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How about a blast from the past…
I’m sure a few of us remember the 1980’s craze of “finding your colors.”  I was quite young, but I remember going with my mom to a friend’s house to learn all about what colors we should wear.  In some ways it seemed rather vain, but I hope to use this post to help you see “your colors” in a different light.

It is so easy to get caught up in what we look like.  We worry what others think of us.  We hope our hair is in place and our clothes aren’t stained.  Thinking about wearing just the right color can only add to our worries and our preoccupation with SELF.


It can proclaim to the world the beauty and wonder of God’s ability to create unique individuals made in His image, and it can bring focus to a lovely countenance focused on Christ.

Colors are from God. Grey is not any more holy than fuschia and brown is not a more righteous color than baby blue.  We have to stop thinking that way.

Some will say they agree with the fact that colors are the Lord’s, but they will argue that certain colors only serve to bring attention to the one wearing them.

But, again, as we mentioned in Why Skirts, MODESTY BEGINS WITH THE HEART.

IF you are wearing a certain color to attract attention to yourself, to stand out in vain pursuit, to somehow personally gain from the attention you receive, then it is YOUR HEART that is wrong…NOT the color.

I wear red.  Red is a color that happens to be one of “my colors.”  I don’t wear it to stand out or because it is a “power” color.  I wear it because it really brightens up my face and helps me to feel cheery.

I also wear brown and aqua and a host of other colors.  And I even wear colors that don’t look real great on me, but I absolutely adore the shirt.  Like this one:

It’s a peasant/poet style top that is cream and khaki and it seriously washes me out, but I LOVE it because of the poet sleeves and how soft the fabric is.  So, I wear it.  The way I figure, wearing something you feel beautiful in will accomplish the same thing as wearing something that is the “right” color.

The effect I am hoping for is one where you can see joy written all over my face.  Christians should be among the happiest people on earth, not the most gloomy and grouchy.  Our clothing doesn’t have to be gloomy and grouchy either!

So, if you’d like to find out more about your colors and the “season” that works best with your skin tone and hair color, head over to Color Me Beautiful and answer 2 simple questions or use this Color Analysis website to help you. {Color Analysis is the website of Shari Braendel who wrote the book Good Girls Don’t Have to Dress Bad.  She is a Christian author, but Caroline – the Modest Mom, who has read the book, informed me that she does not agree with everything in the book, but that it did have some good tips…just so you are aware.}

I’m an Autumn. (by the way, I didn’t used to be.  I used to be a Spring!  My hair has gotten a lot darker over the years.)  I went to this website to see what colors would look best on me (I’m a visual person so I needed actual color swatches!)  If you are not an Autumn, you can scroll down and find a place where you can click on the other seasons.

If nothing else, it was fun and helped me to understand why certain colors make me smile more than others.  (I adore Autumn!)  And really that smile is what it is all about.  Joy that just bursts out all over your face!

The joy of the Lord-

Colorful and Beautiful!

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27 thoughts on “She Wears Skirts – Colors

  1. I agree with you… some colours are not more sinful than others – It’s a heart issue! Of course the way you put together certain colours (as in all black clothes with black hair, black eyeliner, etc. can look gothic) and may not be wise or look very set apart from the world.

  2. I remember those parties – but I never went to one. I do remember that I was into a florescent yellow stage and a friend’s mom pulled me aside and told me that yellow was not my color! LOL! But – to this day, I don’t wear yellow. I’ll have to see what season I really am :)

  3. I just wanted to thank you for this series. I had been trying to incorporate more modest dress into my wardrobe but was not sure how. I have found over the last few weeks that I really enjoy wearing skirts, and although I thought they would encumber daily activities they really don’t. I can still chase my toddler around the playground, I just look more feminine doing it.

  4. I’m really enjoying these posts and am finding myself surprisingly challenged by them! I love how I look in skirts and dresses. I love the sense of modesty, femininity, and maturity they give me. But I’ve never been convicted to ONLY wear them… I guess I’m trying to figure out if I’m being convicted now, or if I’m just considering it because I know I like it. I also need to make sure this isn’t just a reason for me to go shopping! I asked my husband how he felt about it and he said he was fine whether I wore skirts, pants, or sweats– i.e., he was no real help at all. I don’t think I’ll be wearing skirts around the house yet, but I’m definitely up for at least donning one whenever I leave. I’m interested in seeing how the Lord will use this one small, seemingly insignificant act to teach me.

  5. Thank you for your series. It has been a pleasure to read as well as informative. I am swapping out my Spring and Winter clothes and hopefully will be able to wear more skirts now because I have more for warmer weather. Oh and have you ever thought of dying your shirt? I have dyed a couple things because they were khaki and it washes me out. :)

    • I don’t think the shirt in the picture would dye well, but that is a thought…especially if it were a solid color.

  6. I remember doing something like this in college. I am a warm autumn. It’s fun to find out which colors may look better on you. I have a few other colors that I really like too even when they don’t make me look that great.

