Jumping Back Into Whole Foods {one week at a time}

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I have a huge pantry in this new house, and as you can see, it appears fairly well stocked at this time.

But, I am going shopping anyway.

That sounds totally UNfrugal of me, but the reason is one that is necessary at this point. While there are some very good things in that pantry, there are a lot of not-so-good things in that pantry (just ask my friend, Ashley, who unpacked those boxes and arranged things for me!).

I need a fresh start.

I am jumping back into whole foods with both feet and I can’t just make do with what is on hand. The main reason I need this change is that my health is not good right now.  My blood sugar is out of whack (I have hypoglycemia and the move didn’t find me eating right), my hormones are out of whack, and my iron is out of whack (anemia is something I battle fairly regularly).

After asking for help on my facebook page about getting things back under control, one reader led me to 100 Days of Real Food.  I grabbed her free meal plans from her facebook page and pulled in a few resources including a nice selection of buffalo meat from my own freezer!

ground buffalo

I’m also grabbing ingredients for homemade cinnamon strudel coffee creamer from Deliciously Organic.  I haven’t been able to stomach coffee for a long time and now that the nausea is starting to wane, I’m looking forward to a cup, but wanted to make my creamer as healthy as possible.  This recipe makes 2 cups and lasts 2 weeks…sounds about right.

By the way, if you do snag 100 Days meal plans, I’m taking Meal Plan 1 this week and changing some things to be more frugal and suit my family’s tastes (yes, they ARE eating all of this WITH me since none of us have been eating right).

I’m also enjoying looking through Modern Alternative Mama’s e-cookbooks for ideas for upcoming menus (by the way, TODAY ONLY the first 40 copies of Wholesome Comfort are 40% off with code VDAYCOMFORT and now through Wednesday (2/15), you can get 25% off any book with code VDAYSALE).

Honestly, I am really excited about all of this.  Lately, life has been happening TO me and making this change is something I can do to reclaim some semblance of normalcy.  I am so ready for this!

Do you have any posts to encourage homemakers?  Join us!

And don’t miss Tonya from My Homey Haven’s book study of The Hidden Art of Homemaking!  I’m digging out my copy as we settle in.  Check it out here:
Hidden Art of Homemaking button

(Sorry, folks, I’ve had to stop using the linky code as WordPress constantly changes the coding and makes it undeliverable to my email subscribers – however, you are welcome to leave any links to homemaking posts in the comments section of this post! Thank you for your understanding!)
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30 Comments on Jumping Back Into Whole Foods {one week at a time}

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30 thoughts on “Jumping Back Into Whole Foods {one week at a time}

    • wow Amy, I just checked out 100 days of real food and I have say that it isn’t as bad as I thought. I’m not a healthy eater at all (cookies for breakfast anyone?) but I really should try to make SOME changes. I’ll be checking her site out again tonight. Thanks. : )

  1. Amy, I was looking for your weekend in the word on Saturday, which got me thinking about you…I’m praying for you, that the holy spirit will give you comfort beyond measure and joy through this time. I’ve followed your blog for a bit, my heart is heavy for you.
    Much love to you and your family!
    I look forward to any more weekends in the word :)

  2. Thanks for this post:) We should do a blog hop with those of us who are trying to eat healthier:) I purged our kitchen this last week of everything that had preservatives. Honestly, by the end I was appalled at how many foods that are advertised as healthy and good for you (Cheerios for one) is full of chemicals. Blah. No wonder my family and I have struggled with sickness this year.
    I sent the week one menu to my husband to get the thumbs up. If he says okay, I may blog about each of the dinners and interview the family on if they like it or not. Could be fun:)
    Stay warm today!

    • Sounds great! We skipped the fish and I added in some different snack recipes (popcorn tends to really make me feel bad). Let me know if you end up blogging through it!

