Have you ever felt out of place?

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As I sat in that Country Club dining room I felt so out of place.  Surrounding me were men and women working their way up a corporate ladder I had never stepped foot on.  I’m just a mom.  What in the world am I doing here?

You can find me today at The Better Mom talking about feeling out of place as a stay at home mom in a crowd of working moms.

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10 thoughts on “Have you ever felt out of place?

  1. I loved your post! Have been there before and it is such an uncomfortable feeling. After “they” have seen me home schooling for seven years now, they look at me a little differently. A little.

  2. My husband works in a major city in this environment. I have to admit I mostly dread his company Christmas Party. This year I did take a different approach. I spent all my time asking about other people and when it did come back to me…..my three kids …..homeschooling….not “working”, I told the truth. No sugar coating but definately my gratefulness for my kids and being at home. One women told me how she was never going to have another child because her 19 month old made her life so difficult. It was sad but I tried to encourage her.
    Anyway, great post. We have nothing to hide from. Others may see what we do as “less then” but know better :o)

  3. Great post and very encouraging!
    I am one of those moms who will be going on six children next month, as baby Jacob is due to be born. I dislike feeling uncomfortable to the point of defending why I chose to have so many children or put in a position where everyone is just staring at my family and I, So I avoid places like these like the plague.LOL

    Once while shopping at Wal-mart, a lady toting one child in her cart, stop me and said ” are all these your children?” I replied, Yes! She than said “what were you thinking?!?”

    At this point, I had to call on Jesus to keep my cool!I replied back to her with “I am thinking I am very blessed!” LOL, which ended the conversation at that point!LOL

    Great post and you are one brave women!!

  4. Thank you so much! Very encouraging to see that other stay-at-home/ homeschooling moms going through & have the same feelings as I do. Thanks for your example!!! God bless you & your family.