The Awesome Dish Drying Mat Giveaway!

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The dishes were stacked by the sink with care…

and no messy water spills were to be found there.

Thanks to my new dish mat!

Our current home (we are still searching for a new rental...) has a dishwasher, but I’ve learned it just doesn’t make sense for a large family to do every single dish in the dishwasher, so we hold out the large bowls and casserole pans and of course, my beloved knives (and whatever else doesn’t fit). However, because I detest dish drainers (bulky mold catchers that they are), we were resorting to using a kitchen towel.

Now, I know my mom would probably chide me for not just drying the dishes as soon as they are washed and rinsed, but I actually like air-dried dishes (and I like the fact I don’t have to expend any energy to dry them!)

What I don’t like are the sopping wet kitchen towels that end up leaking onto my floor because let’s face it, when your main washing crew is a 14 year old boy and a 10 year old girl, you learn to expect this. However, take a look at this…

The entire counter is dry! The floor is dry! My dishes will soon be dry. And a short time after those dishes are put away, my dish mat will be dry and I can fold it up and slip it into my towel drawer for the next go round!

And I cannot wait to use it for canning next season!  Until then, It’s a great place to put my produce after I’ve washed it!

So, now that I’ve convinced you of your need for one of these nifty dish mats, let me tell you something wonderful…

You can win one!

That’s right. Raising Arrows has collaborated with a team of bloggers and Schroeder & Tremayne, Inc. (the dish mat company) to give away 33 of their 16×18″ dish mats!
{they also have an XL dish drying mat you can buy!}

Each blogger listed at the bottom of this post is featuring a certain color to giveaway,
so be sure to find your favorites and sign up on each blog to win!
{and by the way, these make WONDERFUL gifts!}

Raising Arrows is giving away RED!
Here’s how you sign up…

And here are the other blogs participating (enter all of them if you like!)…
A Slob Comes Clean –Coastal Blue

Spell Outloud — Coastal Blue

Many Little Blessings –Sage Green

Finding Joy — Sage Green

Jimmie’s Collage — Gray

Weird Unsocialized Homeschoolers — Gray

Crispy Not Crunchy — Black

Feels Like Home –Red

An Oregon Cottage — Cream

Mama’s Learning Corner — Black

Good luck everyone!

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196 thoughts on “The Awesome Dish Drying Mat Giveaway!

  1. Oh this is so timely! Our dish rack has gotten quite disgusting recently and wouldn’t you know, we can’t find a replacement anywhere! How bizarre! But the water all over is an issue too and is actually ruining our countertop so I’d love to try this product. Thanks for the giveaway.

  2. I would use it like crazy. I have one but wish I had two. My dad gave me my first one and I use it like crazy but all my dishes don’t fit on one because we have no dish wash so I have to wash all my dishes by hand.

  3. I am constantly washing dishes in the sink AND dishwasher (big family:-). I have been using dish towels to drain the counter dishes, they do get soggy and drippy! This looks so cool! I would love one of these!!

  4. My kids 15, 12 and 9 take turns doing the dishes and we have the same issue with water all ove. Would love to get a matt to help with that.

  5. I would love to win this to dry my dishes on. I do all my dishes by hand and like to let them air dry, this mat would be a big help to me!!

  6. This is really cool. I’ve never seen these before but I need one :0)

    I wash most of my dishes by hand and I so agree with you on the moldiness of a dish drainer. I would use mine under the dish drainer in place of the mat I currently have. Also, like the idea of having one (maybe two) for canning season.

  7. What a great product! We are in the process of putting the house on the market and moving out of state. This would certainly help cut down on all the items I leave in the drying rack to dry… which takes a long time. I also don’t really have storage to stash the drying rack but I can stash this great mat!

  8. I have had to throw away not one but two really pretty hand embroidered dishtowels because they kept getting soaked from being used as drying mats and couldn’t dry fast enough. These look great!

  9. This would be a perfect solution for us, we are traveling missionaries with Hard Hats for Christ and we live in an RV. Dishes stack up fast and I go through at least 2 dish towels a day! This would be great!

  10. I would use it to dry dishes or use it in my daughters bathroom so when she gets out of the bath she won’t get the floor wet!

  11. I love that idea! I have never seen one before. We have a dish drain, and it is bulky and non stop work to keep the mold away. Red would be perfect and would match my fvaorite tea pot. :-)

  12. I would love to have this for my kitchen!! I am not fond of my large drying mat – can’t fold it and put it away! Tandie

  13. I would love to win this because I hate those ugly moldy drying racks and I also dislike going through so many towels and our kitchen accent color is red :-)


  14. I have a two tier dish drainer that I love since it can hold twice as many dishes/cups,(we don’t have a dishwasher) but I agree that the plastic tray can get really ugly looking. I’m thinking I could replace the tray with these mats and still be able to keep my stainless steel dish drainer!! : ) thanks for the chance to win!

