Too Many Cups to Wash? Here’s the Solution! {Giveaway}

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Lia's "sunshiney" DrinkBand

I am convinced every family suffers from the plight of too-many-cups-to-wash.  Children seem to delight in pulling out a new cup every time they need a drink, resulting in an entire dishwasher full of cups.

No more, my friends!

My DrinkBand!

{Yes, folks…THAT’S MY DRINK!}

I’ll have to admit, I was skeptical when Renee of sent me these plastic bands made for keeping track of everyone’s cups.  But, I was desperate!  Everything I had tried over the years failed to eliminate the too-many-cups issue.  And here we were in a smaller kitchen again.  Something had to change!

The children were super excited to choose a color and put the DrinkBands on their very own cups.  There are 8 colors in a pack and the packs come in a small and a large size…just right for our entire family! (I recommend the large size since that seems to be the size that fits every one of our glasses.)  I even put one on Garin’s sippy cup and thought about how helpful this would be if I had two children using sippy cups!

Garin's sippy cup DrinkBand

So, what’s the verdict now that the novelty has worn off?

I am absolutely THRILLED!

Here’s what I’ve noticed:

  • It’s easier to set the table for meal times.  No guessing which cups to grab or wondering where each child is supposed to sit.  It is so easy to grab each color and know you have the right cup.
  • The cups are not randomly being thrown in the dishwasher.  They are staying on the counter during the daytime hours.  I’ve asked for this to be the case all along, but since the cups seemed random, all the dishwasher loaders in the house figured they all belonged in the dishwasher after every. single. meal. ugh.
  • Even the littlest ones know which cup is theirs – a very good thing!  I don’t know about you, but I have little ones who will go around drinking from every cup in the house much to the dismay of the big kids.  DrinkBands have made it obvious {and exciting} to know which cup is theirs!
  • DrinkBands help the littles grip their glasses better.  We almost exclusively use glass glasses.  We’ve noticed less spills (which equals less chance for breakage) with the DrinkBands on.
  • DrinkBands make great conversation pieces!  Our house is full of stories and DrinkBands have become one of those stories.  People are fascinated by the little things that make life just a little easier.

Bet you can’t wait to get your hands on these!  Well, here’s your chance!  I’m giving away 3 complete sets of DrinkBands to 3 winners!  That’s 16 bands in 8 colors in both the large and the small size.  I love it when fun and practical collide!

{See below to enter}

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315 thoughts on “Too Many Cups to Wash? Here’s the Solution! {Giveaway}

  1. I’d probably end up using either the pink, or purple!

    I think these would be awesome at the cottage, in the morning for the coffee drinkers, then later after dinner if people are having a beer! I absolutely hate finding 1/2 empty bottles, and when asked who’s it belongs too, no one can answer. This is like catching people red-handed..I LOVE IT!

  2. What a fabulous idea!! I have resorted to plastic cups in order to cut down the ‘real glass’ usage/washing. It’s expensive! I’d rather use a product like this as it’s cheaper (in the long run) and teaches responsibility of keeping track of their cup. Great idea. I have 4 kids and these would be used a lot….

    My color? yellow. A reminder to try and keep a ‘sunny disposition’ in the midst of home school, discipline and the day in and day out of life with Littles.

  3. With six children, I could see how these would be very helpful. We have tried labeling cups with a marker, but the marker wears off in the wash. We could really use these!

  4. These are great! I also have 6 kids and the cup thing gets to me too! I would probably use the white because the kids would chose the other colors. :-)

    Julie Brown

  5. Purple would be me color band because that is already the color I have for a metal water bottle that I take with me. These look fabulous!

  6. This is a great idea. Right now, our 6 kids each have their own cup in their own color but the bands would be great since they’d work with any cup.

  7. All my eight children have their own color for plastic cups, plates, and towels. I know how much food to portion out for everyone, whose towel is on the floor etc. It is wonderful.

  8. I have a friend who has something similar and I would love this! We are currently working on baby #5 so we could definately use these!

    • I would like pink but would probably give that one to my daughter so maybe blue- wait, my son will want that one. Green and orange will already be claimed as well so I guess I will take whatever is left. :)

  9. Suppose changing colors with my mood would defeat the purpose, huh? How about purple, for royalty, since I’m the “queen” of the house?! Oh, I don’t know. I’d probably let the kids pick first and then choose from whatever was left. :-)

  10. I really like this idea! I’ve tried designated cups, but even so–they end up getting put into the dishwasher. The Drink Band makes it obvious that the cup is claimed and should stay out on the counter! Thanks for the tip. :)

  11. I’d probably choose blue. I’ve actually been doing this already with different colored rubber bands, but I’d love to have more color choices.

