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I’m going to be upfront with you…

I’m not sure what to say about this topic.  These things are personal.  Personal tastes.  Personal convictions.

Boil all of it down, and the main thing remains…

Does it glorify Christ?

And the answer to that question will not look the same for every woman because we are unique creations.

Let me give you an example:

I know a woman who struggles with vanity.  Particularly vanity when it comes to spending too much time in front of the mirror analyzing her face.  She was scared to be seen without makeup.  She spent insurmountable time and money on makeup.  And then the Lord brought her face to face with her face.  She realized in order to break away from the vanity that was consuming her, she needed to quit wearing makeup altogether.

To some, this sounds extreme.  For her, it was necessary.

The Lord hasn’t convicted me to not wear makeup.  Probably because it’s not a problem for me.  I don’t care…never have.

However, I WAS convicted to take out all but the bottom set of earrings in my ears.  Why did I need to take them out?  Because they reminded me of a former life and I was a new creation!

As with so many of the topics we have discussed, this one will always lead back to a heart issue.  The jewelry you wear, the makeup you put on, and the way you wear your hair comes from the abundance of your heart.

Sassy on the inside will equal sassy on the outside.  Pride will spill over and vanity cannot be hidden.

That said, perhaps you simply need a little guidance on how to use these “finishing touches.”  So, let’s talk a few specifics with the disclaimer that these are things Caroline and I do and not necessarily something you should do.  In Caroline’s words:

Makeup, jewelry and hair styles are such personal statements, that it is hard to give ideas as everyone will have such different opinions. I€™ll share what I do, but please know that these are just suggestions as to what works for me. Many families have strong convictions regarding makeup and jewelry, so please talk to your husband about what he prefers.

{Amy’s comments are in BLUE and Caroline’s comments are in BROWN.}


I went for years without wearing any makeup at all. I finally started wearing some to church as I felt so tired all the time, and I didn€™t want to look that way! I prefer to wear a small amount of makeup. The following is a list of what I personally wear:

Makeup Primer- Arbonne
Foundation- Arbonne
Powder- Arbonne
Blush- Mary Kay
Eye Shadow- Mary Kay and Arbonne
Tinted Lip Gloss €“ Various brands
(I have yet to find a lipstick that I like wearing as much as just using tinted lip gloss.)

I also abhor eye shadow and how it feels, so I don€™t wear it!

The most important part of wearing makeup is to make it look natural. You don€™t want someone glancing at you, and instantly thinking €œWow, she has a ton of makeup on.€ It needs to compliment your colors, and naturally blend in. It is wise to figure out what color you are, as we talked about in an earlier post, and that will help you learn what makeup colors to pick.

I would just caution you against being too dependent on makeup. God made you beautiful, and while I don€™t see a problem in using some makeup as a tool, don€™t become so dependent on it that you would be mortified if someone saw you without it on.

As I said earlier, makeup isn’t something I stress over.  When I do wear it, I almost exclusively wear MaryKay.  I’ve had friends who sell it, I won a gift certificate recently, and since I don’t wear much, it lasts a long time! (so long, in fact, when I go to order again, they have often discontinued the product I want!)

I don’t wear really dark eyeshadow or lipstick (I think it makes me look old and sick), but I do like color and I do wear eyeliner (mostly on the upper lids).


I personally love wearing simple jewelry! It is an easy way for me to feel more feminine. Again, simplicity is important; you don€™t want to have jewelry dangling off you in abundance!

I like to wear simple necklaces, and dangly earrings are my new favorite thing to wear. A lot of times if I am wearing dangly earrings I don€™t wear a necklace, but that€™s just my personal preference. My husband likes things simple, though I€™ve been surprised that he does like dangly earrings.

One pair that I love are these Tiara Earrings from Lilla Rose. They are so pretty!

I am also a jewelry person!  I like earth tones, woods, wire, and my silver hoops.  When I am not wearing my locket and my bracelet in honor of Emily, I prefer those to be along the same lines as my earrings.  I do often wear a watch my husband sent me from Guantanamo Bay when he was deployed there.  It is a two-tone watch that goes with anything.


