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Today, we are going to mention the unmentionables!

What we hope to accomplish is to give you some ideas on how you can use underneath layers to create warmth in the winter months,prevent discomfort in the summer months, and provide modesty for clothes that need a little help all year round.

~Staying Warm~

This is a big one for me.  I often chicken out of wearing skirts in the winter months because I don’t like being cold and I refuse to wear pantyhose.  I told someone a while back I would wear pantyhose if they were like little girl’s cable knit tights…maybe.

I’m a creature of comfort.  So, the option I’ve found to be most comfortable is a pair of cut-off leggings (I’ll explain in a bit why I cut them off) and a pair of long cable-knit socks.  I found some at WalMart similar to these:

They don’t fall down and they are quite comfortable!

Caroline wears long black tights that stop at the ankle so she can wear socks over them (and she secretly admits to wearing the 90€™s stirrup leggings long after they were in style!)  You can even find fleece-lined tights on Amazon!

Another option I found as I was looking around on Amazon were these winter tights: Knit Ladies Winter Legging Tights.  While not something I would choose, I could see how this would be a great option instead of pantyhose.

Both Caroline and I wear knee high socks without leggings when it is Autumn or Spring and the weather isn’t bitterly cold.  You can even find some really colorful knee high socks if you are looking for something a little fun or silly…not that I am ever fun or silly… 😉

I’ve also heard great things about Cuddl Duds, but I’ve never worn these myself.  If any of you have more to add on them, leave a comment!

~Staying Cool & Comfortable~

Herein lies the reason I cut off my leggings.  Cutting them off makes them versatile.  My leggings are a well-worn black knit fabric.  They are comfy and aren’t bulky.  In summer, they work great to ward off chaffing and in winter, they keep me warm with an addition of the long cable knit socks.

Caroline suggests Pettipants as a good option to staying cool and comfortable, especially since they are a cotton blend.  If you aren’t into lace at the hemline, you can try something less fancy like these Cotton Culotte Slips.

The name of the game here is lightweight and cool.  And if all else fails, a powder like Gold Bond can be a beautiful thing!

~Providing Modesty~

We’ve talked some about this in the post on nursing modestly, but this isn’t exclusive to breastfeeding mamas.  I love the wide array of camisoles you can find in stores that make shirts that are just a bit too short fit more modestly.  However, these same camisoles are rarely high-necked enough to be used to better conceal the top half of a shirt that is cut too low.

Caroline found these layering shells that will work great for layering and for nursing as well.

She’ll be offering them at The Modest Mom soon!

If you are looking for a shell that will provide coverage from top to bottom, The Skirt Site has several other options  available as well.

I have to say, this subject and the next subject (footwear) are, in my opinion, two of the hardest aspects of wearing skirts.  A few months ago, I was really encouraged to look for great shoes and stockings by this post at Large Families On Purpose.  {By the way, this post is NOT all about socks and shoes, it is A LOT meatier than that and worth the read.}  I also spent a lot of time at Lilies of the Field looking over their options for underthings and socks, as they are a homeschooling family from my old stomping ground.

For me, this continues to be a process.  Any insight you might have would be greatly appreciated by myself and my readers!

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55 thoughts on “She Wears Skirts – Underthings

  1. Hi Amy!

    I’ve enjoyed reading your skirts posts. I know how hard it can be to figure it all out in the beginning. After wearing skirts for over 11 years now, I’ve found what works for me. Just in case it might be helpful to someone else, I wrote a post about staying warm in skirts on my blog here:

    I wear a pair of warmwear leggings (like the cuddl duds you mentioned) and long, warm socks.

    Everyone is different in what makes them feel comfortable (and keeps them warm!), so I hope you’re able to find something that works well for you!


