to respond…it was like they felt honored that I got dressed up to teach them (most teachers wear pants). They behaved better. These kids need all the help they can get, so if they do better when I dress up, then I’m dressing up!

    The second reason is that my husband likes it when I dress up for him. He feels honored when I make an effort to look nice. I think a lot of men feel this way. Yesterday on yahoo news I saw this article about men picking out clothes for their women (these are secular folks)…look at the pictures. Do you notice anything? I think you’ll see that all the men picked…dresses or skirts!

  40. Thank you so much for this series. I wear only skirts because they bless my husband, I feel they honor my Saviour, and some other reasons, but I understand the struggle getting there. I do have one comment. Sometimes people have a deep feeling on a certain topic, and are not eloquent with how they express it to others. This is not always because it is “just rules” or “no heart” and etc. but because it is good to site an authority higher than ourselves. I hope no one will assume a strong conviction to always be a “holier than thou” attitude. Also, some daughters are taught their whole life to dress this way. How thankful they should be that they don’t have to go through this struggle, but have just been directed into a good path as part of their heritage. These daughters should not be discouraged because they haven’t been deeply convicted of things themselves, but rather encouraged in that they have seen it in action and are pleased to follow good examples. They get to bypass some of the pain involved in altering one’s way of life and possibly the bad taste of swallowing some pride and unwise words previously uttered.

  41. I look forward to reading more! I’ve just worn dresses/skirts for as long as I can remember, but now I have girls who are getting older and starting to question. This is going to be good! :)

  42. I am excited to read what you learn along your journey. My situation is interesting: my husband does NOT care for most dresses HOWEVER he compliments me all the time on how I look :)

    The one question I have is: who should decide what is feminine and beautiful? A wife and her husband between the two of them? Or do we try to do the opposite of society so that is obvious that we are different?

    My husband does not care for frumpy and to be truthful I love feeling like I look nice everyday. So, I put my makeup on every morning, try to make my hair look nice and I don’t make a practice of wearing sweats (actually don’t even own a pair). I feel that making myself desirable to my husband is feminine. If that is the goal than I accomplish it in jeans and nice slacks.

    While I have GREAT respect for a number of people that choose to wear only dresses and skirts I do not feel called to join them.

    • I must say, I feel personally, that it is a decision between the husband, wife, and the Lord’s calling. If YOU feel led to wear skirts, and your husband enjoys you in them, then I would for sure. Now if your husband is completely against it, then I would pray for unity with the two of you. As for what is feminine and beautiful, I think that is between the two of you as long as it is modest. I love some skirts, but my husband says no way…I try to wear things that my husband likes, but there have been a couple of times, where I wear something he didn’t like, but he likes it once he sees it on me…I think everyone is different in what they like…I like flowy skirts because they are easier to move around in with little ones…I also usually prefer denim, because with little boys it makes it easier to clean and less likely to stain, but I have some cotton prints as well. I personally was a stinker to moving to skirts at first, but have LOVED it now that I have…I LOVE feeling feminine everyday! I feel ready for my day!

      I know what you mean about your husband feeling that you are in jeans and slacks…my husband felt the exact same way, but BOY did he really LOVE it when I wore a skirt on a rare occasion! God kept leading us to this mindset though. I will pray for you and your journey. I think everyone is convicted in their own way, time…

      I hope I have made some sense! 😉

  43. Perfect timing! I’ve always been intrigued by women who wear skirts ful time and honestly, I kind of liek the idea although I don’t know anyone PERSONALLY who does this. A few weeks ago at a hoemschool convention I came SO close to walking up to a woman who obviously adhered to this philosophy and asking her if she woudl kindly help me understand why she chose to do this. I didn’t though, because she was a perfect stranger and I wasn’t sure if she would understand that I truely was curious and askign in an interested way, not a judgemental way! Looking forward to yoru series!

  44. Oh! What a WONDERFUL post! My sweet husband and I have recently decided that I should fully make the transition to dresses/skirts only. I had the conviction early on in our coming to the Lord, but was NEVER one to wear them…felt HIGHLY uncomfortable in them, and felt I dressed modestly enough as it was…but still felt a nagging. Everytime I wore a skirt my husband loved it…so I would wear them a bit more…but never fully…funny then that when my husband finally asked me to wear them daily, I put it off…I always found and excuse or reason..thinking people would stare at me or make comments. Silly huh?? My sweet husband said nothing further..and he was deployed to Iraq, so I figured it wasn’t like he saw me really anyways. Ah…so silly of me at the time!!! God was/IS the one I am to be obediant to! HE sees! 😉 My husband finally asked why I was fighting so hard against it when ‘I’ was the one that had brought it up to him for so long! That’s when I had to take a step back and go you know what?! He’s right!!! I want to be obediant to God in ALL things, and if this is one of those things then so be it! So I got rid of all my shorts and jeans..and have been skirts only ever since! I used to always complain that I felt frumpy, and now I never feel frumpy! I feel so pretty and feminine! I also realized that no one was going to stare or comment (except the occasional ‘oh her skirt is SO pretty’ that I get;)) and we are SUPPOSED to be different and set apart!!! It has been hard to find skirts though. I discovered Cato which has been wonderful! and style J’s and also Jedzebel..which I am VERY excited about because they are all wrap skirts, which will be WONDERFUL when/if we become pregnant again!! I keep trying to find skirts at our local thrift stores, but they are all WAY too short (WELL above the knee…)

    I will SO enjoy hearing from like minded women on this issue and getting ideas on all of these things!

  45. I can’t wait to read more. I have been a skirt/dress only wearing momma for over a year now. The “set apart” and the fulfilling my husbands “like” of me in dresses is what drove me to that choice. I had the exact same thought as you about the seeing women dressed differently and seeing them as set apart from the world.
    I wanted that set apart for my girls and I so we made the transition. I’m hardly ever in pants anymore while my girls are allowed to wear them for some activities for modesty sake.
    I can’t wait to read more from other like minded mommas. Mommas who want to be set apart without being forced by rules, or looking down on those who don’t.
    I love your heart!!

  46. Thank you!! I live in a town where skirts and dresses are mainly what women where. I’m interested in this because I never knew that other people outside of our town did this too.

  47. I took the 7-days in a skirt Challenge at Feelin’ Feminine (Have you seen their site?

    I didn’t think I could wear a dress for 7 whole days, but so glad I did! (That was 2 1/2 years ago). I love to wear skirts now. I don’t wear them every day, but do make sure that my attire is feminine. There is a precept in the Bible that women should only wear women’s clothes… so that is why I do. I think the heart of Father’s precept is to dress feminine so that we can be in our God-ordained roles as women, mothers and wives and bring honor to Him.

