Murphy’s Law for Moms

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Murphy's Law for Moms

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29 Comments on Murphy’s Law for Moms

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29 thoughts on “Murphy’s Law for Moms

  1. LOVE IT! And so true….and if we can remember these things… will help us remember…the time is short and while a clean house is a necessary way of training our children to be good stewards….accidents and life does happen!

  2. My 8 year old daughter came over to see what I was laughing at. She wasn’t amused when I showed her. Must be a mom thing! Love #6. Although #9 is all too true right now with mama being sick and the kiddos not.

  3. i would like to find a cross stitch patter for : MURPHY’S LAW FOR MOMS. Do you have one ? or know where i can get one ? thank you so much..

  4. Hi, I came across the Murphy’s Law for Moms and was wondering who actually wrote it? Does anyone know the author of the above graphic or how I could find out who owns it?