  15. I would likely use this mat for produce while canning and for bottles or for when the dishwasher is too full for any more dishes 😉 Thanks for doing this giveaway!

  16. These do work. I have the walmart knockoff. I’m not knocking it. I would love another as we don’t have a dishwasher and everything is done by hand.

  17. I would LOVE to win this! I’ve just given up on my dishwasher. I have been washing them by hand before putting them in the dishwasher–then of course unloading them. But the problem is, they come out dirty! So I’ve been mostly hand-washing everything! And using up all my handtowels for drying is definitely the biggest challenge! This will be just the tool I need!

  18. As I use a mini dish drain that sits inside my sink AND a towel on the counter in order to accommodate my dishes, I could re-claim my sink. Woohoo!!

  19. I actually have one of these and LOVE it! The way we hand wash around here tho, I could use one more!! Thank you for the opportunity :)

  20. I always use a dish towel because dish drainers are gross! I would love to have one of these to use instead of the dish towel.

  21. i keep one of those awful plastic dish drying racks on the counter, and i hate it! plus it’s this hideous shade of gray-blue. i would use the new one to dry my things that can’t go in in the dishwasher, like my kitchen aid mixing bowl and attachments!

  22. If I win this I will use it every day! We use towels every day to wash dishes, because we dont’ have a dishwasher. I will put it to good use! I will tell everyone I know about it!

  23. We keep a dishtowel folded up right beside our sink to catch water that spills over onto the counter tops. This mat would look so much nicer on my counter top! I also LOVE the idea of using the mat with freshly washed produce. Thanks for hosting this giveaway!

  24. I am currently using an old towel my husband used during his Army days to drip dry dishes on, so this would be an improvement for sure. Thanks for the giveaway.

  25. I’d love to have a set of these! I had the same idea – not just for dishes but also for veggies and fruit as you wash them!

  26. This would eliminate my problem of puddles on the floor when I am drying my garden veggies, YAY!! THANK YOU for offering this!

  27. I seriously almost bought one of these the other day and then thought “oh, maybe another time…” I love that it doesn’t collect mold like our rack does and that you can fold it up and put it away!!

  28. I have seen these before and wasn’t sure they actually worked. So nice to hear that they do a great job and the red is beautiful. I would love one of these for when we wash pots and pans!

  29. I would use this in the kitchen for dish drying and fruit/veggie drying. Thanks for the opportunity!
    Terri S
    ponyxpress9 at yahoo dot com

  30. This sounds like something we really need. We do not have a dishwasher, so we wash them all by hand. This would help out so much.

  31. These look awesome and you are right – I think they would make great gift ideas for those people on my list that seem to have everything – but they don’t have this.

  32. I milk goats. I wash milking equipment. I don’t have a dishwasher. The combination of these facts means I often have breakfast dishes to wash while milking stuff is air drying in the dish drainer. Do i leave the breakfast dishes ’til later? (NO!!! I can’t STAND sinks filled with dirty dishes!! My one nod to OCD.) Do I put away the milking stuff before it is fully dried? A FAR from ideal plan… Do I wash my milking things onto a drying mat, leaving them to sit undisturbed until fully dry? Sounds like an EXCELLENT plan! If only I had a drying mat….

  33. Our plastic dish drainer is always becoming unbalanced and falling into the sink if it has just a bit too much in it. These drying mats look wonderful!

  34. I haven’t had a dishwasher in a couple years & its not on the near future to be purchased list so I would LOVE this mat…with 5 kids we use lots of dishes & the sink gets full, and I usually have towels on the counter with more dishes & those only soak up so much water before its running down the cupboards – so I NEED these mats! Wow very nice!

  35. For now I can see this replacing the soggy towels on my kitchen counter ~ for dishes. But, if you can dry produce on it, how about parking hot wet jars out of the canner? : ) And a RED drying mat would make it all more fun! Thanks!

  36. I’d use this for dishes everyday! And since it takes up little space, it will be perfect for travel to Russia, which I’m sure to find lots of creative uses for.

  37. ahhh….sippy cups and blender stuff from making baby food.

    I have a few ‘littles’ who are up and coming dishwasher extraordinaires, and this would be really helpful.

  38. I love, love the idea of these mats! We have milk goats, and the sanitzed utensils have to air dry, but I really hate the dish drainer sitting out on the counter all the time. What a pleasure it would be to have one of these instead. Please enter me for the drawing!

  39. I would use it under my dish rack instead of using hand towels. This mat sounds great! Love the red for a pop of color in my kitchen. :-)

  40. Is it weird that I LOVE washing dishes? I do. I don’t mind that we don’t have a dishwasher. But I do mind that all the dishes I use during my creative cooking projects don’t fit into the silly little drainer that I have… so I use a towel next to the drainer. I would love to replace the towel with one of these! And it would be so nice for when I can/preserve things!