    Yah bless you on your journey!

  48. I started wearing only skirts last fall – and I’ll admit it was only because that’s what fit my post-baby body. I quickly learned what you pointed out – it made me feel different, set apart. It made me feel more feminine and it really helped me keep in mind that I’m not the one who “wears the pants” in the family (pun very much intended). Does it make me holier? Only in the sense that it reminds me of my biblical role as a woman, but not any holier than my jeans-wearing friends!

    I made it through a Minnesota winter in skirts. I had one made out of sweatshirt material that was very warm. On subzero days I’ll admit I had pink Cuddle Duds on underneath – but it worked.

    I’ve found I can do just about anything in a loose-fitting skirt.

    I look forward to reading the upcoming posts.

  49. I am excited and looking forward to this series! I’ve been pretty much skirts only for . . . ummm. . . 2 years now? Maybe almost 3? I first started thinking about it in modesty and feminity terms, but then realized dh really does like it better when our daughter and I wear skirts. He feels they’re much more modest and feminine. So, we keep wearing them! :) I’ve worn pants a couple of times since then, but find them so uncomfortable and restricting. That’s funny, because when it’s cold, I usually wear yoga pants under my long skirt! Yet jeans feel too restricting. I’m excited to see what kind of ideas you all come up with here. . . I sometimes feel like it’s so hard to find tops and shoes and etc. . . . so I’m really looking forward to it!

  50. I’m so excited to read these posts. I’ve been on a similar journey. My little girl started asking me why I didn’t wear dresses more, so I tried. It was hard to find dresses/skirts, know how to wear them, not feel frumpy etc. So I didn’t wear them much.

    In the last year or so I started wearing skirts more when I found a web site that offered modest skirts at a reasonable price! Now I’m trying to make it through a pregnancy wearing skirts (and then post pardum)! I’ll be looking forward to those posts!

  51. I’m looking forward to this series, I have been wearing skirts, dresses and jumpers about 95% of the time for almost 2 years, my husband prefers me in jeans, because of how “good” my behind looks in them, so sometimes I wear jeans, but my heart and attirude change when I do. But now I feel frumpy, and I see that I need some help in this, I don’t always shave my legs, don’t wear nylons, and my men’s hiking boots just don’t look so nice with them, so now my attitude is just about the same in skirts or pants. I just feel angry that God has not provided nicer foot wear, this is destroying my relationships, my life and my testimony of God’s goodness. Please I really need help with this. So looking forward to the rest of this series.

  52. I’m going to enjoy this post. My husband likes me in jeans, but I do on occasion like to wear skirts. They make me feel dressed up, its hard to find outfits that fit and look nice though when I am always seeming to be pregnant or nursing. I have to admit feeling on the frumpy side sometimes, just because I have trouble finding a good fit for my body.

  53. I am interested in seeing what you and your friend journey through in this area. The skirt wearing issue is not one I have ever even contemplated or felt in any way convicted of. Probably because I wasn’t raised in that denominational background and i don’t run in that crowd now(mostly only Hutterites wear skirts and dress to appear very different up here in Saskatchewan). Until the Duggars and venturing into blog world i didn’t really know that this element of conservatism existed. Then I just thought it was weird. The skirt wearers aren’t the only ones who can be judgmental of other Christians. 😉 Us jean wearers can have ugly self righteousness too. Personally I rarely even wear a skirt to church, which is a preference and practical in -40 degree weather. I have 2 summer skirts. Despite my lack of affinity toward skirts God is pressing on my heart and opening my eyes to issues of modesty more lately. Not in a legalistic,rule making, self righteous way but in order to not draw attention to myself. It is a heart issue. Do I need to look cute , or “hot” to feel good about myself? NO! The focus shouldn’t be me at all. Now that I have a daughter turning into a young woman (and we have also been faced with the reality of sin and perversion in the most unlikely places) my focus is on teaching her to dress modestly and like the little girl she is. I think modesty is about respect (God, others and self) too. We ,as woman, should be confidant and content in our roles, and who we are in Christ that we don’t need to flaunt our other assets to the world. Likewise we can be confidant enough in our role as children of God that we don’t need to attempt to earn favor by strict dress codes. Wearing a burka doesn’t make someone holy a heart set apart and the blood of Christ does that. I would say I am on a journey that is making me more aware of modesty at the heart level. I will most likely always wear my jeans, dress pants, yoga pants and capris but i know that being modest, set apart, classy, and feminine means so much more than just a skirt. We can stand out from the world in so many ways beyond the outer adornment and clothing style. God sees and judges the heart, weather it’s dressed in a skirt or blue jeans. I am fascinated by the skirt wearing crowd and the subject of feminine modesty but I worry a little when the specifics become “law” not just a preference or personal expression.

  54. I think this is going to be an amazing series! I have been wearing mostly skirts for almost 3 years after spending many, many years avoiding wearing them consistently. My avoidance was due to personal experience with family members who wore/wear skirts due to legalism within their church community.

    However, I’m so glad I finally listened to God (and even wrote a couple of posts on my blog about it). For me, skirts have been a lesson in obedience to God’s calling in my life and whole-body modesty (heart, mind, appearance, etc.). I believe, personally, being obedient in this was the first of many steps God has had me walk through in order to mature spiritually. My husband is completely in agreement with skirt wearing (for the appropriate reasons) so it helps tremendously to have his support.

    I am so looking forward to reading this series and your research, tips and tricks.

  55. Thank you! Thank you! My husband has been telling me for a few years that he only wants me in dresses but I’ve been very disobedient. Nursing is one of my excuses but mostly I hate being cold and our house is always cold on the inside. I’ve always been a jeans girl. My husband feels that skirts don’t count and that he doesn’t like the idea of leggings underneath dresses. I would be very grateful for the encouragement from this series.

    • Heather,
      I like to wear dresses, especially for church, though I don’t wear dresses or skirts everyday. I found some nursing dresses on super sale (wait for the clearance at the end of the season) from and have been so pleased that I can easily nurse and wear a dress. My husband approves. :) These may not help the cold issue, though.

      Best wishes!