I have long waist-length hair, and I get headaches if I pull it up in a bun or ponytail. My latest discovery has been to wear it pulled up in a flexi clip.  I love the choices you can get, and they have a size for every hair texture and length. I don€™t get headaches using the clips, which is a big plus. This has been a life saver for me.

When I want to do something special to my hair, I either curl it with hot rollers, or I do a French twist to my hair. It€™s easier than French braiding, as you only have two pieces of hair to work with.

If you haven€™t updated your hair style since the €˜90€™s, it might be time to try something new! There are lots of hair styles that do not require thirty minutes in front of the mirror each day. Finding a good hair stylist is important for getting a good cut. I have a friend who cuts hair from her home who does an excellent job, and she doesn€™t cost as much as the fancy hair salons.

I have incredibly thick hair (that is falling out right now due to pregnancy hormones disappearing :( )  I have a friend cut my hair every 9 months or so.  The last time I had it cut I had waited too long and when I would wash my hair, the weight of it would give me a serious neck ache.  I also get my hair thinned when it’s not falling out. 😉

A little over a year ago, I did a post on Quick and Easy Hairdos for the Busy Mama.  Since then, I’ve grown bangs and also use a flexi clip, but for the most part, those are my standby hairdos.  I rarely use a curling iron and I rarely use gel or hairspray.  Not that I think those things are bad…I just don’t use them.  The less time I spend in front of a mirror, the more time I have to do things I actually enjoy!

Again, these things are all TOOLS.  They can be used to promote femininity and glory to God or they can become a stumbling block.   They can show your unique personality or they can promote a culture of self.

Now, it’s your turn!  What are your favorites?  Leave a comment and share!

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57 thoughts on “She Wears Skirts – Jewelry, Hair, & Makeup

  1. Thank you for sharing this! What a reminder that what is in our heart is what is going to flow out of us, whether it’s our words, or the way we dress ourselves! I’ve been going back and reading your “She Wears Skirts” posts. It is very intriguing to me! Thank you for sharing your convictions with us! I appreciate your honesty and realness!

  2. Great post! What the Lord has shown me, is to not wear make-up and jewelry in a way that purposely draws attention to myself…not showy or gaudy. I wear make-up to enhance my looks, but it is lightly and discreetly done, so when you look at me you just see a face, not MAKE UP. You know what I mean? And I wear simple jewelry. I used to dress in a way to be showy and get attention, so this was a key area for me to change in! I like to look pretty for hubby, but that’s it! I actually blogged about it once if you’re interested:

  3. The more I read and learn about modesty, the more I realize that it all boils down to heart, heart, heart! I’ve been listening to Nancy Lee Demoss’s talks on modesty at and that point is emphasized over and over again. I have been learning so much! I’m so blessed by what the Lord has been showing me through this blog series and other sources. :)

    I personally find that a bit of concealer under the eyes and a hint of blush on my cheeks gives my face a little lift so that I don’t look so tired and pale. I can usually do it in the time it takes to rinse with mouthwash. I think it is important not to spend too much time on these things.

  4. This is a great post. I have bought some of the flexi clips, but I am not a hair person. I have always had trouble doing my hair in nice ways. I have watched the videos on lila rose, but still have trouble. My husband loves when I wear my hair up, but I still have trouble with it. I am going to keep trying though. :)

    I have stopped wearing makeup though, that is something I felt I really needed to do for the time being. I use to sell Mary Kay, but have since stopped. My husband was never much for makeup. :)

    • Christy,
      The flexi-clips can take a bit to get used to. You might try using a pony tail holder and then putting the clip in just to get the hang of WHERE the clip needs to go or fix it the way you want and have someone else slide it in just to get an idea of what it should feel like. I found that I need to slide in WAY more hair than I originally thought and then it holds great!