  2. I usually wear dresses and jumpers from The Kings Daughters. They also make petticoats. And I buy from eBay, 2nd hand, long full skirts that are an inch or two longer than my dresses. Then I mix and match. On a really cold day I would wear a petticoat and a skirt and a dress and a jumper. On a really hot day, just a dress and a skirt (cos the dress fabric is a little see-through round the legs in the sunshine, and a skirt under is less hot than a petticoat).
    Instead of briefs I wear either 3/4 leg cotton pyjama bottoms or silk short johns from Patra. I have some 3/4 leggings but find the skirt/petticoat fabric tends to cling to them a bit. The Patra short johns are the best thing ever – cool in summer, warm in winter, stop thigh-rub, modest and comfy.

  3. Oh! P.S. I get the short johns a couple of sizes bigger so they are roomy, not tight-fitting like the ones in the pic – that makes them more cool in summer, more warm in winter, and more comfy – which I like :0)

  4. I might be the exception here, but I find wearing pantyhose on a daily basis the simplest and most feminine way to go. Of course in the summer I don’t wear anything under a skirt, it’s way too hot for that. And as soon as the weather gets warm enough I only wear sandals on bare feet. But fall to spring, I wear regular pantyhose. People say they are uncomfortable, for me it was just a matter of getting used to. I don’t mind them. Unless the winter is extremely cold, a warm wool skirt and boots is all I need. I do have one pair of wool tights just for the case I would have to spend more time outside, but rarely wear them, because they are just too hot for the inside.

  5. I used to wear tights, but had two problems with them. One is that I get skirt-creep with tights, unless I wear a nylon petticoat and I don’t really like synthetic fabrics. The other is that I have varicose veins going right up to my abdomen and the elastic of the briefs you have to wear with pantyhose, as well as the close fitting nature of the tights themselves, put too much pressure on the veins as they go in through the groin. But tights are very practical, and when I was younger I used to wear tights (UK that means fine pantyhose and thick woolly winter ones too) and a nylon slip. That works well.

  6. I am new to wearing skirts all the time, but I have found leggings work really well when there’s a nip in the air. I hve black, white, and grey which seem to go with everything! I am not a fan of stockings, even in the winter.

  7. I have found the privo brand by clarks to be a great “mom” shoe. They are very comfortable but cute and can be worn easily with skirts. Amazon clearances them out for about thirty dollars and ebay is a good place to find them as well.
    I never thought about capri leggings under skirts I will have to keep my eye out for some! Thanks!

  8. I began to wear skirts about two and a half years ago. I too don’t like to be cold, and I too refuse to wear pantyhose, but I found that for winter months, using “trouser socks” worked marvelously for me. Trouser socks are like heavily knit knee highs that don’t run very easily at all. They insulate legs very well, and come in tons of colors to go with just about anything. In the summer, I do still wear shorts or capris, but only when I’m walking on my treadmill or when I’m working in the garden because I can get chafed rather easily and adding another layer (like cotton shorts or biker shorts adds too much heat.

  9. I love cuddle duds! I wear them with long dresses (which are pretty much the only dresses I have) in winter, and I wear tevas or chaco sandals.

    I will say they have to be a good fit though – so try them on (they are expensive, but go on sale quite a bit at Belk, JC Penny and if you have outlets nearby). I do have some hand me downs that I’m not crazy about because they are too big and bulky things are hard to layer.

    I do not usually wear sock and/or shoes unless the snow is covering my feet. I do sometimes pair cuddle duds and socks, but it’s rare. I’m more likely to just wear an extra slip to help cut the wind if I have to wear knee socks and shoes.

  10. Love CuddleDuds! They feel kind of satiny/silky. You have to try them out next winter!! I’m so loving your skirt and homeschool series right now!!

  11. Amy this article is filled with so much that I needed to hear!!! I have been searching for things to help my legs not to chafe as the weather is getting quite hot here. (right now I am wearing long shorts underneath my skirts but its a bit warm) I am very excited about checking out the resources you suggested!!!

    And for winter too! I can’t wait to try some of those out either!

    This series has been SO helpful! I am so thrilled to find a place that is filled with the answers to all of the questions that I have as I am on my 4th month of skirts and dresses only. You have been SO helpful! Thank you!

