A Lilla Rose Blog Party!

The party has been EXTENDED! Order until 11:59pm CST on January 7th!

Mommy cooking with Garin in Mei TaiIt’s no secret how much I love Lilla Rose products and how I use them all. the. time. (see my hair…yep, that’s a Flexi-Clip)

Well, Lilla Rose has unveiled a new feature…

The opportunity to host a party on your blog!

That’s right!  I’m hosting a blog party for Lilla Rose products and this is the perfect time since shipping is FREE this month!  All you have to do is click on


and register real quick, then go shopping!

Now, perhaps you’d like to know why I like Lilla Rose products so much and why I would want to host a party…

Lilla Rose products are:

  • Sturdy – My hair is THICK!  The first time I ordered, I was really worried they would be flimsy (like some I’ve seen in stores), but they are not!  I love that I don’t have to worry about breaking them!
  • Versatile – I love to use them to dress up outfits, but they are so easy to use that I often use them to quickly throw my hair up for the day.
  • Fun – I like things that are unique and Lilla Rose offers all sorts of interesting ways to put your hair up (hair sticks are another favorite of mine!)

So, take a look around!

And don’t forget – Shipping is FREE!

Party will close Thursday January 5  Saturday, January 7 at 11:59pm CST!

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10 thoughts on “A Lilla Rose Blog Party!

  1. How do you know what size of flexiclip to order? What size are you wearing in your pic? Can you also wear that size if you want to put your hair half up half down? Thanks!

      • To add to that, I use the extra small most for wearing half my hair up. I also use extra small to do a twist in my little girl’s hair. But I move up to small and med for buns for them. However, I have and use ALL the sizes, ex-small and small get the most use at my house. (we have 4 young girls)

  2. love this idea, and my question is totally unrelated :) are you using a moby wrap in that picture and how/where did you learn to back carry? i’ve looked unsuccessfully online and dd is 17 months and i can’t front carry her anymore (she’s a skinny-minnie, but 33 inches tall!)

    got any tips? i dread cooking dinner with her in one arm! :) thanks!

  3. We LOVE LOVE LOVE Flexi-8. We first discovered them a couple of years ago at a homeschool convention. My older daughter uses one nearly everyday. I should check out the site and see if there’s anything we “need” (especially with free shipping)

    Hope your blog party goes great!!!!!
    Praising Him,

  4. Thanks for hosting this on your blog. I have heard about it, but never investigated further. I can’t wait to receive the Flexi Clips. I purchased two for my daughter’s 11th birthday and the two for myself. I recently came across your blog, courtesy of Facebook. As the daughter of our King, wife, homeschool mom of 5, and homemaker, your writing and ideas are inspirational. Now off to catch-up on your posts about modesty. 😉