  5. Wow! I wear make up every day and will not leave the house without. However it simply consists of eyeliner, mascara, foundation and light blush. I used to wear a lot of jewelry, but after I had my kids I stopped and never went back. I will put on a necklace and errings if we go to a wedding or similar dressy event. I am guilty of not changing my hair style since the 80s, but I have tried I just have not found anything else I like as much as this. However, I can wear it in a variety of fashions. Thank you for the heart check.

    • You know, if you like the hairstyle you have, then there is no need to change it! I’m not someone who thinks we have to stick with changing fads, so if you’re satisfied, then that is fantastic! I’ve been amazed at how many different combinations of “styles” for hair, makeup and jewelry the ladies here represent. Very interesting!

  6. By choice I almost never wear make-up or jewelry, besides a small pair of ball earrings and my watch. If I am getting dressed up for a rare activity or date with my husband I may wear something more. I almost always wear my long hair down, as it gets caught by my children and messed up when I try to put it up. I’m off to check out your quick and easy hairdos and maybe I’ll find something new to try.

  7. Thank you so much for your article. I am 50 years old and am starting to let my hair grow out again. I find the older I get the less concerned (or obsessed) I’ve become about my appearance. I go most days w/o make-up as I live in the country and most days will run errands w/o unless allergies or tired…I don’t want people to ‘see’ I’m not feeling well. The same with jewelry…watch, earrings a wedding band and maybe a ring on right hand, necklaces give me headaches.
    My twin 13 year old girls are going to public school in the fall. I’ve noticed many girls their age and younger wearing make up…a lot of it. We are practicing applying make up this summer…right now they use an eye pencil and lip gloss.
    They like how the pencil enhances their eyes w/o really seeing any color.
    I too get headaches using various hair accessories. I don’t believe I’ve seen or tried the flexi-clip…where do you get yours? It would be nice to get it out of my face and off my neck once and a while in the summer.

    • I think if you click on the link or on the picture itself, it should take you to the site. Let me know if it does not and I’ll get you a link. :)

  8. I have never worn a lot of make-up. But there was a time in my life when what I did wear, punctuated who I was. I was afraid to be seen without make-up. Four years ago I had a cyst removed from my eyelid and could not wear make-up while that was healing. I felt panic-stricken to leave my house without eye-liner and mascara. The Lord then convicted me of a pride issue. And shortly after that, I quit wearing make-up completely. I stayed in the phase for a few years, and have only just recently began applying a very minimal amount of make-up from time to time. My husband always comments about how beautiful I look. :-) I do not yet allow my two middle daughters, aged 17 and 15, to wear make-up. But have discussed with them, that when they feel an interest in doing so, we will purchase (together) what their papa and I deem to be a respectful color and type. For now, they are so beautiful with their clean faces and youthful complexions, that I can hardly imagine them covering or altering that. As for jewelry, my 17 year old has quite a style of her own. I have been happy to see you write so much on this topic. Jamie-Allyn began wearing long skirts 2 years ago. it did not become a conviction for Dancy (15) or myself until last year. Yet, my girls remain VERY stylish. They have guidelines for their skirts, and their shirts. So, much of their style expression comes through their jewelry. Jamie (17) loves the jelly bracelets and wears lots of them. Dangly and “statement” earrings…crosses, musical notes, etc. She loves the color black, but layers her shirts so that she always has color. She is beautiful. Dancy leans toward a daintier jewelry-pearls, lockets, her purity ring is a simple stainless band that says PURE on it. She has such a soft femininity about herself. I am glad that the Lord put this conviction on our hearts. It does set us apart. People do comment on my girl’s mode of dress-always positive. They don’t look grim or stoic…there is a sense of style-each their own.
    A few days ago one of my girls wore a pair of shorts to bed. Her papa had not seen her in shorts for a very long time. And was a little taken aback by it. He mentioned it to me the bext day…said it was shocking to him. I liked that exchange in our family. I liked sharing with her that her papa was so used to seeing her modestly dressed, that he noticed and was perhaps a little uncomfortable seeing her dressed less modestly.
    One more thing that we were strongly convicted of…not wearing shirts with wording on them. even/especially Christian shirts. (They do wear them at home to bed) None of us want to draw attention to our chests. And we began noticing that a lot of the Christian shirts were using secular phrases to catch the eye…like the word “whatever”. We came to a point where we did not feel that the mode of dress glorified God. Great thread, Amy! I have enjoyed it! Bren-

