Buy Less, Declutter More and Share Christmas with Us!

It’s Cyber Monday and here I am telling you to get rid of stuff! And not only am I telling you to get rid of stuff, I’m also going to tell you that you probably don’t need to replace all that stuff with more stuff!

You see, come February 1 (that’s not all that far off!), we will be moving…AGAIN. So, my admonition to you to clear the clutter and make wise buying decisions is really an admonition to myself. {and this post at The Better Mom cheered me along!}

So, I am being brutal!  I’m working through my tried and true decluttering methods (someday I’ll let you in on those, but now just isn’t the time!) and really focusing on getting rid of things!  So far, 10 (yes TEN) bags have gone to the thrift store and just about that many have hit the trash!  Even though I’ve done this before (see my Half My Stuff posts), clutter never really is conquered until you learn to not allow it in.  And even then, it still accumulates because we are not able to control what others bring into our homes.  It really is an ongoing process.

This holiday season, you won’t see a lot of posts here at Raising Arrows about the best holiday deals or buying more stuff to add to the stuff you already have.  In fact, what we will be doing is sharing our family traditions and the things we do during the holidays that have become near and dear to us.  We celebrate Christ and the family of God this season…not stuff.

So, buy less, declutter more and join us for a Raising Arrows Christmas!


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15 thoughts on “Buy Less, Declutter More and Share Christmas with Us!

  1. I have a huge amount of decluttering that we have been doing with the hopes of having a yard sale this weekend and selling curriculum on line! My children’s Christmas presents from us usually consists of books (at their request), an educational game or two and one other item. I greatly dislike plastic or electronic toys so we just don’t go there!! If I could just keep my mother-in-law from buying junk we would be good!

  2. We have made a goal to take one box (medium sized moving box) of stuff to good will a week. We desperately need to declutter and simplify. My kids have always gotten less than their peers for Christmas (we just don’t think kids need to get EVERYTHING they want and we refuse to buy a bunch of junk or stand in line for hours etc to get it). But this year we are being even more careful about what we buy/bring in. You are definitely right about not being able to control what others bring in (that’s one reason I’ve been avoiding b-day parties for the last couple years!).

    I look forward to learning about your traditions!

  3. Yes!! This is exactly where I am. Well, except I’m not moving in February. We might move next summer, don’t know that yet. But I am trying to clear out pretty brutally right now. It makes me feel so much better that after getting rid of half your stuff you still have to declutter! I’m not alone! ;-D

  4. We’re preparing to be a foster home again – to take up to 5 kids at a time. So I’ve been in a decluttering mode too – 9 bags of clothes to Goodwill in the last month. And we’ve sold some furniture on Craigslist (ok, bought furniture too). We’ve decided to do a family outing to a waterpark for Christmas as the bulk of our gift budget. I’ll pick up a few other things but I’m trying to stay away from things I’ll throw away later but might pick up a few of those at the dollar store too.

  5. We are moving at the end of February and I have been slowly decluttering over the past few months. Looking forward to your tips and I’ll go back and re-read your post. I really love simplifying our lives and having less “stuff”!

  6. I’ve been slowly decluttering. Part of that is getting back to my scrapbooking, scrapbooking helps me put memories in order and and feel confident about trashing after having a page for that particularly event. :) But I have been slowly trying to gather ideas for traditions to make Christmas bright, while limiting gifts to real useful, imagination buliding toys…we love legos around here. :) Or of course books. Looking forward to hearing your traditions!

  7. I have boxes of books that I need to get rid of and I just keep putting it off because I love books and want to make sure they go to a good home…I am getting rid of clutter and trying to make my home more simple.

  8. I totally agree! I’m in my pre-Christmas purge right now, filled a few jumbo bags on the weekend, and already dropped off a van full of toys. My kids become quite generous when I tell them of children who don’t have many special toys, and I ask them what they would give up for these families for Christmas. We have already greatly reduced what we are buying for Christmas, but knowing how many Aunties and Grandparents will be sending stuff home with us, we will have more than enough filler around here for awhile. It is such a good feeling to reduce, I am onto the closets, and bedrooms now. Clearing through the clothes, and linens. Hopefully I feel refreshed for Christmas.

  9. I’m in the process of de-cluttering… I’d love to hear more about your de-cluttering methods…I”m a borderline pack rat… but I treasure clutter-free rooms more!! And an easier time packing.

    We do less for Christmas too!! Just a matter of not overspending, making good purchases and not just junk, having the RIGHT focus at Christmas and not spending a whole lot of time shopping!!

  10. I am a huge “cleaner-outer!” The other day I was folding pajamas in my boys’ room and one of my daughters walked in. She saw the pile and thought I was decluttering again. “Oh no!” she said. “Once Mama starts going through stuff, there is no stopping her.”