  56. Amy, I am SO looking forward to this!!! Thank you so much for doing it!

    I have a question for you… and maybe you’ll address it in a future post, but I was just wondering what you think of wearing skirts out (in public) but wearing pants at home? Do you think that’s hypocritical? This is where I’m at right now… I’ve come to prefer skirts, but don’t yet have enough to wear around the house AND to change into for going out, so I tend to toss on some lounging pants or sweats while at home & switch to my skirt when I leave the house.

    I’ll be interested to hear ya’lls thoughts on that! Thanks again!

  57. Very curious about this… I keep buying cute skirts, and my husband likes them alot, but my kids are still in the tugging/ climbing stage and I hate it when my skirt starts slipping. I’m always cold, but I don’t like the clingy static thing leggings do. I hate shaving my legs every day in the winter! I wear jeans almost every day, all year, although I live in Texas and could get away with skirts most of the year. Isn’t it silly we are looking for “how to accomplish every day tasks while wearing skirts and dresses” -what have we come to!

  58. This should be interesting! I’m not a “skirt wearer” but am open to more wisdom. Pleasing my husband and being more feminine sounds great to me, too. I see benefits all around!

  59. I have been wearing mostly skirts for the past almost 2 years. I started while on maternity leave for my youngest mostly because it was the only thing that fit me well that was not maternity pants.

    I keep doing it because it does sets me apart and also, we do get more consideration.

    I only wear pants on the day I am doing rough work around the house and the heavy shopping about town (We do not have a car and long skirts tend to get tangled about my grocery cart).

    I would advice to start small and only buy skirts of good quality and that you are sure you will feel comfortable wearing everyday.

    I started with a jean skirt for everyday and a heavy wool skirt.

  60. Yes wearing skirts is very feminine indeed. But in this day and age hardly any woman wears a skirt, and you are right, when someone does, its almost head turning, so unusual.

  61. I wear skirts about 5/7 days in winter and full time in the summer. I was dressed in a pair of jeans while fabric shopping with my daughter last week (still feels like winter here 😉 ) and while checking out a Mennonite lady walked past. I realized that I was able to identify her beliefs by her dress and that one couldn’t even suspect the same from me because I looked just like everyone else, especially since I had only 1 of my 6 children with me. I’ve been convicted of dressing modestly, and in a feminine manner, but I think that was the first time I was convicted of dressing distinctly making the crux of your post very relevant to where I am.

    Very much looking forward to this series and your insight!!

  62. Thank you for addressing this…your journey sounds a lot like mine. At this point I am drawn to skirts and dresses, but don’t know how to replace my wardrobe and the wardrobe of my 4 girls with out breaking the bank and be completely over whelmed! Looking forward to learning with you!

  63. I too have thought about this alot and have felt the spirits tug on this issue. However when I tried this a few years ago my husband didn’t feel like I looked very attractive, just kinda frumpy and so I need to find some outfits/skirts that look cute and modern so I can wear them more AND look cute for my DH. I’m really looking forward to this series. Thank you!

  64. My daughters and I have worn skirts only for over 20 years. My oldest daughter has always told her friends whatever they can do in britches…she can do in a skirt!
    My youngest rides horses and wears a split skirt that I made. She looks great at the horse shows! Very lady like!

    Recycle your britches into skirts! Split the inside seam of the pants and fill in the middle with fabric! I’ve done hundreds of these.

    If you’re cold, wear hose or tight exercise leggings.

  65. Oh Amy, I’ll be watching this… :) I’m right there with you – cold, uncomfortable, and I think it’s hard to get down on the floor and do stuff with the kiddos, and especially hard to carry little ones up the stairs without tripping over a skirt. Just added frustration for the day! I tried it for a while, but winter put a stop to it. My little girls are always my silent convict-ors! And worse, a number of times my husband has praised them for dressing so nicely, like godly young ladies – while I’m cringing in the background wondering if he remembers that I’M WEARING JEANS!!! (And usually do.) I also feel like I don’t want to wear out my skirts. ?? I think jeans are probably more expensive these days, but it seems different somehow, to wear out a pair of jeans vs. a nice skirt. I need to find the time to sew simple skirts that feel more “disposable”, I guess. At any rate, I’m glad God loves me whatever I wear, and isn’t going to kick me out over my clothing. :) And He probably has noticed some bigger heart issues He’s more interested in anyway. 😉 But maybe I can find a baby step to take to get started…

  66. I will definitely be following along on this! It’s so weird that you posted this. Maybe weird isn’t the word, but confirming? Over the last couple of months I have been thinking about wearing skirts/dresses. My girls 9 and 8 have wanted to start wearing skirts for a while (we watch the Duggars A LOT). Everything I buy them, clothes wise, have been skirts. That’s all they will pick out now when out shopping. They beg me all the time to wear a skirt. I have a couple, but can’t find the right top and like you said feel “frumpy”. So today I picked up some shirts to go with some skirts I already have. They are cute, but not CUTE. My husband said it looks “alright”, but a little homely looking. So, I’m having a hard time finding the right combination of tops and skirts. I can’t really wear dresses yet, although I have some really cute ones, because i am still nursing the 13 month old. So, it’s great that you are blogging about this!

  67. Thank you for your honesty and open ness. I know God will bless you on this journey. It’s not about pleasing others, it’s about pleasing Jesus! I will pray for you as you embark on this journey to a closer walk with him! I can’t wait to read your next post! :)

    Your Sister in the Lord!

  68. We wore dress/skirts and culottes only for about 6 months or so. Our teenage daughters HATED it! They are concerned about modesty but just did not like dresses or skirts. My hubby said it was ok but wasn’t real excited about how we looked. He prefers me in my jeans and a nice blouse.

    This topic is interesting I look forward to reading more.

    God Bless.

  69. I find this an interesting topic. I guess I’m completely off base here as both summer and winter I’ll be in jeans every single day. In summer I don tank tops and am claustrophobic in anything else. I work outside on the farm and am a farrier. I don’t even wear shorts! I feel having my legs covered is both safer and more modest. Skirts can fly up, down, sideways, etc. leaving my undernethers available for all to see. I’ve noticed amish women smelling so bad during the summer sweating in their heavy dresses and shirts. Wheww. Not so Godly I would think. On the other hand, I think women and girls in pretty skirts look very pretty and I’ve been eyeing summer dresses when I shop. Currently I’ve never wore a dress except to church or a special occasion in my whole life. Can’t imagine trying to trim a horse or even ride a horse in one! My hats off to those of you who can do it!