    • Bren,
      Thank you so much for sharing about your girls! I think that helps everyone see that we do not need to be cookie cutters of each other and not every feminine style will be the same. Thank you so much for your kind words too. :)

  9. I am in agreement. I tend to be very simple in dress and make-up. I rarely wear make-up with a few exceptions-date night with my husband, church, and sometimes if I just want to feel pretty going to a nice dinner with some friends or something.

    I don’t wear jewelry but only because it tends to get lost around this house. I only wear my wedding ring.

    As far as hair, I am a wash and go kind-of-girl. I just don’t have the time or desire to spend lots of time in front of a mirror. When I do want to pay attention to my hair it’s usually just a once-over with the flat iron. I try to not use too much product on it.

    That being said, I also do take pride in my appearance. I don’t wear fancy or flashy clothes, but I want them to fit well and be clean. I like to look properly groomed, not unkempt, but I honestly just don’t have a lot of time on a daily basis to put a lot of effort into it. I am not concerned about going out in public without makeup because I figure it’s just me. What you see is what you get, does that make sense?

    I do like the way I look when I wear make-up though. I try to keep it simple-powder, mascara (a MUST!) eye-liner, shadow and a simple dusting of blush. I don’t care for lipstick because it always feels so heavy and unnatural on my lips, plus I like to give lots of kisses. I do like a light lip-gloss or even just some chapstick to give my lips just a hint of shimmer/shine.

    My one must-do beauty routine though is plucking my eyebrows. My eyes are my best feature and it’s important to me to have well-shaped eybrows. Is that weird lol?

    Enjoying this series and love sharing it with my daughter as well.

  10. What a great post! I have never been a big jewelry person. I was always taught that earrings are wrong so I have never had them or felt a need for them. I don’t wear makeup. I agree with what you said: does it glorify God? I do wear makeup at home for my hubby sometimes but I think that’s probably ok ;).

  11. I really need to try one of the flex clips Caroline mentioned. My hair is long and THICK and can give me a headache if it’s in a bun or ponytail. By the way, Amy, thanks for the webinar last night. I learned alot and transcripts are not so scary now! :)

  12. I wear mascara because without it my blond eyelashes are non-existent. Since I have a large nose, wearing mascara draws attention to my eyes and away from my nose! I also wear light jewelry.

  13. I asked my husband a while back what he preferred in the way of my hairstyle and makeup. I was surprised when he said he preferred me without makeup and my hair curly (I truly dislike my hair in it’s naturally curly state). But I gave into his preference and it has made my getting ready so easy! I don’t even own any makeup anymore…lol. I do occasionally straighten my hair, but maybe once a month or less.

    A friend and I were talking about this last summer and she surprised me by saying that her husband would LOVE it if she didn’t wear make up or spend so much time on her hair but she just couldn’t do it. It made me sad to think that she was so worried about what others thought of her that she couldn’t submit this small part to her husband. I think it’s very important to bear in mind what our husbands think on this topic…you might be surprised!

    Btw…since we’re talking about appearances. One of my issues in wearing skirts is feeling the need to shave my legs every day (it’s rare I get a shower every day with my 2 under 2). How do you handle the issue of shaving?

    • This question made me laugh because I just do it when I think about it! My skirts are fairly long, so it’s not as obvious as it could be…I don’t think…hmmm…. :)

      • Glad I could give you a chuckle today :)

        Does your hubby complain? Not to get personal, but my husband has definitely commented on my hairy legs before when we’re getting ready for bed. And I really don’t like them feeling prickly. I guess maybe that is just something I’ll have to figure out on my own…lol. Suppose you and Caroline can’t come to my house and walk me through how everything is done.

