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This little piggy went to market…

This little piggy stayed home…

This little piggy ate roast beef…

And this little piggy couldn’t find anything to wear with a skirt!

And from the comments I hear around the marketplace, I’m not alone!

We all know what to wear in summer…



Free little piggies (aka BARE FEET)

But, what in the world do we wear when our little piggies are freezing?

Here are a few suggestions and links and then a real treat…MY footwear via video tour!  I know you are all at the edge of your seat wondering what’s on Amy’s feet, but I have to tell you, my shoes are pretty personal.  I like what I like and I am all about comfort!  I am also all about CHEAP FRUGAL.

The links and pictures I am going to share below are not all inexpensive, but that doesn’t mean a knock-off version doesn’t exist or that you can’t find expensive shoes for cheap at places like thrift stores and consignment shops.  I also realize many women MUST buy high quality shoes because of foot problems.  I’m simply trying to offer you an idea of what to look for.  Take note, personalize it, and be on the look out! (all pictures are clickable so you can see more information about the shoes)

*Mary Janes

There are a million and one Mary Janes out there.  Just take a look at this page from Amazon.  I personally LOVE Mary Janes and particularly this Sketchers style:

{I own a Payless knock off that is comfortable-enough, but not incredibly supportive}

Mary Janes are shoes that look definitively feminine.  There’s no question about it, these are girl shoes.

2. Mules

Not the most feminine name, but these are another favorite of mine.  The ones above have a funky flair that would be great for dressing down an outfit.  To dress it up, choose ones with a bit of a heel or a sheen.

One word of caution…some mules are backless.  For anyone who does not have a lot of strength in their feet and ankles (like my mom who had polio as a child), backless shoes are NOT a good option.  Your toes have to work to keep the shoes on.  Sometimes there is enough of a lip at the back or a strap to help with this, but it still doesn’t make for a good shoe for someone with weak feet.  {The mules above DO have a decent amount of lip at the back that would keep the shoe on.}

3. Boots

Think outside the boot box on this one.  As I was searching through boots on Amazon for ones that conveyed what I wanted to say here, I found the boot above and smiled.  They just LOOK warm!

I prefer boots that have give in the leg portion (like the one above) because as a busy mom, you are not going to want anything that will hinder you from easily getting up and down with little ones.  You also might look at a lower cut boot like this one that can serve for dressed up or dressed down:

I also found these fun insulated shoes that look quite comfy and useful:

And if you are weird like me, you’ll wear Rope Sandals with socks in the winter.  As long as it isn’t snowing! 😉

Now, as promised…

Amy’s shoes (disclaimer: I really do NEED every single pair shown here…really…)

Footwear from Raising Arrows on Vimeo.

Now, it’s your turn!  What are your favorite shoes to wear with skirts and why?

And please, be in prayer for Caroline from The Modest Mom as she is not feeling well and was unable to join us this week. Head over to her blog and leave her a little note of encouragement!

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45 thoughts on “She Wears Skirts – Footwear

  1. I’m a mary janes girl all the way ! My husband has seriously flat fleet ( in the military) and because of that I have become very aware of the serious health issues that can come from feet problems. So recently, I did splurge on some shoes…never thought I’d pay that much for shoes, but I kind of figured it would cost me less to have one really supportive pair of shoes than to have the issues my husband has. Anyhow, I got them on sale, but they were still the most expensive shoes I have ever purchased, but for anyone that deals with too-flexible arches ( all those pregnancy hormones…), they might be worth the money. They are cute mary jane style, with not too much platform, and they look cute with my skirts…my little girl picked out the flower pattern for me and I’m glad I went with her pick :) They are called alegria by pg lite. They are spendy, but they are orthopedics without looking too orthopedic, and I use them on my 2 mile walks even :)

  2. I wear ballet flats a lot, they are pretty comfy and go with just about any of my skirts. I found a really cute pair of nike mary janes on ebay that I have been wearing a lot lately too.

  3. I wear crocs – all the time. Everything else makes my feet hurt after a few hours, also if they get grubby I can throw them in the washing machine.

  4. I generally wear sandles with my skirts but I am still in the process of trying to wear my skirts more often. I did find myself a pair of black mary jane style shoes the other day at the thrift store so I am going to try those and see how I like them.

  5. Hubby just treated me to FOUR new pairs of shoes last week! He laughed and said that not only is that the most shoes I’ve probably ever bought at once, it is the most I’ve ever bought in a whole year!!! :)

    I went into a shoes outlet store near me to get a pair of white Mary Jane style shoes to wear with summery skirts on a trip I’m taking to a hot climate in a few weeks. I found a perfect pair in white leather and cris cross straps. Too cute!! The outlet was having a sale on top of the low prices and it was buy one get another pair for only £10!! So, the hunt was on for a second pair to make use of the deal.

