Welcome Home: The Truth About Your Posessions

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Landslide damage in basement, 1962

This time of year everyone is focused in organizing and decluttering. It’s a new year with a fresh start and we want to make big, lasting changes.

But will the changes really stick?

Not likely.

I’m not here to rain on your organizational parade because I believe organizing and decluttering are incredibly important; however, we will never be able to truly release the clutter and get our house in order if we don’t have the right attitude about our possessions.

We are a society full of stuff and there’s really no getting around the plethora of things available for us to acquire.  For many people, this means buying more containers and dividers and baskets and bookcases in order to house the stuff they own.  More often than not, they have acquired so much there is no way they could ever use everything they own.  Their stuff owns them instead.

As I am beginning to pack up my home for the 10th time in 15 years, I am reminded of something I learned long ago about possessions.

I don’t need them.

That’s why I’ve written a FREE ebook entitled:

Let Go of What You Own
a Biblical approach to decluttering

How can you get a copy of this free ebook for yourself?

Like the Raising Arrows facebook page, click on the Only Likers tab on the left sidebar and grab the download!

Welcome Home button

I wanted to start the Welcome Home Link Up with this post because I truly believe we must have the right attitude about everything we own before we can create a welcoming home we enjoy caring for.

Won’t you join me on this journey?

Remember, you can get your FREE copy of Let Go of What You Own by liking the Raising Arrows facebook page, and then be sure to join the link up below!  You can grab the link up button in my sidebar.

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31 thoughts on “Welcome Home: The Truth About Your Posessions

  1. God teaches us the right perspective on stuff one way or another. Our “hurting children” had no respect for stuff. We’ve had to teach them, but we’ve also had to learn when something was destroyed that it was ‘just stuff’, and our child was more important. So hard for me to learn when some things were keepsakes and other things I saved for (sometimes for a long time). But none of it can be taken with us. But lives and souls we touch will spend eternity with us.

  2. Thank you so much for this post. I rarely find something about decluttering that inspires and motivates me but I was really hit by the comment you made about your vacation. That is so true! How wonderful it is to live in a trailer by the lake for a week, as we do. It always causes me to feel that I don’t need more than we have in that tiny space. Thank you for reminding me of this!

  3. It must be in the water :-). I have the Salvation Army coming to pick up 12 bags of clothes (incl coats),1 huge bag of shoes (over 18 prs!) 2 boxes of dishes and some odds and ends. I hate the way my foyer looks right now w/all this stuff, but after they come by it’ll be a huge weight off my shoulders!

    I haven’t purged this much stuff since we moved almost 10 yrs ago.

  4. Amy, thank you so much for the free ebook and your wise perspective! We have already done a bit of decluttering as we look to start finishing off two rooms in our basement for the two older kids. It’s amazing, and a bit embarrassing, when you look at all the ‘stuff’ you can acquire, store and then forget. Just wasted $, time, resources, etc. for things that seemed important at the time.

    But it is cathartic for the heart – as I declutter our home, I am also in the process of decluttering my heart of worldly things. . . . which leaves more space for the Father! :)

  5. I used to save everything and then one day, our basement flooded. It was an incredible mess and I was so disgusted with myself. There were so many items- clothes, books, etc. that could have been given away to someone that could use them. Instead we had to throw it all away. That was a hard lesson to learn, but I certainly don’t have a problem keeping things I don’t need anymore.

    We also downsized our entire home and lived in a motorhome for over a year, taking only our necessities. That really helped my entire family to be able to prioritize wants vs. needs.

  6. This is my first time “linking up” with anyone, Amy. I’ve written a couple posts about how I handle organization, decluttering and handling it all “when momma is sick.” :) I just thought I’d share.

    Keeping you in prayer as you pack up your home to move.


  7. I too would really like the ebook but do not do facebook. Any other way to download it? I have trully been enjoying your blog and learned a lot, especially from your large family series as we are praying for more children after God changed our hearts (If Jesus is our Lord and Savior, He needs to be Lord of ALL, including the womb.) Thank you and may God bless your family THIS day!

    • Cheri – No need to have a blog! Just go to the Raising Arrows facebook page, like it, and click on the lefthand sidebar tab that says Only Likers. You’ll see a link there and if you hover over the page, you’ll see a way to download it. :)

  8. Hi Amy,
    I see others have asked about getting the ebook without being on facebook. I don’t do facebook either, but I would love to read your book—any chance of making it available to us? God Bless you and your family!

    • I too love books! I’ve tried to pare things down some by only keeping really great books (no twaddle) and if it’s not a favorite that will be read again and again and it can easily be gotten at the library, I get rid of it from our own library.

  9. Any chance of non-facebook appreciators getting a copy too? I purposely do not do facebook as a personal conviction. Many years ago God convicted me on “things” and my heart attitude towards them, but judging by the number of boxes in my garage that I have moved 3 times now in the past 3 years, I need help in this area again.

  10. Ah! The declutter discussion… One of my favorites… as a severe asthmatic, my life literally depends on this! I have become ruthless in my efforts to de-stuff (including my beloved books!) Though I really could use the help of a small army! We went to the extreme of purchasing NOOK readers for our kids last Christmas, and now (other than curriculum) all of our future book purchases will be digital (because I am sick of bagging up and hauling off our treasures). Now SLOWLY… I hope to go very low paper. DEATH to DUSTMITES!!!

  11. I tried to read the ebook, knowing I NEED it, This is a struggle for me anyway, but on my computer it only shows up in 1/3 of an area of my screen to read, plus some ADD – Very hard to read, is it possible to email it, or read it somewhere else.
    I was encouraged to find your page, as well as a few others after stopping by. I am praying about homeschooling now.
    Scared to death, mommy of 1, 2 and 4 yr old girls- Battling PPD for longer than I’d like and the thought this commitment it daunting! I am seeing that there is SO much support out there.
    I feel I still have to get ME into shape for this journey!
    sorry for the ramble
    thank you for your work! Katie

  12. Hi,

    I am late in coming to this post. I would love to read your ebook on clutter. I am not on Facebook. Is there a way I can buy a copy? This sounds like exactly what our family needs.

    In Christ,