        • I remember when I used to follow FLYlady she said to shave EVERY single time you take a shower or bath. I’d especially take this into consideration if your husband is complaining. 😉

        • You gave me a laugh over your comment! :) I shave whenever I take a shower, so every two or three (eek! I’m admitting it!) days. I honestly just shave because I don’t like the feel of them, my skirts cover them and my husband never says much. But I’m blessed to not get really prickly legs!

          • I’m so glad someone brought this issue up! I have bad eyesight so can see well enough without my glasses to do this in the shower. I am interested how others handle this.

          • I mean CAN’T see well enough to shave in the shower. I try to go by feel, but look like a zebra at the end! So I have set up in the bathroom (the only one in the house). It tends to take a while and so I put it off, often.

    • About shaving legs: I would highly recommend getting an epilator. It does hurt the first several times you do it, but if you do it regularly (couple of times a week-ish) you will build up a tolerance and not notice it hurting. It pulls the hairs out by the root. It will NOT get all the hair, but maybe 60-70%. Then, any hairs that are left you can easily shave very quickly. Hair pulled out by the root grows back slowly and will not be prickly, so it is overall less noticeable. I have been doing this for over a year- now I only shave once a week or two, and occasionally (few times a month) use the epilator. My two cents!

  14. I had an opposite experience.

    I spent so many years trying to be “modest,” that I was bordering (OK more than just bordering LOL) on being quite frumpy.

    I wore extremely little make-up,if any, shampooed and then let my hair air dry, which meant it was flat and limp or pulled it into a ponytail, and I was so concerned about dressing modestly (plain long skirts, plain long jumpers, plain solid knit tops), that in the end I wasn’t at all attractive. As for my jewelry–I only wore a simple wedding band, because I felt my solitaire ring could be seen as too flashy.

    Then my DH had a little talk with me one day. LOL For the record, he firmly believes in modesty and women not drawing attention to themselves, but he pointed out that instead of looking modest, I looked more like someone who wasn’t taking any kind of pride in herself (as in care). This really convicted me more.

    In some ways, by wrapping myself up so much in being so modest, I somehow has developed some pride still.

    So, my DH worked with me and we went through my closet, culling out items which he hated, I visited the Clinique counter (I didn’t know they make products for women in their late 30s) for a complete make-over. And then visited a stylist who put some soft caramel highlights into my dark brown/near black hair. I always viewed highlights as the epitome of vanity. But these were very soft and feminine.

    And I traded in some loafers for a pair of sandles my husband picked out for me.

    Oh and I even slipped on my e-ring.

    At first it felt odd, and I wondered how folks would perceive me.

    But I received many compliments and how much healthier I looked.

    I then thought…wow!! I’d become so concerned about being “modest,” that I realized I still wasn’t putting forth a positive image of a Christian Lady. People told me I no longer looked “sickly” or “worn down.” As a Mama to Many, I even wondered if I’d been portraying an image that Mamas of Many were run down and putting our family size into a negative light.

    • This is a great post. Thanks for sharing. I’m soon to be 35, a mother of 3 under age 5 and a wife. I never looked frumy before, and sometimes I wonder if I’m headed in that direction. I absolutely refuse to go there. I agree with your comments. A Christian woman should be modest, but modesty does not equal frumpy and unkept. We should look our best to represent Christ and our husbands. Well said!