    Hubby helped me and we found a REALLY cute pair of low chunky court heels with a Mary Jane chunky strap across them (the toe is a little narrower than a usual Mary Jane). They were red and simply the CUTEST shoes I’ve ever seen!! They were real leather and super comfy too! Then he spotted that they had three pairs in brown and black too!!!!!!

    I LOVED the red, but practicality was winning over and I was trying to decide if brown or black would be more useful with my skirt wardrobe. Hubby looked at me and said ‘Lets take them all!’ I knew it was a budget stretcher but I caved (and gave him a big hug!)

    See, I’ve been wearing the same low dress heels for 11 years!!!! My Mom and I found them in my Grandmother’s (yes!) closet, still in boxes, unworn, when she died and we cleared things out. They fit me and I needed new shoes, so I had them. After 11 years they were rather worse for wear. LOL! Hubby also never particularly loved them (a bit grannyish really) but knew that the price had been right. 😉

    So, I now have four new pairs to wear with skirts and one is even RED! Why do red shoes feel like such a luxery!! Hehehe! (BTW hubbys favourite colour is red)The price for all four was just about the retail cost of one pair of the heeled ones! The Lord is good when you try to be a good steward.

  6. I love my pair of Merrell mary jane style shoes! Pricey, but so well made and comfortable! Plus, I can wear them year-round, with socks or without.
    I have boots that I wear to church in the winter, but would love to find a more casual boot to wear during the week.
    Summer is easy- I love sandals!

  7. I am a flip flop and sandel girl in the warmer weather (anything over 50 degrees). In the cooler months I have a pair of slip on Skechers similar to the photo above and a pair of black slides that are very comfortable!

  8. Another sandal girl here. I love my sandals! It depends on where I’m going though – another favorite of mine is a basic pair of black or brown loafers. The loafers get worn pretty much any time sandals aren’t appropriate or if it’s too cool.

    If it’s really cool out, my favorite is knee-high boots for outings and knee high socks inside. My boots were more of the riding style, and looked great with denim skirts. I wore them out last winter though, so now I’m hoping to find another pair.

  9. Thanks for the peek into your closet, Amy! I know its a personal thing and appreciate your openness!

    Caroline is sick but her sister, Jennifer’s, post is fantastic!!! Really spoke to my heart as she shared her journey to having a modest heart and the Scripture journey that brought her to the desire to wear modest skirts and dresses all the time. I highly recommend it.

    You gave me some great ideas here today as well. I don’t own any Mary Janes…I will have to try them. I have a very high arch so its not always easy for me to find shoes. I’m not sure the name of the shoes I wear at home all the time, they are just comfy and from Walmart. And I confess that I have been known to still wear pretty blue tennis shoes when I am going out shopping or on errands or walking. I have a lot of problems with my feet. Praying God will lead me to something affordable that will give my feet the support that they need.

    Building HOme with Him,
    Mary Joy

    • I’m so glad you enjoyed Jennifer’s post! I wasn’t sure if Caroline would be able to post anything, so I’m glad you mentioned there was a new post up!

  10. A few years ago my husband and I were discussing wearing skirts for me and as I was having foot problems (EXTREMELY flat footed am I!) he didn’t want me to wear big bulky walking shoes with the skirts. Therefore he decided I shouldn’t wear the skirts if that’s all I could wear with them and not have foot problems. Now it seems that God has reduced my foot problems and I am able to wear riding boots with skirts in the winter or a dressier mule. As we live in the south, sandals are worn generally from March-October or later and I find the Clark’s to work for me. I have to admit, though, that I LOVE those Dansko mules!! Which continues to prove that when I don’t know how much something costs I am always drawn to those more expensive items. I’ve tried the Mary Jane styles in the stores, but they just don’t look right on my big feet!!

  11. I love the Privo line by Clarks. Pricey but if you get last years model on amazon or ebay not as bad. Besides I can wear them all day without my feet hurting. I also love little flip flops but they aren’t too comfortable so I do not wear them as much as I would like. :)
    As far as your shoes Amy of course you need all of them!:) Thank you for the peek into your closet!

    • Thanks for helping me justify my shoes! However, this post has really made me consider buying a couple of really great shoes and getting rid of some of the others that aren’t my favorites. But, I really do wear ALL of them. I don’t like repetition and apparently it carried over into my shoe closet! lol

  12. Winter footwear was a big deal when I started wearing just skirts and dresses. I was cold all the time and I live in Central Texas, certainly not north. I finally splurged and bough a pair of Uggs with birthday money and saving. What a differernce!! I was finally happy. Though some days I still had to wear leggings, in general I was finally warm. I’m pretty sure I didn’t take them off from the day I bought them until it hit 80 degrees here. 😉

    I heart my Bailey Triple Button Uggs.