    Building Home with Him,

    Mary Joy

  12. I finally love wearing skirts in the winter (and we have cold, snowy winters!). On a cold day, I wear capri sweatpants, knee socks, a slip, boots, and a warm, long skirt (usually corduroy). If it’s not quite as cold, or for church, I trade the knee socks for trouser socks and wear with flats. It’s great to add or remove layers from underneath depending on the weather! I’m most happy when I can skip the socks and wear sandals!

  13. My daughter and I have Cuddle Duds. We love them! Try Goodwill, any thrift stores and the like around you. That’s where we found our Cuddle Duds. We’d like to get Cuddle Dud shirts for layering next winter. As of a couple of weeks ago, JC Penny had them on clearance online. You might be able to buy them cheaper now, then next winter.

    Linda @ Linda’s Lunacy

  14. One thing I do for a modest undershirt that is not expensive is to buy men’s undershirts. They are higher than women’s and are cheap. They come in some fun colors too.

    Another thing I do for chafing is wear men’s basketball shorts during the summer. I like to find the ones without pockets. They are super comfortable and I don’t chaff.

    I’m glad to find that I’m the only one who chaffs. Its miserable and I always feel like the only one.

  15. I have to say 2 things about CuddlDuds. First of all, they are about the most comfortable underclothes I have ever worn. I am, however, rather undertall. They tend to bunch at the ankle. However, if you’re wearing socks as opposed to hosiery to keep your feet warm, they will work. I just tuck them right into my socks and no one is the wiser. Thanks so much for this series. I am totally LOVING it!!

  16. One thing I have noticed with many women who wear skirts is that they need to be more sensitive to the fact that when they are in the sunlight (particularly) you can often see right through the skirt and they are no more modest than pants. When I was growing up (and, yes, I grew up in the era that girls wore dresses or skirts, we all wore slips to prevent this little infraction from happening. Just a heads-up, ladies. Skirts are great but make sure that you can’t see through them.

    • Some young ladies I know prefer that. I don’t mean to be crude but I knew a young lady who had an outstanding figure and wore skirts quite a bit in the summer. She never wore a slip at all and even I noticed her thong. I am SURE that is not the ladies who are reading this series…this is after all about modesty but I know as appalling as it was to me, it was intentional with her and I have talked to young women who refuse to wear slips (they are too hot, they stick, etc.) but want to continue to wear skirts (they are cooler than anything else). Modesty is a lost art and it isn’t being taught much.

  17. Learned a great tip for preventing chafing in a skirt from a friend in Taiwan, where it is pretty hot and humid for most of the year: a swipe of deoderant on the part of your thighs that would rub together. It really works, and no need for an extra layer!

  18. My thing with wearing them int eh summer here in GA is it’s so hot! Wearing shorts under a dress/skirt is just not an option for me-entirely too hot and sticky for that! So I’ve been sticking with long (ankle length) skirts and deodorant on my inner thighs to prevent chaffing.
    It doesn’t get that cold where I’m at so that’s not really an issue for me.

  19. Great information! I live in the South (not deep south though) and the last 2 winters here have been super cold. We have had years of mild winters so I guess it’s time. I was wondering how I would do this winter but this information is going to be very helpful! I wore skirts exclusively as a teen/preteen/young adult but always struggled with feeling very cold, ESP. during “that time of the month”. I think this will help. Also, I have been wearing a slip during these warmer months when I go out of the house and it’s been a little warm and I imagine, it could get “sticky”. I think the cotton petti pants or something very similar will be a skirt saver, lol. Can’t wait for each step in the series!

  20. Thank you for the well-needed info on keeping warm, this is my biggest struggle when it comes to wearing skirts in the winter time. I just started a series of posts as well regarding my quest for modesty and femininity, and I’ve received some great suggestions on keeping warm. The info you just shared will also be a tremendous help to me. I just love this series!

  21. The last couple years, I’ve mostly worn dresses in the winter, because I’d wear tights with them and I was so warm. Warmer than wearing pants. I really wanted to wear dresses in summer because they are cute and cooler, but my legs are not that attractive and even tho my skirts were longer, and not much showed, I figured I just had to get over it. Didn’t want to wear pantyhose cause it seemed it would be so hot. And there is a product made by Soothing Care, can’t think of the name of it right off, you’ll find in the store where all the feminine products are, it is awesome to prevent chafing. I love it! I am wearing dresses more and more, and slowly but surely building up my dress wardrobe. So, it’s nice to get info like this. I think I’ll make some of those pettipants, sounds like just the thing!