  15. I love jewelry. I love to wear jewelry. I tend not to wear a whole lot in day to day life, my wedding band and earrings get worn. I wear it to church or out running errands or on a date with my husband or sometimes just because but not much of that in the summer, I’m just too busy outside. I wear minimal makeup around the house…I have to wear mascara or I look like I’ve had the flu, with blonde eyelashes. I color in my blonde eyebrows. I wear a little eyeliner on my top eyelid. My lips are addicted to chapstick or something has to be on them. I like lipstick and I like wearing it. I am currently wearing my hair about medium length, it’s very curly which I just wear naturally. I want to look my best and hey, if the barn needs painting, I’m all for slapping on a coat of paint! I get highlights put in my hair, I don’t have gray but don’t intend on it either. I do all this for my husband and me! When I am not looking my best, for whatever reason…sickness, late night, etc., I am sluggish, I don’t try very hard at anything, I am down hearted, I don’t have any energy. If I get up, dress myself nicely, fix my hair for the day, put on a touch of makeup, wear a little bit of jewelry, squirt on perfume, I can take on everything. My devotion is more liable to get done, my house is more liable to be clean and in order, I am more likely to be cheerful, I am more likely to exercise. The inside is important and what is on the inside needs to shine out for Christ and others BUT what is on the outside can set the tone on a lot of days. I mean, we don’t always feel saved or feel like being Christians, right? But, I know I am saved and need to carry on like I am, look like I am a Christian, etc., in all ways, no matter what I am feeling that day. I am concerned about what others think…everyone is whether they admit it or not. I want others to see Christ in me, I don’t want to convey worry or stress, no matter what I’m feeling, because I want others to know that I am relying and trusting in God. If I look haggard or dumpy or frumpy or worried or sickly, that’s not a good witness. No one’s gonna want what I have! This topic is great but it’s really about convictions…those that you personally have, those that the Lord gives and those your husband has.

    • I almost mentioned the barn needing painting b/c friend of mine uses that phrase all the time! LOL Great thoughts!

    • I’m not Amy, but yes the flexi clips work well with thick hair! Most ladies that have really thick hair need to use the X-Large clip. A good way to tell what size you will need is is to put your hand around your full ponytail and squeeze down…If the amount you’re holding resembles a nickel, you’re an extra small. A quarter, you’re a small. A 50 cent piece, you’re a medium, and anything bigger and you’ll need large or xl.

    • I have very thick hair and it works great! I use a large in my french twist, I think, but I do not have extra long hair anymore, so it also depends on how long your hair is too.

  16. I don’t mind some makeup, jewelry, and a nice hairstyle. I don’t use any chemicals though and it’s fun to make my own makeup. I like using cornstarch and french green clay as a powder on my face because it helps with my horrendous acne. It doesn’t look like makeup, but if you put some organic cocoa powder or red clay in it you could make a powder foundation.

  17. You know I love these posts, but I am really loving the comments. They are so thoughtful and open…how lovely. Amy and Caroline, you are doing a great job of creating community and fellowship through this series. Thank you!

    I loved Sara’s comment about letting herself go being so concerned about modesty. So many of us came to this conviction when we had lots of little ones to care for and homeschool and before we knew it we were looking frumpy and worn out. I know I was one of those moms!

    When I turned 40 I noticed that I was looking ill (I hadn’t worn make-up for over 10 years and my hair was very long). I realized I had dark circles under my eyes and my hair had thinned through so many pregnancies that I wasn’t looking good at all.

    I talked with my husband and have slowly added what I felt would work to keep me looking more healthy and energetic. I do wear make-up now and I have my hair cut to a shorter, more stylish length. I have always loved accessories, jewelry or otherwise. so nothing’s changed there. But that’s my personality, we are all different and I love how my friends dress that don’t do any accessories at all.

    I could go on and on, but your point about it being a matter of the heart is really what it comes down to. I check my heart often to be sure I am doing what is pleasing to the Lord. I trust others to do the same. :) Lisa~

  18. Cathy Burns has an interesting chapter about makeup and jewelry in her book about Occult Symbols( Rod and Staff has information about jewelry in their catalog. I don’t buy clothes with occult symbols-the peace symbol, mandalas, paisley(yin yang),etc. The KJ Bible says no piercings or tatoos in Leviticus 19:28.

  19. Lev.19:28 KJ-“Ye shall not make any cuttings in your flesh for the dead, nor print any marks upon you: I am the Lord.” My Bible’s topical index and Strong’s topical index has this Scripture under “tattoos”.
    It has upset me when my grandbaby had her ears pierced at the doctor’s and now one ear is always getting infected.