      • Popcorn isn’t a fave around here. And I don’t have any fish on hand and I need to use the healthy food that I have. But I’ll definitely be using this starting next month:)

  3. We have been shopping Whole Foods off an on for a while but usually just for fruits and veggies. This past week, I went shopping for more than that and had coupons in hand and saved a lot of money! I was happy with that as eating organically costs more than eating junky ol’ processed foods.

    Anyway, I have a Whole Foods coupon matchup on my blog that has a lot of printable q’s matched up to Whole Food Store coupons and sales. It’s here: http://laurawilliamsmusings.blogspot.com/2012/02/whole-food-deals-coupon-matchups-good.html

    Since September 2011, I have lost 45lbs eating organically and increasing my water intake. I eat no processed foods now and definitely no high fructose corn syrup laden sodas. I am hoping to reach my goal by this Summer.

  4. We really have been thinking a lot alike. I don’t have the same health issues that you are facing now, but years ago, I had lyme disease. I still deal with affects from it- namely terribly sore joints. I have realized that I am able to manage some of the pain and discomfort from what I eat. It won’t ever go away, but manageable is good at this point. :) I’ve also been making more conscience of the foods that we eat and am trying so hard to eat a healthier diet. One of the reasons I’m so excited about having a garden this year! I don’t have a homemaking post this week but I’ll be back next week. And thank you so, so much for mentioning my book study. I’m starting tomorrow! Blessings! :)

        • Sure! My son has juvenile rheumatoid arthritis so we know a lot about joint pain! :) We are using a combination of the GAPS diet and homeopathy for him and seeing great results! It’s a short term diet that gives the body time to heal. Here is a couple of my favorite websites that talk about GAPS:


  5. I have to say, this is timely info for me. I just decided yesterday after reading a post some info about a woman who developed MS and then reversed it by changing her diet that I was going to begin changing things at our house. Last night I found the list of the dirty dozen to avoid and the clean 15. Thats where I’ll start to cut out pesticides, hormones, etc… I won’t worry about doing everything organic, I still need to begin looking into the processed foods we eat to cut down on them as well.

    Babysteps, right?! 😉

  6. Cheering you on, Amy! Our family feels so much better since we moved to whole foods a few years ago, and we hardly have any sickness!

    The other benefit? I’ve been able to lose weight easier with just good, nourishing foods in the house- and using whole milk, butter, and bacon, to boot!

  7. I am so excited that garden season is just about here. I am so looking forward to planting all kinds of wholesome goodness in our backyard.
    We do our best to feed our large family on a small budget. I will be checking out those links you included in your post to see if I can find more ways for us to eat even healthier.

    • I just planted seeds for cabbage and broccoli and will be adding green peppers and tomatoes soon as well. So excited for the garden space out here!

  8. I’m grateful for a reminder for this. I used to be much better about my kids diet, but laziness and busy-ness has helped junk sneak back into our diet.

  9. The photo gave me pantry envy…I have no space around here!

    I’ve been thinking about our foods for awhile now and I always get thrown off when I’m tired and just need to make something fast. I’m going to check out some of your suggestions and see what we can do.

    Thanks so much for your post! :)


  10. This post is EXACTLY what I needed to read right now. Hubby came home from the doctor last night with the advice to change our diet. Our “not terrible but not great” diet.

    I’ve been intrigued by the idea of whole foods, but have been scared to start. I’m totally going to grab that menu plan!

  11. We are doing the same things! Just wish I had a Whole Foods a little closer. And now we are moving farther away from Whole Foods. Would love to hear more…as my health has not been the best either. I’m battling the same as you…hypoglycemia, anemia, plus an unknown auto-immune disorder {that honestly has a lot to do with what I’ve been eating…food dyes, dairy products, etc}. I wrote a post after I went through my pantry…donating all of my “junk”…http://www.gricefullyhomeschooling.com/2012/02/getting-rid-of-all-our-junk.html
    Would love to share ideas with you! And will be praying for you and yours!
    Many blessings ~ Jen