    My dad always told me that in order to keep my wedding ring nice and pretty that I needed to soak it in dishwater three times a day ;]

    Thanks for the opportunity!!

  41. I would love this!! I don’t have a dishwasher and I have to drape a towel under my dish drainer, always concerned with mold or just a soppy towel. We try to cut down on using dishes, just rinse and re-use the same ones over and over but I still have a drainer full at the end of every day.

  42. Yay! I would love to win this! My kitchen is full of the color red, and we always have dishes or produce for juicing drying on our counters. This would be so awesome to have!
    Thanks for the giveaway!


  43. I would like to use this in addition to my dish drainer, as we do not own a dish washer! that extra dish towel to hold my “extra” dishes gets wet and is unsightly! :-)

  44. You commented about the knives. That is what I’d like mine for. They don’t dry on the bottom very well it seems. I also usually end up handwashing the baby bottles. I get so tired of the drippy towel and yucky drying rack.

  45. I would use this towel for canning tomatoes that leak everywhere and for other daily uses when not in canning season. Looks neat!

    Thank you!!

  46. I would definitely use it for the dishes… and many other uses! With 4 kids, it doesn’t make sense to put everything in the dishwasher. And with the bread-baking that I do, the bowls used for making bread don’t come clean in the dishwasher.

    Thanks for the opportunity to win!

  47. I would use the Dishmat to dry my dishes! I don’t have a dishwasher and this would replace my ugly, counter-top hogging dish drainer. Using it for canning is a FANTASTIC idea–thanks!

  48. We do not have a dish washer, so all of our dishes are handwashed! I can’t stand drying dishes, so they usually have to sit a little while before they are dry. And I agree…dish drainers (which I use) are gross. It would also be great for canning/produce/letting things from freezer thaw!

  49. I had no idea a product like this existed. We do all of our everyday dishes (plates, glasses, silverware) by hand, after each meal, so I always have dishes drying on the counter. What a leap and a bound better this would be than soggy dishtowels!

  50. We would love this mat! We are currently using a typical dish drainer which works but this would be so much better! What a great invention!

  51. Oh we would just love this as we do not own a dish drainer and normally just use a regular dish towel,so many different things to use it for and I love the fact that we could just let it dry and fold it away.Great idea

  52. Oh! Looks like fun! I have no dishwasher, and sometimes my dishes spill over my dish drain…. plus washing garden produce, muddy matchbox cars, etc… :)

  53. Wow! My counter would love one of these. My dish drainer really is an eyesore! I hate that it sits there on the counter all the time because I can’t fit it under the sink.

  54. This looks awesome! How does it dry so fast??? I think I would use mine for washing fresh foods. I always end up with water all over my counter!

  55. This is a great handy accessory for any mom’s kitchen! I’ve been dreading to pile my wet dishes into a plastic drainer for dishes because the dishes don’t dry very quickly in there and the water drains from the tray onto the counter. So, with this mat,I can dry dishes efficiently and then fold away the mat from sight! Presto!

  56. Being an eco-living person (I own a green cleaning service), I absolutely love the microfiber and reusability factors! My kitchen (also a cooking-blog kitchen) is accented in red, so this would be great!

  57. I would use it to dry my dishes:) And you are absolutely right, as my family expands, it just doesn’t work to use the dishwasher for everything! Thank you for the opportunity!!!

  58. I would use this dish drying mat under my glasses to get them dry and keep the rims clean! I hate drying them on a dish towel because they always end up smelling musty.

  59. I would dry my cake decorating supplies that I don’t want to put in the dishwasher like decorating tips and collars. Also baking pans, mixing bowls, etc…

  60. Oh wow. I’ve thought about these before, but never jumped..with six littles running around we wash a lot of dishes and my drain has been bugging me for a while! :) I’d use mine for regular mealtime dishes!

  61. This would be great for letting my dishes air dry. I would also use it for when my daughter wants to play with water for a “project”.

  62. I would use it under my dish drainer instead of the cheap-o plastic one…why does everything have to be made so cheaply now? But not be cheap of course! LOL My kitchen is even decorated in red & black/ladybugs, so red is perfect with my black drainer :o)

  63. I would use my new awesome dish drying mat EVERYDAY for dishes (of every meal)!! It would be a great blessing to not have to dry up the water that leaks out from my old every day dish towel that is now being used.. because if it’s not caught in time.. it drips on the floor and I slip in it. *sigh* =]

  64. WOW. This sounds like an answering to sooo much for us. We used to live in a tiny rental with no counter space and no where to store a drying rack; we now live in a rental with a 4 foot by 8 foot marble island. We CAN set our dishes out to dry but the hard water stains the georgous tile and makes much more work. I really really really want one of these and would like it even more to win one:)

  65. I would use it instead of a bathroom towel. We usually have so many dishes that I fold a bath towel in half to put wet dishes on.