  20. I read that some missionaries had trouble explaining to new converts that they should stop wearing their pagan jewelry so the missionaries stopped wearing their wedding rings and watches. I once looked up when Christians started wearing wedding rings. It was interesting. Some Mennonites,etc. don’t wear them.

  21. Two points that Cathy Burns makes in her book are 1)that earrings were a symbol of slavery and 2) years ago only prostitutes wore makeup, earrings and painted their long fingernails. As a homeschooler the history of these things is interesting. I saw the black and white movie, Moby Dick, and now look at tattoos in a different way.

  22. I Timothy 2:9,10 KJ is worth mentioning here. Some people take it very seriously-“modest apparel”,”…or gold,or pearls,…”. I don’t like seeing Christians wear jewelry that is popular among Wiccan witches-like black rings,etc.

  23. Exodus 32:3 KJ-And all the people(men and women?) brake off the golden earrings which were in their ears(because they were slaves in Egypt or adopted the pagan/heathen customs?), and brought them unto Aaron.

  24. 2 Kings 9:30 KJ mentions that Jezebel “painted her face” and Ezekiel 23:40 KJ says “paintedst the eyes”. Some Christians don’t listen to the Old Testament. Some Conservative Mennonites don’t believe in instruments because they weren’t in the New Testament(Matthew 26:30 KJ, Eph. 5:19 KJ,etc.). I don’t wear makeup or jewelry and encourage my daughters and three daughters-in-law(and will my 5 granddaughters) to not wear makeup by telling them how beautiful they look without it-natural beauties. I,also, educate them about charms and other jewelry.

    • Well Taryn, we don’t live by the OT anymore. (we’ve been redeemed by the curse of the law. Gal 3:13) Even the Bible says Jesus will be coming back w/a tattoo on his thigh. Read: Revelation 19:16 And he hath on [his] vesture and on his thigh a name written , KING OF KINGS , AND LORD OF LORDS So if it’s good enough for him, it’s good enough for me!

      • Danielle, if you study out Revelation 19:16 a little further, you’ll find that the writing isn’t ON the skin of his thigh… it is written on his robe, where it COVERS his thigh.

        I agree that we are not under the law, and I agree that modesty begins in the heart… including modesty of apparel, makeup and jewelry.

  25. Ok, I have to admit to being very tickled when I saw that Caroline uses Arbonne products as I am an Arbonne consultant! Whoo! And I love that both Caroline and Amy use products that are sold by independent consultants as it sure helps their families.

    I enjoy wearing makeup and feel much better when I do. I agree it’s really a personal issue. I’ve seen ladies who wear no makeup and are stunning. I’ve gotten lazier though and pretty much only wear makeup when I’m leaving the house, though my husband does like it on me.

  26. I have been thinking of buying a flexi clip, or getting a hair cut, or both, last week I did not comb or brush it, it is heavy, waist length, and right now thick ( pregnancy hormones ) but reading this post has helped give me something to think about, in fact I was going to ask you to do a post on easy hair styles for busy, moms of young children. Thank you :) and may the Lord bless you.

  27. HI there, I love your blog! Cant believe I havent run across it before! Love the series on wearing skirts,as that is even my blogging name :) great ideas and especially this post, you and I are alot alike!

  28. I love jewelry and I used to love makeup ( a very long time ago). Funny thing is that when I got married, my husband kept telling me that I looked better without it, even if I have blemishes.. So, most of the time I don’t wear any. Maybe a few times a month I wear a light foundation and some aquaphor on my lips. Yes, I’m serious. That’s it! Maybe, I’ll do a lip colored lipgloss, but that’s it. For me, having kids changed everything. I do not have the time to spend an eternity on my face and hair. Nor, do I want to take the time. I’m in my 30s now and I just feel freer and confident without the frills. As for my hair, it’s multi-ethnic and very curly. So, I’ve figured out how to get it done without alot of products and goo. I use conditioner and that’s it. I leave it in. I was my hair, let it air dry and it’s done. It looks great. The only regret about that is that I cut it after my second child was born, and 2 years later it’s still growing out. Now, I’m pregnant again. I miss having long hair. In any rate, my husband likes trendy jewelry on me, so I do wear trendy earrings. That’s about it. I’m pretty comfortable with that. Whatever God tells you to do, that’s what you need to do. That pretty much sums it up.

