Purchase 10 Days to a Peaceful Home for $1.99 – Revised & Expanded Version!

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A Peaceful Home!

Because of the overwhelming response to 10 Days to a Peaceful Home, I’ve revised and expanded it and am now offering it in one convenient downloadable pdf for only


Just in time for the holidays!

The Revised & Expanded version of 10 Days to a Peaceful Home includes:

  • All 10 Days of posts from the original series
  • An expanded Day 10 post
  • Greet the Morning Checklist
  • Basic Meals List {was Subscriber Only!}
  • Basic Meals Grocery List {was Subscriber Only!}
  • Brainstorming Beauty Worksheet {NEW!}
  • Hospitality List

May you be blessed with a Peaceful Home and the Peace of Christ this Holiday season!

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13 Comments on Purchase 10 Days to a Peaceful Home for $1.99 – Revised & Expanded Version!

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13 thoughts on “Purchase 10 Days to a Peaceful Home for $1.99 – Revised & Expanded Version!

  1. Does this include all of your posts and the other blogers posts? I was going through and trying to print them and this is a way better deal!!!

  2. Amy, Just purchased online version of 10 days to a peaceful home. I just started homeschooling this year. My kids are 10,8,6 and 3. I recently was feeling alot of stress and pressure from outside a possible 3rd deployment for my husband ,economy exct and realized I was taking my eye off the goal. So I began searching for a support system and prayed for the Lords help. Stumbled upon your blog ,I love it ! Thank you for being so transparent in your life and walk. Its obvious you bless people in so many ways by allowing them to see the Lord work in your life. I also long for as many blessings as the Lord has for us but my husband got a vasectomy 3 years ago. We are praying about it and I hope we can get it reversed.

    • Kylei – Welcome! I am so glad you are here! Our family went through 2 deployments, so I know where you are. It’s hard, but God is bigger than all these things. I will be praying for you and may you find that Peace that passes all understanding!

    • The book is about creating an atmosphere of peace in your home, starting with what you can change about your focus, your heart, and your attitude. It does speak of children, but not so much actual discipline as learning to see them as blessings and ordering your day in a way that creates peace and stability.

  3. Is this ebook available for the ipad, I always buy my ebooks through cbd and don’t know how to do it without them.