    • Well, I’ve always worn dresses and skirts. When I was twelve we lived next door to a man who owned several horses. My dad wouldn’t let me ride them without a side saddle, and this man didn’t have one. Well, after a while he found one on Ebay, a really old one, and he fixed it up and let me ride it. Aside from being sore for a day or two after the first time, it was extremely comfortable and fun. I did a few jumps (I’d never ridden before), and once the horse bucked pretty badly and I stayed on :) People who say that sidesaddles are hard to ride and uncomfortable aren’t talking from experience. Some websites actually sell sidesaddles in the $300-400 range.

  70. Oh wow, you are speaking right from my own heart. I have been struggling with this decision for several months for myself and my girls. Coincidence is God’s way of staying anonymous. I even have the Modest Mom in my favorites on the computer!! Looking very forward to this series.

  71. The goal to be different, to be set apart from the world is a fabulous goal. I love the story of your friend who wore skirts because her husband loved them. To do something to be seen of men or appear better somehow is ugly and arrogant. But to do something to please a happy husband is absolutely beautiful.

    Thank you for your beautiful story of yourself coming to humility and wanting to be set apart for the right reason. That. is. beautiful., too! 😀

    PS I don’t wear skirts to set myself apart from the world; but I HOPE that my speech, dress, language, and everyday way of living does. I hope that when others see me chosing to obey the commandments of Jesus Christ and bring honor to Him, even when it is unpopular to do so… they will somehow see how it blesses lives, and that they will desire a closer relatiohship with Him, too. :)

    Thanks for your beautiful blog.
    Corine 😀

  72. I would love to see a post concerning daughters wearing skirts. Me and my daughters wear skirts only, as that is my dh desire. But, I have a friend that wears skirts only yet her 14 dresses very masculine and her younger daughters wear skirts about 50% of the time. I struggle with many feelings that I know I should have and without talking about it I know my 9 yo daughter notices it and is perplexed.

    When/if you decide to wear skirts only would your daughters too?

    • I’d like to fit that in because my oldest daughter does not like skirts. I have some thoughts on this, so it would be good to address it. Thanks!

  73. I am also very interested in this. I would love to wear skirts/dresses more often, and have purchased a couple in the last few weeks. I’m nursing at the moment also, so that makes it harder to find dresses. I would be keen to hear about the shoe issue – I have a nice skirt but I have no shoes to wear that are comfortable enough to go walking in!

    • Rebecca,
      I am in the same place. I work outside the home and am on my feet a good portion of the day. I prefer to wear skirts, but I have been wearing slacks a lot more because of the shoe issue. I can handle heels for a date with my husband or church, but not for a whole day around the house or at school.

  74. we really are sisters!!!! OK OK so we have just a bit in common :)
    I did the same thing! I was a “jeans forever!” girl. Then I was super convicted by a very good and Godly friend of mine about wearing skirts. Then I wore “skirts only” for about 5 months. I think if I am honest with myself I had a kind of smug little attitude about it too. Then we moved away from beloved skirt wearing friends to Southern California (where, by the way ,finding a woman in a long skirt is about like finding a hippie wearing fur). At this time I had also gained 25 pounds due to my PCOS. So between not fitting ANY of my skirts, save one, and being separate from my more conservative friends, I stopped wearing them. I am slowly reintroducing them back into my life. I agree with everything you said. It’s different, its feminin, it’s lovely to my man (although he does like jeans too) and it sets a GREAT example to my daughter who loves to dress in shirts and jeans and tennis shoes. When I wear skirts, she wants to match me! My husband LOVES it when my daughter wears skirts and dresses. But I think my biggest conviction is that it helps me be more modest. It doesn’t grip my thighs and bottom, like jeans do. I just think it is all around a good idea :) Thanks for re-inspiring me

  75. I read this post last night, but didn’t know how to comment. I saw your tweet, read the first page of comments, and now I have some things to offer.

    I have worn fewer and fewer skirts over the years as my wardrobe has become more and more practical. I feel uncomfortable in a skirt. I guess I’ve gotten heavier and I like how jeans hold it all in. :-) I don’t like pantyhose, but also dislike how my thighs rub together under a skirt. (Big admission there. Let’s just say that I’m a pear body shape.)

    To keep warm in winter when I do wear a skirt for church (always do on Sun AM), I wear wool thermals underneath. I just pull them up a tad under a long skirt.

    Of course the issue is the heart. (Isn’t it always?) You could wear skirts but expose your bosom with low cut shirts and certainly NOT be modest. I do get so sick of seeing other women’s cleavage. Yuck. Cover it up! (Not talking about nursing. Talking about immodest shirts.) I’m sure you’re going to go there too.

    And it really goes beyond modest in the sense of not dressing to be sensual. It’s also about simply not drawing attention to yourself, not being the “fashion plate,” the most gorgeous person in the room. I’m all for makeup and looking nice. But I want Jesus to shine out. I don’t want my clothes to get the glory he should get. (Like that’s an issue! I get most of my clothes at the thrift store. Always makes me laugh when I get a compliment on a 25 cent top.)

  76. Looking forward to following this series (and all the comments and conversation! So enlightening and thought provoking!) I also struggle to feel comfortable when I’m in skirts and dresses. Especially in a casual setting. I feel like dresses are so formal. So “fancy.” But I would love to wear them more! I tried some last summer and would like to do more this year.

    And we have a farm, so I’m familiar with the clash between work and dresses but can I just say…APRONS, APRONS, APRONS! :) I wear one all the time at home, even in jeans, because you just never know what you’ll run into!

    I also struggle to find skirts/dresses that are cute but modest and long enough to allow you to work in them without flying up, etc. when you’re bending, carrying, etc. Would love some help on that–going to check out Modest Mom blog now!

  77. Wow see this is how I know I am just plain different. lol

    Lord knows if I go to only wearing skirts or wearing them more it would only make me more of a hot mess.

    Skirts are way sexy and I do not mean feminine I mean sex-E to me and a lot of men the same way women seem to think pants are so overtly revealing.

    I would laugh if I was with some guy who wanted me to wear skirts more….”yeah I bet you do”

    I might even do it but then back to that whole sex thing.

    I feel girly and feminine when I have on color, scarves, earrings, and other fun jewelry. These I wear daily.

    When I recommitted my heart to Jesus I tamed and toned down my wardrobe. The way I stand out to the crowd as different from others comes from the inside not wearing or not wearing the average article of clothing.

    There is a woman I admire for her style of dress. It represents where she is going and how she carries herself not where she currently lives. It is a well balanced always more modest than mine wardrobe.

    Be blessed my sisters dress for yourselves and those you love. Enjoy rich fabrics and all sorts of weather. Half the fun of being a woman is the variations we are afforded.

