Bible Based Homeschooling Resources for Toddlers and Preschoolers

A reader asked if I had any resources for Bible based homeschool activities for very young children.  Here are a few of our favorites as well as some ideas I’ve gathered from across the web.  For more, check out my Homeschooling Littles board on Pinterest!

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Our favorite devotionals for the younger crowd:

Mighty Acts of God

Leading Little Ones to God

Hurlbut’s Story of the Bible

{be sure and buy the original edition and not the new one as it is not nearly as wonderfully meaty!}

We rotate through these during our Breakfast & Bible time every morning.  Yes, even the older crowd is in on this, but they truly enjoy it and I’ve found that they learn something new every time we work through these books.

One of our favorite resources for learning about Bible times is Old Testament Days: An Activity Guide

We are using this book for history this year.  In it are short explanations of Biblical customs and the culture of the time with a corresponding craft that is typically quite easy for all ages to complete.

Another book we are using and thoroughly enjoying is A Child’s Geography: Explore the Holy Land (this is a Knowledge Quest book written by Ann Voskamp & Tonia Peckover).  This book has managed to cross the age boundaries within our family quite nicely.  The only children not interested in this book are the 2 year old and 10 month old…not that I would expect much to capture their attention at this age which is why we have the Toddler Box.


I am a lapbook dropout, but these Bible-based lapbooks actually look like something I could handle.  My biggest complaint with lapbooks is how teacher intensive they are when you have a crowd of little ones.  After scanning the ideas on this site, I think these could definitely work for moms of littles.  And of course, there is my friend Jimmie’s site that never ceases to amaze me when it comes to lapbooking how-to’s.

DLTK’s list of Bible activities, including coloring pages like the one shown below.


The Wordless Book for toddlers to help explain the plan of salvation.

PDF file of learning objectives and Bible-based ideas (looks to be geared toward a church daycare center, but definitely doable for homeschoolers)

Also, I’ve heard really good things about Heart of Dakota as a solid Bible based curriculum for the younger crowd, not free, but worth a look.

On a side note…

Even though I recently did a post on what we are using to homeschool our littles this coming year, I have to say I am not an advocate of formal education for toddlers and preschoolers.  I really think reading God’s Word, studying God’s world, and playing and crafting are plenty for little minds to do.  Create a home with vision and purpose based on the knowledge and wisdom of the Lord and let the schooling naturally fall into place…later.

Have a great idea or link?  Add it in the comments sections and you might find yourself on my Pinterest board!  I’m always looking for new ideas!
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11 thoughts on “Bible Based Homeschooling Resources for Toddlers and Preschoolers

  1. I was homeschooled for a few years when I was younger, and I have had it in my heart to homeschool my own children. The idea of unschooling appeals to me the most (for a number of reasons), but my 3-year-old seems to enjoy structured activities and gets excited about the idea of school so I thought I would create a preschool curriculum to start with her next month. It’s sure giving me a taste for what to expect!

    I have bunch of workbooks, basic art materials and manipulatives already, but I searched for some free resources. I’m combining the Biblical lessons at ABC Jesus Loves Me ( and some or their concepts with the idea of incorporating a theme and vocab word that I found at Brightly Beaming Resources ( – though I created my own outline.

    I’ve been filling in the blanks with all sorts of free printable resources, like the customizable pages at Twisty Noodle (, alphabet memory verse cards (, all sorts of nature-related downloads at nature detectives (, and some neat ideas at christian preschool printables ( Those are just a few!

    I’ve also found some favorite christian homeschool blogs where I’ve found some resources I’ll be implemting, such as Tot Trays (, Tools for Tots (, and Preschool Packs (

    I just made a couple lapbooks, and where I do find them time-intensive, I think they’re a great tool. I also made some easy file folder games ( and

    I have an ever-expanding list of resources, so it gets overwhelming!

  2. This year we have loved using Crossroads of Character from the Boyers ( with the younger ones. I will actually be posting a review and hosting a giveaway for it soon!

  3. Thank you many times over!! Our son isn’t quite 3 weeks old (!) but I’ve been making note of different resources and things. This will go at the top of the list. I’m not sure yet if we’ll be called to homeschooling long term but I want to make the most of these early years. Thanks again!

  4. Thanks for sharing! I’m SO with you on not doing formal academics with littles, but I wanted to be intentional in teaching the Bible. Similar to Karla’s comment above, my 3 year old son does well with a little structure. I too really like using the Bible lessons from ABC Jesus Loves Me. On my blog ( share about how I’ve done those lessons, as well as some wonderful books from Before Five in a Row just for fun. My son loves Bible time and often asks me to go over our weekly Bible story on our flannelboard even when I wasn’t thinking about it.