Easy Sew Chaps for My Little Cowboy

I have a cowboy.

And that cowboy has been begging for chaps for a very long time.

I couldn’t find a sewing tutorial that suited me and I just couldn’t justify the cost of what I was seeing ready-made online.  I finally decided to figure something out for myself that was both simple and practical.

I started with a pair of holey jeans that didn’t come from Sears (we use KidVantage for our boys’ jeans whenever possible).  They were a small size 6.

Since I was determined to only use what I had on hand, I chose fabric that I thought looked appropriate for little boys’ chaps.  The fabric was 44″ x 20″.  What you are looking for is fabric that when cut in half will be just a bit longer than each of the legs of your pair of jeans and keep in mind that the fabric needs to be just as tough as your boys are!

Ok, here is the part where you have to turn a blind eye to the fact that I was trying to do this project quickly since I had a little cowboy standing over me (and I was only taking pictures because I hoped it would turn out!)

First thing I did was to cut the jeans at an angle just below the pockets.

I cut my fabric in half so I had two pieces that were 22″ x 20″.  With right sides of the fabric together folded lengthwise, I laid each cut off jean leg on top of the fabric with the center seam of the jean leg laying along what would become the center seam of the chaps leg.  I then cut to fit.  (as you can tell no perfection needed here)

My daughter then sewed up the length of the inseam of the chaps leg while I cut out the other leg.

Next, turn the jeans top inside-out and the chaps leg right side out and put right sides together by putting the chaps leg inside the top of the jeans and matching up the outside edges and inside edges, working your way around and pinning as you go.  You will probably need to ease the fabric a bit, but try to do most of the easing on the back side of the chaps where puckers won’t be as noticeable.

Sew around the leg and turn right side out to admire your work. :)

Do the same for the other leg and then turn back inside-out and sew up a small hem at the bottom of each of the chaps legs.

The second these came off the machine, my cowboy was grabbing them up and trying them on, but since being a cowboy is serious business, you’ll have to imagine just how super-excited my little guy was.  In fact, he hasn’t taken them off since except for bed (and let me tell you, THAT was a struggle!).



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16 thoughts on “Easy Sew Chaps for My Little Cowboy

  1. Those are great! I have a little Cowboy, too – he hasn’t asked for chaps yet, but when he does, at least I will have an idea of how to create them!! :)

  2. That is so cool! I totally do not have the patience to sew but think that this is something that would be cool to do. I think maybe some hot glue and fringed felt are more up my alley though lol!

  3. This turned out great! My boys would love something like that, and with my very minimal sewing skills, that still looks like something I could pull off. I like that you just went for it, although, it doesn’t look like you had much choice with that tough guy looking over your shoulder. :) Too cute!

  4. Wow!, that its awesome!!, i have a little cowboy too, he is 5 yo, and he is a cowboy all day, in fact he sleeps with his gun below his pillow, haha, i love this project!!, Thanks!