  22. Hi Amy! =) I was eager to read this post to get more ideas on staying warm, thanks. And I’m so pleased that you enjoyed reading my post on skirts and found some good information there for yourself! I do love wearing a camisole, but a shell would be even warmer – I’ll look in to that, thanks. And I’ve worn Cuddle Duds, they are sooo soft and cozy. =) I’ve had trouble with the top neck lines showing, and they do look like underwear to me (unlike a shell showing at the neck line), but with the right dress with a collar they’re really nice. Blessings to you! *hug* I’m enjoying getting to know you better. And your new blog portrait is really pretty. =)

  23. Hi Amy,I’ve been visiting your site for awhile now.I have enjoyed all of your posts as we are a large homeschooling family that has suffered loss as well.Anyhow,I am thoroughly enjoying your posts on modesty and skirts.My question is,does anyone know where to find nursing bras that are modest?I know that as little as 5 years ago I had some that provided good coverage and didn’t show my nipples but with my latest baby the only ones I have found expose too much and I have to layer my clothes.Very hot here in the Southwest.Any ideas? Thanks Amy for putting all this on here to help ladies.Muffy.

    • I buy from WalMart and have only had one other kind that I did not like at all, so I’m afraid I’m not much help. Perhaps someone else will be able to help you here.

    • They are all thin aren’t they? And we mamas have the largest nipples. I always wear Lansinoh disposable nursing pads. Even when I move back into regular bras sometimes I find that I still need the extra layer depending on the shirt.

    • After nursing five babies and becoming quite “well-endowed,” I have finally found a bra that fits right and supports well. (Our local Walmart doesn’t even carry nursing bras anymore, so I had to look elsewhere.)

      Getting a well-fitting bra can make all the difference in the world in how you look in your clothes. I order mine from Breakout Bras. (
      (I have been ordering from them for several years now, and I’ve always been so happy with their customer service.) They have a page where you can figure out your size. It is a different way of fitting than anyone else I’ve ever seen, but I finally have bras that fit well and are flattering and modest. A well-fitting bra actually is more modest than an ill-fitting one (especially if you have been blessed with a large bust). If you are smaller, this isn’t such an issue.

      The best nursing bra I’ve ever had is the Bravado Bliss. It looks great under knit shirts and is easy to nurse in. It is quite pricey, but for the use I’ve gotten out of mine, the comfort and the modesty, it is very worth it. Even if you can only get one to wear when you go out (and then save the less-than-flattering ones for at home use), it would be a good investment, in my opinion.

      (And what I mean by “flattering,” is that this bra actually detracts from my bust, rather than draw attention to it! It makes me look about 10 lbs thinner, just wearing the right bra and having everything in the right place.) :)

      Hope this helps someone…I know the frustration of searching for a well-fitting nursing bra! :)

  24. Amy,
    I’m enjoying the “She wears skirts” posts very much. Will you be addressing static? Whether I wear tights, leggings, stockings, or not, and a slip or not, I still end up with static unless it’s a very heavy skirt. Now with summer coming I’d like to wear my lighter skirts, and they stick to my legs always, and even if the slip is an inch shorter than the skirt, the bottom of the skirt finds my legs and sticks.

    • No, we won’t be, but have you tried any of the sprays out there or simply rubbing a dryer sheet on the problem areas?

      • I am sensitive to chemicals, so don’t use those things. I was hoping for some sort of material combination for skirts/slips/tights or no leg covering that is relatively static free. I’m sure I’m not the only one with this problem…it’s actually how I found your blog…looking for ways to be functional in skirts all the time. People wear skirts that aren’t denim or heavy, and don’t get static, so I’m wondering how.