  78. I’ve read through most of the comments on here and haven’t seen this addressed, so I’m wondering if there are others who deal with the same situation. I used to dress pretty trashy but have cleaned it up a ton in the past several years. Now my hubby gets upset with me, saying I care TOO much about modesty and don’t want to be cute for him any more. (He knew me when I dressed badly). He wishes I’d show some cleavage, and the big thing we argue about often is thong undies. I used to wear them but no longer think they’re appropriate (except in the bedroom, but he wants me to wear them all the time). I wear skirts sometimes but have not felt the conviction to wear them full time. My husband really likes me in pants, and I think they can be modest if they are worn right. I’m just not sure how to deal with my conviction to work on modesty (especially since I am very “top heavy” and used to use that to my advantage in getting attention) and my husband’s desire that I wear more “cute” clothes. To be fair, I do hang out in sweats a lot at home and could do more to dress nicely sometimes, but I feel like even when I make an effort, my husband tells me I only have frumpy clothes and he thinks I take the modesty thing too far. I certainly don’t think that’s true. He just enjoys being able to see things that should only be for him during the day. He doesn’t seem to understand what I’m saying when I tell him I don’t mind him seeing, but if he can see, so can everyone else. Has anyone else dealt with this?

  79. Yes! I have all the same issues as you do regarding wearing skirts – ie. too cold, uncomfortable, not sure how to wear them without looking frumpy, what shoes look good, etc. I am happy to participate!

  80. Very excited about these posts! Can’t wait to see what you have to say. I also love your new post on friendship and infertility. You rock!

  81. I am really excited to see the wisdom you give on this subject. I feel the same way and have been convicted about wearing skirts more, but it is so hard because NO ONE at my church feels the same way except for 1 family. It is so hard to be the only one in your circle of friends who wears skirts and at times I have gone against my convictions because I want to fit in. Can you please address this issue Amy? I know God still has much to do in my heart regarding following my convitions boldy in the face of opposition.

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  83. I’m really looking forward to reading this series. I never wear anything but jeans, yet I am very much drawn to women who wear skirts and dresses. I used to wear a lot of jumpers when I was younger and teaching but now that I’m at home all of the time, I’ve just feel into the habit of always wearing jeans.

    I know what you mean about feeling frumpy in skirts (well, I am frumpy but…) I love how down-to-earth this series will be. I look forward to reading more.


  84. I am back. I just remembered a post that you may enjoy reading.

    It is about defining moments in our lives, in which we make decisions which affect not only ourselves… what we will become, and how others will come to view us – but also others, (specifically men ;). I think you may enjoy it. 😀

    Corine 😀

  85. I grew up in a religion that demanded women wear skirts. Once we left this group (which had a lost of false doctrine), I could not bring myself to wear a skirt… for years! Just stepping into one brought upon me heaps of pain. I know it sounds crazy, but.. it’s true.

    After some time had passed, I was finally able to wear skirts again without thinking of all that junk I went through within that religious group. I actually enjoy wearing them now, actually.

    While I’m not a fan of the tight jeans that seem to accentuate rather than truly modestly cover women, I don’t think jeans are a horribly immodest form of dress. (Afterall, if we say that jeans are just for men, we must remember that men once wore tunics and “dresses” just as women did.)

    • I can definitely see how wearing skirts would be a horrible reminder. How difficult that must have been. And I agree, there is no ONE way to be modest. :)

  86. As a man, I would like to weigh in on this subject. It is so refreshing to see that there are true women out there that want to wear dresses and skirts to look more feminine and modest. I find women in dresses and skirts have a higher self esteem and well they are just classy. I do think more true men prefer women in dresses and skirts just for the reasons so many have listed. I applaud all of you ladies!

  87. Thank you! I’ve been along the same journey as well, and though some days when I’m lounging around the house with my injured (old injury) foot propped up because it’s swollen I wear pants, I’ve been finding that I’m wearing dresses more and more (sometimes with the pants underneath, just in case). I, too, noticed how different it was to see a woman in the store in a dress with a little girl wearing a dress by her side. I’ve actually gotten some longer skirts, and been called “Little House on the Prairie” while wearing one. At first it felt like a slanderous attack, but then I calmed down. What was meant to be nasty really was a compliment in disguise! I know I have a long way to go, and I’m still learning. Your series with Modest Mom is really helpful! Thanks again!

  88. Hello all, I just seemed to surf into this blog, and I must say I have always been intrigued by the women I see that only wear skirts and seems to not cut their hair and don’t wear any make-up. I was always told that the ladies that wear only skirts do so because their particular denomination tells them that is what they must do. I am not sure if the writers of this series are into all of those things or just skirt wearing because they want to. I have read all the comments so far on this page, and I just cannot relate to being convicted by the Lord to wear skirts. I, for one, HATE skirts/dresses, anything of the sort. So uncomfortable to me. But I am curious to read this series and hear another point of view on the skirt issue.

  89. I’m so glad to find this blog/forum. Sure hope it continues.

    I started wearing longer skirts/dresses around 36 years ago when I became a Christian. To shorten a long story, my husband and I felt it was the modest thing to do. I often felt frumpy, but still felt it was “right.” In the last 10 years my husband has wished I would wear pants again. I’ve tried, over and over, but they just arent’ comfortable for me.

    Fortunately I sew, so I’ve been able to make things the way I want them to fit, so I guess I’m spoiled. Because I’m in menopause, I wear skirts and tops so that it’s easier for me to layer down or up, depending on hot flash frequency!

    Honestly, I really have no problem with women wearing pants… I said, I’d be wearing loose pants except that my skirts are so much more comfortable. In winter, I wear cotton leggings, with fleece leggings over them. Warm socks and boots. In summer I wear very thin, very loose cotton capri/bloomer like things….they come below my knee but are cool with a lightweight skirt over. And who’s going to see them?

    Always elastic waists in my skirts, with a drawstring to adjust.

    Like most other women, I like to look nice, I like to look acceptable. I sometimes feel frumpy, when I’m around women who are fashionably dressed in close fitting pants and tops. But comfort wins out…..also my spiritual comfort wins out. Instead I look up to God and talk to him about it, “You know why I’m doing this. Help me to be a pretty person inside, with a heart to be a blessing to others.”

    So, self righteousness used to be an issue with me…, when I’d LIKE to go the other way, it’s just not worth it. LOL.