  13. Hi Amy,
    I continue to greatly enjoy these posts on modest dressing by you and Caroline (hope you feel better soon, Caroline!). Thank you for sharing this information that is so helpful.

    BTW, perhaps it is just my computer, but the video about the shoes and skirts was very dark, making it impossible for me to see several of the items described. Perhaps a little person could help out by holding a lamp or a strong flashlight for additional illumination in future videos?

    Thanks again, and may the Lord bless you for such practical blog posts to the Church.

    • I realized that too late. I had done 1 video that was too large to upload and then had to do another. It was user error, I’m afraid and I’m sorry it didn’t show as well.

  14. Sorry. I forgot to include in my comments above that I wear black Mary Jane Sketchers most days, and sandals during the summer. Just about anything made by Dr. Scholl’s works well with my 61-year old feet. I buy them at Walmart, always on the lookout for cute styles.

  15. Great series. I’m glad I found you!
    I wear a pair of dk brown Mary Jane type shoes nearly every day. They are super comfortable and look just fine with my skirts. I cannot wear sandals/flipflops AT ALL. My feet are funny looking :~) If the brown shoes won’t work-I’m usually wearing a black low-heeled slip on.
    For winter, I wear either brown or black boots.

  16. I live in FL so most of the year I wear sandals or flats. But some of year it does get cold. One thing I struggle with is dressier shoes that are warm, like for church. That is something I’ve had a hard time finding warm shoes.

    • I had the same issue, and then I found a gorgeous pair of dressy grey boots on sale last fall, and wore them to church all Winter! I also have several pairs of heels, I don’t wear them with my ankle length skirts often because I feel kind of weird (I don’t know why) but I do have several skirts that are calf length that I wear them with for church and they look pretty good!

  17. Great post! I have quite a few pairs of shoes in my closet as well, some that I’ve had for almost 5 years! The fact that I’m usually barefoot around the house helps me keep them in good shape. In the summer I wear sandals or ballet flats. I LOVE my flats! I also have a pair of Mary Jane style Merrells that are great when I’m running errands or on an outing that involves lots of walking. In the winter I usually wear tights and boots or my flats. I have all colors and styles from blacks and browns to grays and metallics. I’ve got a “thing” for shoes in general, but I love the femininity my flats add when they peek out from under my skirts or dresses.

  18. I have VERY flat feet and have to wear orthotics all the time! I did find a pair of very nice shoes at SAS that are very pretty (not too funky) that I love AND my orthotics fit them. I don’t think I’ve ever spent so much on shoes but I didn’t like always wearing my white/pink Nikes. (They really don’t go with a pretty, flowing skirt you know 😉 What I will do when I can’t stand to wear shoes and socks anymore because of the intense heat down here I have no idea! :) Maybe ya’ll could help?

    • I have narrow, flat feet that need orthotics. I found that Naot has sandals that allow you to take the insoles out. There are a few other companies that do the same, but I can’t remember the names, i’ll let you know when I have the names of those companies. Some of them look a bit too clunky, but the Naot is very feminine. Here is their website: Higher quality shoe stores quite often carry them. Unfortunately they are pricey, so I only buy them on sale. I believe they are cheaper in the States then here in BC, Canada.

  19. Love sandals in the summer! I just got a new pair at the Merrell outlet that I’m really happy with. Cooler weather, though, I wear trekker mary janes (beige) from Land’s End, Clark’s black ballet flats (more dressy), long brown boots, and I had a great pair of Clark’s brown mary janes, but they literally fell off my feet (I wore them for about 10 years)! I have very fussy feet, so I try to buy a few pairs of quality shoes.

  20. I stay barefooted all summer, especially since I stay at home mainly. I’m even barefoot in the yard. It just feels good. That being said, when I garden, I wear an old pair of tennis shoes that I used to wear when I walked (I have since got a new pair of walking shoes). When we go out anywhere, I live in flip flops. I keep my feet looking good with self-pedicures and the occasional professional one but I keep my toenails polished and do as much as I can to my feet looking good. I have not been wearing skirts much in the winter at all. I have a pair of boots that I like to wear with skirts and a few mule type shoes (backless, which is what I really prefer but not good in snow) so trying to figure out what to wear in winter with skirts is what I was really interested in. I stay cold from the time the temperature falls below 70 (no, I’m really not exaggerating, you should see all the clothes I’m wearing today, the temps have slid off into the high 50s). I buy as many shoes as I can from yard sales and I generally have been able to find them brand new or used just a few times. I never buy flip flops used, they’re so cheap and once they are worn, they are molded to your feet. I have been looking for winter shoes, since I still have several months before I need them. And don’t worry Amy, I have more shoes than that…I’m almost ashamed at the variety of shoes I have but I will say that 2 of my daughters are the same size and we switch around a lot and most of mine are yard sale finds, it’s rare that I pay for shoes at the store. I don’t have any Mary Janes, I’ll have to try to yard sale some of those and see how I like them with skirts.