        • Amy M, I know this is a very old post and I hope you will see this… 😉
          Try making a slip (petticoat) from 100% natural linen (or also called “flax”) – it is naturally non-static and should help. If you are generally allergic – Google “health properties of linen” – there is some amazing info about the properties of 100% linen out there! Hope it helps!

  25. Sorry ladies, I don’t get this one. If a woman can wear an outfit that is feminine and modest, why the need to wear skirts constantly? It seems to be too complicated. Aren’t we to be our husband’s helpmate? How can we do this wearing a skirt constantly? This weekend my husband asked me to help take down a deck. How would this have been possible in a skirt? The answer is it would not have been possible. I needed the use of both of my legs to be safe as I would weave and bob between boards. I was constantly squating; also not possible in a dress or skirt. Don’t get this one.

  26. Just found all these posts about wearing skirts!
    I have worn skirts/dresses only for 34 years now. For me it is how I honor the Lord.
    Chafing problem – I wear culotte slips I make out of nylon tricot and they work great. Staying warm? First I don’t wear 100% polyester for any reason other than my tricot culotte slips. It either holds the heat or the cold and doesn’t let my skin breathe. I once thought that there were times I needed to wear pants to be modest, etc but I have learned that I can do anything I need to do in a dress or skirt. I make sure I have room to move, sit or whatever I need to do. I climb ladders, paint, remodel, work in the yard, but make sure my skirt is long enough to keep everything covered when I bend over, stretch, etc. I have found that even men I don’t know treat me with more respect because I dress like a woman (skirts or dresses).

  27. I am going to look into those fleece-lined tights, I think my daughter would really appreciate them this winter!

    Last winter we wore tights (Target has good warm “sweater” tights for $8) and long thigh high or over the knee length socks. My problem is that no matter what, these slide down for me. So, I am constantly hiking them up and that just gets irritating! But they are so cute under some of the skirts! It annoys me because it is obviously an issue with my particular anatomy as I have seen these very same socks on ladies at church and I have seen them walking around in them and I have not seen them hiking them up even once! I can’t take but 5 or 6 steps in them with out yanking them back in place!!


  28. I was brought up to wear skirts only and still do (I’m 20 but live at home with mammy and dad). Dad also though tights or leggings especially were too much like men’s trousers so I wear thigh length stockings held up with suspenders. In winter I wear wool ones (sometimes two pairs!) and just nylon stockings in warm weather. You have to have a really good suspender belt to hold up the wool ones though (I got some with 6 straps). As I wear modest full knickers I find I can been pretty warm even in snow with boots.

  29. I love the Vera Wang capri leggings from Kohl’s. If you find them on sale they run about $15 which isn’t bad. They sell all kinds of styles from the basic black and white, too denim. One reason I like them so well is they fit around the waist and are not low rise. The capri’s hit me just below the knee so I can wear them under all of my skirts :) I also get the bike shorts at Target for my knee length skirts. I have a 6 year old son and so I find myself playing on the floor with him daily and in need of something to cover up with more often. I don’t mind that they show when my skirts have a kick split in the back either. Hope this helps :)

  30. I have recently been convicted regarding modesty and have been weeding out my closet (getting rid of jeans) for about a month. Now that the weather has gotten cooler I was at a loss as to how to stay warm. I have a few pairs of knee boots that I have been wearing, but would love to be more comfortable. I think finding shoes that look nice and are comfy has proven to be the bigger challenge for me, rather than anything else. Any ideas?

  31. I like the ribbed “muscle t-shirts” for layering. I wear it backwards so the higher neckline is in the front. I get mine at my local hobby lobby. They’re inexpensive and fit snuggly enough that they dont ride up. I like them much better than the camis with the shelf bra and thin straps.

  32. I too wear skirts 95% of the time (I dont always wear them to our horse barn, at least not in the winter but often in the summer unless riding) I live in Mi. so cold days are the name of the game. and humid in the summer. So I have found cable and knee high socks work well with leggings, and fleece lines leggings. I also wear cuddle duds. they are soft silky and warm.. In the summer I wear pettie pants. I order mine from National clothing. They also sale great socks, shoes, and cuddle duds.