    It’s my prayer that every woman who feels called/convicted to wear dresses/skirts will find a comfortable way to do it, and will be at peace with it, and even love it! For the right reasons! : )

  90. 2 corrections:

    In winter I wear cotton leggings, with loose fleece leggings over, and a lightweight, but warm skirt over that. It’s loose, and I can move freely and be warm. I could never wear just a pair of pants in winter, I couldn’t stay warm. And if I layered leggings under the pants I’d feel all bound up.

    “Self righteousness used to be an issue with me…” That sounds pretty self righteous in itself, doesn’t it? What I meant was that I used to think women OUGHT to wear skirts/dresses and that those who didn’t were “in the wrong.” I’ve lived long enough to see my own glaring faults, which are way more of an issue than how I, or anyone else, dresses.

  91. One more comment….if my husband were opposed to my wearing dresses, I wouldn’t do it. He has suggested that I wear loose pants a couple times, and I tried to because it seemed to be something he wanted. But he understands that skirts are more comfortable. He’s wonderfully supportive. I love him dearly and try to adjust my life to his in most other things.

  92. I just found this series whilst blog-hopping on some homesteading links. So excited to read all you have! I have always loved wearing skirts and dresses but always did it only for church or to be “dressed up”. I loved my jeans too LOL

    My daughter started attending the school at our church and the dress code is knee-length or longer dresses and skirts. And while parents do not have a dress code, they kindly ask that if we are to be on campus (actually it says “out of our cars”) that we adhere to at least the casual dress code (which is denim skirts). So, that gave me my “excuse” to start wearing skirts again! All the ladies at our church wear skirts or dresses and I can always spot “our kind” at the local Wal-Mart LOL (we go to an independent fundamental Baptist church). I have seen exceptions (and I am one of them) of sometimes wearing loose capris (this is me gardening) and the students wear culottes for PE, sporting events and are allowed to wear them to youth activities like going to the local amusement park.

    NOW that I have rambled away, I am off to start reading the series!

  93. I am now engaged and my fiance has expressed the desire that I wear only dresses and skirts, which I had already been having some conviction about before I meet him! I may have a solution partly to the frumpiness issue however. The dresses and skirts made back in the 40’s 50’s and early 60’s were a much more flatering cut. Manufactures today have basically lost the art of dress making or really quality clothes making. My fiance says he is willing to support me in a business idea I have had for a long time, to make and sell vintage dresses from old 40′ and 50’s patterns! Sounds like there may really be a need for this. I am so glad to find other conservative Christian women still exist! I live in Washington, so wasn’t sure (just kidding, I know there are some here too).

  94. Amy,

    I have been praying for something like this. I am a Christian and have been for about 10 years. I have always worn more pants and shorts than skirts and dresses, even thought I like the way I feel and look in skirts more. I have been married for 4 years (this September) and have two small children. Over the past year or so, God has been convicting me more and more about the decisions I make as a wife and mother; He’s constantly refining me. One of these areas is the way in which I dress myself and my daughter. We are very modest but I sense that dressing in skirts/dresses is more pleasing to the Lord and more feminine. I want to be “set apart from the world”, I want to be feminine, and I want to be obedient to Christ. I guess all this to say, thank you for being an encouragement. I live in Montana where everyone wears jeans, almost everyday, so I’m on this journey, somewhat, alone. It’s nice to know that there are other moms out there who are making this change too!

    -Katie Beth

  95. I know the feeling of being alone in this, Katie Beth. I’ve been in dresses/skirts for 35 years. I’m so used to it, and love it so, that I’m seldom aware of it. It’s just me anymore.

    But when I started I was very conscious of being different. Believing that God wanted this for me gave me comfort and courage.

    I’m of a naturally retiring nature, but for some reason, in skirts, I can reach out to others more. Feel more at ease with myself.

    I think there are other women who would like to be able to wear skirts more, but feel compelled to conform to their particular peer group or image of themselves. I like to think that those of us who dress in dresses/skirts give the message and encouragement that they are free to be different if they wish.

    Also, I’ve found that I can do just about anything in a dress that I could do in pants. The key was to find the style and fit that worked best for me.

    So, I’m glad you’re here and hope you’ll find the fellowship and ideas that will help you in your journey!

  96. I am so glad I found this site! The women in our church recently decided as a group to go with skirts and dresses only. It has been empowering for some, but others, myself included sometimes, feel frumpy and dowdy. We were modest dressers anyway, before the skirt decision, and wore sleeves to our wrists and pants to our ankles (no shorts.) It has been so hard to find long sleeved shirts and long skirts/dresses to our ankles without looking like pioneer women! Like Kim commented on June 30, “our kind” also is easily spotted in our small town, and frequently ridiculed. (There’s even a website that has a post making fun of our women for choosing to wear dresses, saying that we must be brainwashed!) I am so glad to find a site where other women are choosing to dress this way. You’ve inspired me!

    • So glad you’re here, Randi! I’ve always thought it was humorous that the majority, dressing similarly, would ridicule the minority, who exercise courage to be different. Don’t suppose the majority are brainwashed in any way……? Hmmmmmm.

  97. I’m currently working on switching my wardrobe to skirts/dresses only. It’s taken me about 8 months so far, but I’ve almost there! Now I’m stuck on something, What to wear as sleep wear? If I sleep in a dress or a skirt, I’m gonna get tangled up and possibly hurt myself! Haha! Any advice?

    • I’m a t-shirt and sleep pants kind of gal. I wouldn’t stress about it too much unless you feel you should be wearing something different to bed.

  98. I began wearing dresses because I was teaching my boys to pull out my chair for me at the breakfast table (among other kinds of gentlemanly manners) and wanted them to learn how to treat ladies. Therefore, I felt I should be dressing as a lady. I also believe that my husband appreciates it. :)

  99. Thank you so much for this beautiful explanation. I began the wearing only dresses journey a few years ago and ended up becoming too angry at the response it invoked from my friends, family and even church members. It was an area of my life God was dealing with me in and I never expected the response I got. In trying to explain/defend my new way of dressing on my blog, it seemed to come out in judgement of others which was not my intention. You have explained things that I could not find the words to explain. In all honesty now, I wear skirts and dresses because I truly enjoy wearing them. They are the most comfortable option for me plus my husband prefers me to wear them. How others dress are between them and God and not for me to judge and I have always felt that way. If you would’ve asked me five years ago if I could wear only dresses or skirts I would’ve laughed myself silly. Now I can’t imagine not wearing them not due to some legalistic reason, but because I feel most modest, feminine and comfortable in them.

