Join Me At the Best Homeschool Convention of the Year!

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Teach Them Diligently ConventionI am so grateful for the opportunity to go to what I believe will prove to be the most amazing, most intellectually stimulating, most emotionally encouraging homeschool convention of the year – the Teach Them Diligently Convention!

Teach Them Diligently ConventionI have been encouraged and challenged by all three of the keynote speakers, the vendor’s list looks incredible, my husband is looking forward to the men’s breakfasts with Stephen Kendrick & Voddie Baucham, and I’m looking forward to meeting some of my favorite bloggers at the blogger meetup!

I would love to see you there too!  Registration is only $40!  So, if you can at all make the trip, I’d encourage you to do so because every homeschooling family needs encouragement to get them through the year!

But, if you can’t make it, you can follow my blog, my facebook page, and my twitter feed and via the hashtag #HSTTD for convention updates and highlights and find out what I’m doing and be encouraged right along with me!

And a HUGE thank you to all those responsible for getting me to the convention:

Teach Them Diligently Convention

Homeschool Programming, Inc. – They will be at the convention with 15% off their products!  Tell them hello from me!

Six Suitcase Travel – Travel site geared toward large families & how we booked our flight.  See me at the convention to claim your FREE luggage tag! (while supplies last – I can only put so many in my suitcase!)

Six Munchkin Stitching – Etsy shop with handmade goodies from a mother of many.  Get 10% everything when you use coupon code: raisingarrows

Can’t wait to see all of you there!

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16 thoughts on “Join Me At the Best Homeschool Convention of the Year!

  1. Wow, I’m so glad you posted this!! Our state’s conference last year had both Baucham and Hamm as keynote speakers, and what a blessing and encouragement it was to hear from them. We actually live within driving distance of this one, though. (eep!) I mean, it’s not necessarily a drive I would want to make each morning and evening, but it’s possible. I mentioned it to my hubby, so perhaps we’ll be able to make it to this one. :) Would love to meet up if so!

  2. Oh my, Amy! This looks awesome!! Voddie Baucham was the main speaker at our state’s homeschool conference last year and we were blow away with him. God used his message in a powerful way to affect our marriage and our family. I just sent this to my husband and we’re actually going on a date tonight to discuss plans and goals for the year. This will be on the list. :) Thanks!

  3. This sounds like a great event! I have heard Ken Ham (briefly) and Voddie Baucham speak, but not Doug Phillips (live). And Steven Kendrick, who Mr. Phillips said is a good friend of his; I have not yet heard very much about him, but I love the movies he and his brother makes!
    I live in Oregon, and Portland’s homeschool conventions attracts many homeschoolers from around the NW. I’ll be praying we can get these men to our area. Wow! Have a blessed time! BTW, Amy, do you take your kids to the conventions? I haven’t yet and I only have two. I might be brave and do that next year. 😀 My older one is good about sitting, but the younger one is still working on self control. :) I have been a leader in my homeschool group for about 3 years and have been blessed to go with my husband to our conventions, either for free or for very good deals. But for as much as we get out of them, they are worth the higher cost! :) I used to just want to look at all the exhibits and not go to the lectures. But now that I’ve been to them, I always look forward to find out who the new speakers will be for the following year! I’ve also heard Kevin Swanson. He, too, was homeschooled, and really gets the attention of his listeners!

  4. oh, this looks soooo neat!! I wish I could be going, but I live in Europe and can’t really afford the trip 😉
    I hope you have a fabulous time – and I’ll be checking in for updates :)
    I very much enjoy your blog! Thanks for the work you put in it!

  5. I hope to run into all of you lovely ladies! I’m traveling from IL, staying with my mom who lives in Greenville- a double bonus for me!! Safe travels for all. Jill