Large Family Stocking Holder {LFO Link Up}

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Today, I’m sharing a large family tip of my own involving…


Years ago, we hung our then-small family’s stockings from a brass NOEL sign I had purchased through Home Interiors.  When the load of stockings began to pull down the sign, I decided to move the stockings to the wooden (also Home Interiors) quilt rack/shelf that held our Willow Tree figurines.  However, in our new home, we had no wall space for the shelf and I wondered what I might be able to do with our stockings this year.

That’s when I saw this…

It’s a stocking tree! However, this particular stocking tree is $169 and only holds 6 stockings. NOT going to work.

Well, my bright idea was to hit up my welder-father-in-law and beg one of these custom made.  Great idea, except for the fact that he retired from teaching welding last year and no longer has access to any welding equipment.  But, me putting the bug in his ear about what I was wanting sent him dumpster diving and he brought me back this instead…

 I love it!  It’s just a simple coat rack/hall tree that he found sitting on the side of the road.  He repaired it and we are using it to hang all the stockings.  It’s such a fun conversational piece and there are plenty of hooks to grow on! 😉


Now, it’s your turn! Your link doesn’t have to be about stockings! And you don’t even need to have a large family!

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15 thoughts on “Large Family Stocking Holder {LFO Link Up}

  1. The tradition in my home, growing up, was that stockings layed on the end of the bed. Not only was there no space issue, but it gave us something to keep us occupied during those terribly long hours where we would inevitably wake up early, completely unable to sleep, yet too early to wake mum and dad.

      • We did this too! We had a rule in our house we couldn’t wake up until 7 am. I think there was a year or two I would wake up my younger brother (he is 6 yrs younger than me) on purpose lol. I think I woke him up at 4am. The stockings held us over w/the small trinkets and candy till 7 am. It worked!

    • I love the idea of putting the stockings on the end of the bed! What a great way to pass the time while Mom & Dad take their sweet time getting up! But what to do until Christmas morning with them? I have hung them on the window sills and on along the stairway (cute hanging from the garland)!

  2. That is a great idea! I don’t actually hang our stockings because 1. there’s too many for the fireplace, 2. some have patterns on the opposite side and so they wouldn’t all hang the same way. This would solve that problem!
    Love your Willow Tree collection. I have a few of them myself.

  3. What a great idea! If I ever see a used one, I’m picking it up :)
    I tacked my 7 stockings along a high shelf in our living room.