  100. I am a 25 year old married woman. I am newly saved, I used to live a wild permiscuous life. I have been feeling this weird feeling of God telling me I need to change how I dress. That I should start wearing dresses…. My husband is lost though… and I mentioned it to him and he thinks it is weird and I think he would be weirded out if I started wearing them…. BUT i feel a constant conviction! What should I do?!

    • Melissa,
      I hear your heart and it is quite possible God is calling you to change how you dress. We are new creations after all! Take it slow for your husband’s sake. But do keep praying and searching and slowly building a wardrobe that reflects Christ. That’s really the heart of the matter!
      Blessings to you,

    • @Melissa
      I would question from where this message of wearing dresses or skirts is coming. The Bible says no such thing. It does call us to be set apart (Holy), but in the Old Testament, it was circumcision (which was easily identifiable and many could see if a man was circumcised) in the New Testament we are told it is by our love one for another.
      I would be very careful and if your church is preaching (through word or deed) eisegesis, you probably want to find a new church.

    • Melissa dear,

      There’s something about wearing skirts that is soothing to the souls of some women. It’s easy to argue that it is God who should soothe our souls….period. But God uses different means. It’s true that the Bible doesn’t specifically say that women should wear skirts….it also doesn’t say alot of other things that weren’t an issue in those days. It’s something that is between our hearts and God’s, and He is in the trenches with us…..he’s not standing off with his arms folded and a stern face. So He understands your being torn between following your needs and wanting to please your husband. There’s nothing wrong with wanting to please your husband. I am and will be praying that you will have peace and comfort.

      • As a man, I cannot comprehend or experience the connections or compassions of women towards each other.
        Wearing dresses, skirts, pants, or any other article of clothing* is not prohibited or encouraged in the Bible. My concern is when preachers (usually male) argue for or against something the Bible does not address and do so in a manner which implies Biblical authority and the flock uses peer pressure and shame to enforce this standard.
        If you want to wear dresses or skirts – great. If you want to wear pants – great. If you want to wear shorts – great. But please keep the motivation for doing so inline with the Bible and not following someone else’s rules.

        *some argument could be made for headcoverings in I Cor 15.

  101. You make some very good points, FatherOf4, points that I think are an important balance on a forum like this. Because as a man, you have a perspective that some women might not be as familiar with…..that of men wanting to control women (which should be different from the honor that women are taught to give their husbands.) And I think the Bible reveals the tension between patriarchal thinking and the freedom that is found in Christ. God worked with the patriarchal society and did not make an issue about it, just like he didn’t make an issue about abolishing slavery….it just wasn’t the right time.

    I suppose I might sound like a contradiction to some….. but I think that the freedom to believe and act in a way that seems appropriate to women or men, as long as we understand why we feel the appropriateness of it, is a freedom and privilege that Christ has bought for us. And like you say, it’s something that we shouldn’t do under pressure from anyone.

    And if we do decide to do something that makes sense to us, it’s so nice to have the support of others who feel the same way.

    Thank you for your balancing comments!

  102. Scripture states in Deuteronomy 22:5 The woman shall not wear that which pertaineth unto a man, neither shall a man put on a woman’s garment; for all that do so are abomination unto the Lord thy God.

    The Word of God is living and active so this verse pertains to today too.

  103. @ Sharon: I second your comment, and would like to ask fatherof4 these question: would you ever wear a dress or skirt? Why or why not? Don’t we have the freedom in Christ to dress how we want? Should men’s and women’s clothing be distinctive enough to tell them apart at a distance? For that matter, should their hair length?
    I recall a while back, my dad and sister were driving somewhere in town, and they saw a boy on a bike that looked like my brother. So they called to him, and he came, and… it not only was not my brother, but it was a girl, with short hair and boyish clothing on.
    It was not until the feminists starting trying to make women as much like men as they could that wearing pants was accepted by Christians.
    I mean, good grief (and this is not meant to be offensive, so I hope it isn’t), but if we can wear what we want, why not just wear… ummm… nothing? “If you want to wear clothes-great. If you don’t want to wear clothes-great. Just make sure no one is pressuring you to do one or the other.”
    Only thing is, just as the Bible teaches that we should wear clothes, it also teaches that men and women should not cross dress.
    What would be your reaction, fatherof4, to seeing a man wearing a dress and a blouse? Probably the same reaction godly Christians had back in the day, when they saw the feminists wearing pants and such.

  104. Nicely said Laura, I agree 100%. As Christians, I believe we have “accepted” so much over many decades that we can’t even see what is black and white any more until we return to the foundation of God’s Word. Praise be to God when we accept His Word in His black and white.

  105. When the above verse(Deut. 22:5) was written, men and women did not wear pants or skirts. They all wore the same things, tunics & robes. Fashion through the ages has changed. There have been many cultures where the men wear the ‘skirts'(Scotland, Polynesia, South East Asia) and many cultures where women go topless(African tribes). Does that mean that they should all dress like ‘westerners’ in pants or skirts?
    I do believe that God’s word is relevant for today, but I think this is more of a heart issue. It’s about whether or not you’re trying to portray yourself as being male & female.
    God made both male and female. He made us differently.
    I can wear an really nice pair of flowing dress pants and a pretty sweater, a shoe with a heal and my Husband will tell me that he likes what I’m wearing. I feel quite feminine and I am not trying to be a man when I wear it.
    I think skirts are rather pretty. I am not against wearing them, but it comes down to what’s going on inside our hearts and why we choose to wear what we do.
    I just wanted to add some more food for thought to this discussion.

  106. So, if they all wore the same things, then why in the world would God have forbidden men to wear women’s clothes, and vice versa? It’s because their clothing WAS distinctive.
    People are always giving the ‘kilt argument’. Even in Scotland, where men wore kilts, the women wore long, flowing dresses. Their clothing was still distinctive.
    As for women in Africa going topless… well, their culture was pagan, and I hope you’re not saying that if our heart is right with God, and we are convinced that we are doing it for the right reasons, we as women can go around topless O.O

    • I do agree that clothing is distinctive.
      My point is that it’s a heart issue. It’s not about skirts vs pants.
      If a man was to wear women’s clothing(in any culture or time of history) in order to be like a woman, then that would be wrong in God’s eyes.
      When I wear pants, I’m not trying to be a man(but if I was, then yes, it would be wrong).