  29. Hello! I know this is an older post but I have just recently found from you from modest mom. Anyway, I can totally resonate about being convicted of not having any other earrings except the bottom hole. In high school I had the very top of one of my ears pierced. I haven’t worn an earring in that hole in at least 10 years and had forgotton all about it and decided to let it close. About a month ago my ear hurt there. The hole was infected! I couldn’t believe there was still a hole there after all this time! Anyway, it was just a reminder to me to make better choices because those things may bite me in the behind later! Shannon

  30. I enjoy wearing make up. I am fine without it. But, I am 36 and fair in complexion. A little bit of color is good for me! :-) When I do wear make- up, I wear a small amount of a very light foundation with a sunscreen. A little bit of finishing powder and blush. Mascara and lip gloss. My lips are SO naturally red, people think I am wearing lipstick!

    My hair is below my my mid-back. So, fairly long, thick and very wavy. I purchased a flexi-clip and like it. But. I am still learning to use it. I just ordered some big soft hair scrunchies. I love to wear my hair in a low, soft ponytail and let it hang over my shoulder, on special occassions. But, the scrunchies are beautiful and so comfy. I have a sensitive head!

    I wear small earrings. I like necklaces. I own a pair of black beads and a black necklace with a mid-size heart pendant (I love hearts in jewelry.) These necklaces look adorable with with a few simple black, beaded bracelets, I have ( bracelets are feminine to me.) And the reason I choose black, is because, when I dress up, I often wear my flowy black dress pants or black skirt. The jewelry just goes so well with my colored blouses. It looks nice and my husband likes it :-) I also buy black shoes that I wear with my denim skirts. Jewelry looks great with that as well! If I wear brown shoes, I just mainly accessorize with simple silver jewelry. I did find a beautiful colorful, beaded bracelet at good will, which looks wonderful with my denim skirts and any color of blouse and it looks great with brown boots or shoes as well.

    I truly think make up and jewelry are a matter of the heart for each woman. I love being feminine. So, it is a pleasure for me to take extra little steps to have with it :-)

  31. I’ve never been much of a jewelry person, and I haven’t worn makeup in a very long time. Well..kind of. What I do is I put a moisturizer under some powder, and that’s it. The only reason I do that is because my nose is an oil slick if left untreated. If I’m feeling bold, I’ll put on some mascara, especially since my eyes are my favorite feature. Otherwise, no makeup. The only jewelry I wear are my engagement ring (simple gold band with a small stone), a necklace my fiance gave me, my medical ID dog tag, and a watch if I’m at work. I just started wearing skirts and I love it! Living in an apartment with four guys has made them (besides my fiance) think of me as a guy. For awhile, I thought of myself as a guy, too. Wearing skirts makes me feel feminine and I’ve always been modest about my dress. I’ve never liked the way jeans leave nothing to the imagination. I don’t want everyone seeing my every curve. That is only meant for my husband. But I also didn’t like the way baggy pants looked on me. Skirts have been a nice way to dress modestly, be a girl, feel pretty and cute, but also be quick for my on-the-go lifestyle (I’m in college). I’ve been reading this series all day and I’m loving it!

  32. I want to thank you for these posts, they have been very helpful especially this one. I never thought anything about my extra earrings until I read this blog. It was an innocent enough comment on your part, but it really made me consider why I was holding on to the extra piercings and what I was trying to prove. I never changed them and thought I was ignoring them until I read your blog and realized they were some of the last remnants of my former self in college when I was lost. So I took them out today and hopefully for me that will be a step toward accepting forgiveness and stopping punishing myself for my college years. I’m not making any judgments on piercings. Mine were just connected to a difficult time in my life that was weighing me down. My ears and heart feel much lighter. Thank you!