    • I hear you on the cold below 70! It is 61 in my house today and I have on jeans long sleeve shirt and a polarfleece jacket rated as comfortable in 40 degree weather. I am thinking about putting on a pair of slippers! :)

  21. I have been skirts only for about two years now, and mostly skirts for about 11 years. I pretty much live in sandals during the summer,(if I’m out of the house, at home I’m always just barefoot) and during the winter I have one pair of dress boots and one pair of casual boots, and I wear them for most of the winter. In Spring and Fall when I can’t wear sandals I wear ballet flat type shoes a LOT, I have more of those type of shoe than any other kind, all in basic colors (well, except for a lovely pink pair that my hubby bought me as a surprise :P) so they go well with just about any outfit. I never wear any sneaker type shoes with skirts, although the mary jane skechers style shoes you posted are very cute and also keds would probably look cute as well! :)

  22. Thank you so much for supporting my assortment of shoes! I have been feeling like I have too many, but I really do wear them all! If I got rid of some of them I wouldn’t have shoes to go with every dress! Like most others have mentioned 99% of mine are sandals or boots!

  23. As I am reading and listening to this series, there are tears in my eyes. I dress modestly and always have. I’ve always worn modest skirts and dresses. It was taught in my home growing up and we are teaching modesty to our girls now. I wish more women would just “get it”. There are so many times our pastor has to address immodesty when, if the women of the church would just realize what they are doing when they don’t dress the way God would approve of, they would think twice about what they are putting on. Thank you so much for this series. More women need to hear this. I would love to have a link for this series on my blog. Is there a link for the “She Wears Skirts” so that I can direct them to your website?

  24. Amy, I love that you are slowly covering every inch of the process of dressing modestly. I am one of those with foot issues and need a very supportive shoe. I buy more costly shoes, but I don’t buy as many. If a shoe isn’t comfortable, I get rid of it. I try to find shoes that are delicate and not clunky (a difficult task in the winter).

    I noticed you mentioned wearing jeans in your video. When do you wear jeans? Just curious.

    Loving this series, Lisa~

    • I purchased most of those shoes when I was still wearing jeans more often than not. I’ve moved away from jeans almost entirely, but I do still own them and the last time I wore them was when I was teaching volleyball to some young ladies at a family camp we attended a few weeks ago. I had them on a total of 2 hrs and promptly changed b/c I was actually more comfortable in my skirt (that was quite an epiphany for me). I don’t really have a “this is when I wear jeans” scenario, but those shoes were more “these go with jeans” shoes. Does that make sense? 😉

  25. I just purchase a pair of square toe leve ballet flats from Jessica Simpsom. I wear them barefooted even to work as they are so comfy. I get many compilments on them.

  26. I’ll have to say (sorry) I’m not too impressed with your shoe choices. (Again, sorry) I’ve loved everything and agreed with everything so far about femininity and modesty that you’ve written. I think the shoes are the opposite of femininity. They look like boys dress shoes. What about a nice pair of heels? Not spikes, just something with a low heel and a fluffy flower on the toe for church. I don’t know, just giving my thoughts.

    • The cute wedge heels are great and STABLE to wear with skirts. Boots look good with skirts but we are not in boot weather anymore. I have had to tweak and play with shoes for my outfits, like wearing an outfit or skirt to the store and just trying on different styles and looking at them, with my husband or daughters. This is all about personal taste and style and I also think leg shape….if you have really thick ankles or calves a chunkier shoe may not be what you want and that sort of thing. The shoes have really thrown me for a loop in dressing in skirts but thanks to yard sales and clearances I have got a few things. Plus I like flip flops, dressy ones for nicer skirts and plain ones for my plainer skirts.

  27. Ballet flats, ballet flats, TOMs, chucks, pumps and more ballet flats. And sometimes boots in winter. Ballet flats are obviously my favorites though. I wear through many pair in a year.

  28. flats definitely the one pair of closed toed flats i have with the right kind of socks their even comfortable as long as it isn’t snowing