  7. I went to the website and whew! I had to answer a lot of questions and do way too much thinking! lol! I am narrowed down to spring, whether I am a clear spring or a soft muted spring, I guess that doesn’t matter. I always thought I was anyway, the pinks and teals and such look best on me, around my face anyway, I can’t pull off those colors on the bottom. Love this series, I look forward to Wednesdays to read it! I am hoping by the time it cools off here in the south (late October/early Nov.) I will have a good knowledge of wearing skirts in colder weather, how to layer, etc. I was at Walmart a couple weeks ago and they were clearancing their heavy tights in various colors. I picked up several. Cato has been clearancing their tights and things as well. Great post! I’m glad you’re endorsing color ;~)

  8. I guess color is not something I think about much. I dress in colors that my husband likes or says looks good on me. He is the one I dress to approve. I know he does not care much for black, so when I wear it I choose a brighter color to contour the affect. I have a few black skirts, they are so easy to find. Then I try to wear a dark pink or teal with them to brighten the look. He likes this.

    I try to dress attractive for him, but not the world. This can be hard at times to accomplish. I think many women do themselves and there husband a disservice when they dress to much for there own comfort and not for there spouse.

  9. Hi Amy, I love your blog, such great information, especially the homeschool section. And by the way..I think your new profile picture is beautiful! That light green color looks lovely on you. :)

  10. I know that I can NOT wear anything mustard colored. I have olive toned skin and wearing something mustard yellow makes my complexion look like a bottle of olive oil. Olive oil is beautiful… as olive oil.

  11. I tried to follow the Plain way for a while, going for the sober neutral shades – but then I felt uneasy to do that because it’s not what God does. Jesus said that He did only what He saw the Father do – and when I look at what I see the Father do I see a total riot of colour, and flowers, and prettiness, and sparkle and song. And I think we were born to join in :0)

  12. I love bright colours and often wear reds and pinks – in particular with black (I wear lots of black skirts in winter as everything goes with them) I wear some pastels, but with my pale skins the brighter the colour the better. However no yellow of mustards otherwise I will look sick – I have the wrong colour skin. I just wouldn’t cope ‘plain’ colours and nowhere in the Bible does it say we need to give up colour – God made a colourful world and we should embrass it.

  13. One website said I was an Autumn then the other said I was a Spring. I’m thinking Spring is more me. It was fun taking the test and seeing what they say.

    My preacher talked about this the other day and for some people wearing bright or bold clothes is just to attract attention and for some it is just their personality. So it just depends on your reasoning behind wearing those types of things.

  14. I used to work (when I worked at my parents business) with a lady who did colors for people, and one day she arranged for my mom and I, and my sister to come over and have our colors done. It was very interesting, and has helped me in picking colors to wear, quite a bit. I think we can know when something is the wrong color on us, instinctively, cause it’s that piece in our closet that we never wear, because we don’t feel our best when we wear it.
    I sew most of my clothes, and find that I love to wear dresses. I’m learning to draft my own patterns, and even with that knowledge, pants simply do not look good on me. I don’t know why. I’m slowly building up my wardrobe of dresses.

  15. Colors make a difference.

    After finding the ones I look best in, I felt a big change in my own perception of how I looked because I knew what brought out the best in my features (and what looked awful) and bought only colors that worked well with my complexion. It was a boost to me. It’s really nice to know that it’s not me who is “shopping deficient” or that it’s not just that clothing doesn’t look good on me…it’s not a secret. It’s easy to look good when you know *what* you look good in, not just what colors you like. I can imagine our Father in Heaven feeling happiness when His daughters recognize the beauty that *He* sees in each of us, with our own unique blend of colors.

    Great post. Sometimes it’s the seemingly simple things, even no cost, that can make a difference in how we see and feel about ourselves. I know what you mean…I feel a little special that this is ‘my color’ :-)

  16. I’m so glad you covered this. Wearing skirts/dresses only does automatically mean plain or boring. I know what colors look best on me and so that’s what I wear. It makes it easy to shop, “Nope, that’s too revealing. Nope, that’s got no sleeves. Nope, that’s not my color.” Wearing the colors that flatter my skin makes me look healthier and more cheerful. I get compliments when I’m in my good colors and I like that, not because I want to be told I look nice but because it opens the door for me to tell others about what really makes me beautiful….Christ! Thanks Amy. Lisa~

  17. Definitely a deep dark cool winter. My aunt did these color parties in the late 80’s, things haven’t changed for me LOL (and even my hair, which if I left it to it’s own devices, would be white gray still qualifies me). Though I did learn that my daughter is a deep dark autumn! So that’s interesting!

  18. Thank you so much for all of these posts! I am a new reader (and a fairly new mum) and newly convinced that wearing skirts is a good idea!
    Turquoise or purple or blue are my colours :)

  19. I think you look absolutely wonderful in this skirt AND shirt. And you look gloriously modest. Love it. I don’t think you look washed out in the least.

  20. I love this! I am in love with color! Being modest doesn’t mean you can’t wear colorful clothing. In fact, I have another blog where I talk about the therapeutic properties of color! I’m a poet and I also have a poetry series where I create different colors in photo editing software and name it with lines of poetry!