      • But that didn’t really address what I said: are you saying that as long as your heart is right (or you think your heart is right), that you could go around topless? Just as long as you aren’t doing it for the ‘wrong’ reasons?
        And, yes, to some degree it is pants vs. skirts. Our hearts should be right with God, definitely! But our clothing should reflect our heart. If we, in our hearts, desire to be modest and God honoring, then our clothing should be modest and honor God as well.

        • No that’s not what I’m saying.
          Yes, our clothing does reflect what is in our hearts.
          I have no problem with being modest(it’s one of the qualities that my husband found attractive about me when we first met).
          The reason I mentioned other cultures/time periods etc. was to say that it’s not about skirts vs pants because in those other places they didn’t wear skirts or pants.
          God does not want us to blur the distinctions between male and female because He’s the one that made us that way. It’s an abomination for someone to portray themselves as something they’re not by wear the clothing of the opposite sex.
          If I wear pants, I’m not trying to get people to notice me as a man. I can still be modest and feminine.

  107. I think we here again reach the point of what the Lord has convicted us as modest. I do not feel that pants in any form are modest. Yes, I own a pair of jeans that I wear at home working on the farm and riding horses. Do I think they are modest? No, and I would never wear them out in public or when we had company period, but that is my conviction. I don’t feel that just because the pants are sold in a woman’s store and are long, flowing and appear to be feminine, that they are modest. Pants show the distinct form of a woman no matter what form the pants are. Skirts can too if they are worn tight enough, but I might as well wear pants in that case. Simply my brutally honest opinion.

    My bottom line is that it does boil down to pants vs. skirts. The grace of a woman is amplified in a skirt long before it ever will be in pants. A lady is distinctively a woman in a dress or skirt in our culture in today’s time. A man in any skirt, in today’s American culture, is an abomination. Men in America wear pants, so for us according to scripture, pants are not what we should wear since God’s Word is living and active.

    I realize these are fighting words for most women and that is not my intention. I am simply trying to explain my point of view due to where the Lord has lead me in my walk. If someone truly feels they are being modest while wearing pants, that is where they are in their walk and it is not for me to judge.

    Due to my convictions, I have to heed them and lead with love, not pointing fingers. I respectfully ask others to not judge me for them.

  108. Can someone PLeASE email me. I have been so convicted since I accepted the Lord into my heart to wear skirts. My husband is lost and thinks it’s crazy. My friends are…. Probably think I’m completely weird and not want to hang out with me. I used to live a really bad life before and was very provocative and flirtatious. Now that i am saved, something inside me keeps making me feel like a man when I wear pants! I want to wear dresses so bad bc I know it would please the Lord and I could stay focused more on my heart and not my looks! HelP.

  109. I am so glad that you are doing this series! I was convited about a year ago to wear skirts only and I have definiately had my struggles. I am excited to see what all you have to say!

  110. Thank you so much for posting this…I have had this issue on my heart for some time, with no one really to talk to in respect to it. Very much looking forward to reading more of your journey. What a wonderful site this is, so happy to have found it. Blessings to you!

  111. What a exciting find for me today! Last night I cried out to Jesus from my bed to help me. I have been feeling torn on this issue over the last 2 years and so confused on what to wear that I have just gave into what was convenient & comfortable for me (jeans & shorts in the summer) My 2 daughters have been convicted to wear dresses & skirts for the last 3 years and they have! I am so proud of them. They never pressure me. I relate to your friend who wears for her husband. My husband makes a huge fuss when I did wear a skirt that I want to please him more often. But I didn’t know where to start. This morning I wake up to research if I was alone in my confusion and I found your beautiful site!!

    Oh I am so excited! I pray the Lord will bless you and everyone of your readers. I’m looking forward to reading more. Thank you, thank you, thank you so much for writing this!

  112. I’m just now getting to read this series because I’m consdering undertaking an experiement for my blog starting after advent on tznius (modesty). Though I wear skirts pretty often now anyway, I do still wear pants now and again – and I’m interested to try just skirts and dresses for a whole month (maybe two?) and see what happens. I find it interesting that you said it was hard to wear skirts and dresses in the winter – but I find that is one of the times I like to wear them most! And I live in a cold climate. Probably because I own lots of fun tights, leggings and boots. Anyway, I’m looking forward to the rest of the series!

  113. I am fairly new to Christianity (a little over 1 year). It didn’t take long after accepting Jesus as my savior to feel the tugging at my heart to transition to only wearing skirts and dresses. I used to have many many piercings, I have several tattoos (very visible ones), and I used to dye my hair all colors of the rainbow. I was trying to set myself apart. Now that I have have found God, He’s given me permission to continue to set myself apart, but in a modest, respectful, meek and humble way. I feel better about myself, and when people look at me for dressing differently, I can use it as an opportunity to spread the Good Word. I am grateful that I found this series and this blog. It has helped me think about how to express myself when faced with these difficult questions about why I’ve made this choice. Thank you!!!

    • Lilly,
      God bless you! I wanted to tell you about another blog you might be interested in reading and possibly connecting with the author – – She lived a life much like yours and I think you will find so much in common with her. I have been so blessed to get to know her better in the online world, and she is such a blessing. :)

  114. Greetings from Canada Alberta! i love your blog and all the info you have provided. I am a mother of 5 children and have been seeking info and guidance on skirt wearing as I too have been convicted in this area of my life. Thank you for e series “she wears skirts” :) Gid bless you!!

  115. My daughter is 14 and she has asked me why others don’t dress like we do. This is a very good resource to share with her. Thank you. I was raised in skirts and have no desire to be molded into the fashion of this world. It is especially hard for teens, I think, to be different. My daughter would like a friend who wears skirts. If there is a family in southeastern VA with the same convictions, do you think we could get together? Many of our friends and family have gone back to wearing pants after starting out in skirts. They are still very dear to us, but it is hard for my daughter to understand why just the two of us stand alone here.

  116. I realize I’m a few years behind, but thank you so much for this intorduction and your series. I’m looking forward to reading the posts 😉
    I love reading both yours and Modest Mom’s blog.


    • Because the Bible says to be set apart from the world. It says Jesus is coming back after a unique people. We are not of this world, the Bible says, though we are in it. The Bible, in much detail, addresses the manner after which a woman should adorn herself. In much the same manner, it speaks in detail about how a man act as well as present himself. If one looks like the common people do, walks like, talks like, and acts like, it is evident that they think like the masses. That would be evidence that their mind has not been renewed. Let the world see the glory of Jesus in our appearance, not the glory of man.

  117. This sounds very similar to the modesty ideas of the Muslim community. Very conservative sects even drape women with burkas. And their hair is considered as something only for a husband’s eyes.