  12. I believe purple would be my color though there are 3 females in the house that all like purple I do think I would claim that color.

  13. We use a similar product for baby bottles and sippy cups. It helps immensely in the church nursery and at playdates to recognize which drink belongs with each child. I never thought of having them for everyone’s glasses. What a great idea! I would claim the green band for myself. :)

  14. I would have to claim the light blue one! That is such a neat idea! My kids are all color-coded (towels, hangers, seasonal clothing bins, etc…) and it has been that way since my first sone was born in 1999!!

  15. Oh, we have the problem! Neat product.

    We have 8 in our family and only 2 girls. My daughter’s favorite color is purple, so I’d probably have to be pink (although I’d choose blue if I could).

  16. I know we have a hard time here and we don’t have as many in our family. I think it would especially be great for when you have a few guests over. No one has to question if it is their drink or soda. Thank you for a chance to win these. :)

    • Durh! I didn’t read the question first. I guess that’ll teach me! To answer the question, I’d probably take purple since I’m the only girl and I dislike pink.

  17. These are such a good idea! I have used wide rubberbands, but they were all the same color. My color would be purple…my favorite, although it is now my oldest daughter’s favorite color now too, so I will let her claim it :)

  18. That is a great idea!! I sometimes try to keep track of the cups and the kids look at me like they don’t trust my memory. I like their colors but I wish they also had a red one.

  19. We have a similar system in our home. I use inexpensive plastic cups and in permanent marker I put large numbers on them. Everybody picks a number for the day. As an added bonus it helps the little ones with number recognition!

  20. I’ve just used colored electrical tape in the past, but that eventually comes off and leaves a residue on the cups. These DrinkBands looks awesome! 😀

    • Oh and my personal drinkband would be purple…because that’s my color…the kids all have their own color as well, blue, green, red (we’d probably switch him to orange since there’s no red drinkband option!), yellow and white, plus my two nephews have blue and green (just in shorter lengths to differentiate theirs from my oldest two sons). :)

  21. I would love to win these! We are home all day every day and the drink cups multiply all day long! This would be helpful.Thank you.

  22. I do like this idea! Our family invested in some nice Sigg bottles a few years ago. They come in all kinds of designs so everyone knows who they belong to. If the kids are thirsty they know to keep their water bottle close by. We use them for meals, travel, on the nightstand at bedtime or whatever. HOWEVER… when friends come over I have the cup issue!! I would love to have some of these around!

  23. If my family wins the Drink Bands giveaway this will be a great way to conquer one of my spring cleaning projects. And if I can choose my own color, GREEN it will be. Although, my 3yr. old boy loves green too, so I will concede to him if necessary!

  24. What a fabulous idea! Families like ours with many children LOVE having things that make it personolized just for them~

  25. Wow! These are great! I have four kids and I wash so many cups per day because I am never sure which cup belongs to whom….especially when there are colds going around! I would love ANY color – what an awesome idea. Why can’t I think of these things?

    Christine in OH

  26. This would be great for my family! My husband would love it, I am always putting his cup in the dishwasher and it really annoys him.

  27. We would need a whole pack to cover our family. :) Mine would certainly be purple, everyone knows that’s mama’s color in this house!

  28. If I had a set of these, my color drinkband would most definitely be purple in honor of my son, who is a pediatric stroke survivor…purple is the awareness color for pediatric stroke! I could use this band not only in our house, but out and about to raise even more awareness :-)

  29. Ab-so-lutely brilliant. I had been thinking about writing everybody’s name on cups with marker, but this is so much nicer, more convenient and more elegant. I love this idea! With #5 on it’s way, this will certainly leave more room in the dish washer!

  30. Love this idea! My older boys have recently taken the job of loading the dishwasher and they do indeed put every single cup in the washer. Even if that isn’t the case we end up with a counter full of cups because no one knows which one was theirs and some of them have an aversion to possibly using someone else’s cup.

  31. What a fun tool to keep track of cups!!! I would love these! I would want green, but I am sure that my 2 kiddos who also love green would probably try to claim it first… so, I’ll just pick from what is left after all the kiddos pick their color!

  32. What a great idea! With 8 children in the house I don’t think I would get a color, but I don’t have as much trouble as the children with keeping up with which cup is mine.

  33. I have done this with colored rubber bands….but still it hasn’t tamed the cup accumulation here…..but it has saved my cup from being sagged.

  34. Love this idea!!! I have six kids and a husband…So, 8 people in my house messing up glasses! I was just trying a whole lot of everything trying to remedy the glasses upon glasses in my kitchen dishwasher! These are the answer! Yay! I hope I win!!

  35. We tried assigning each kid a particular colored cup but when that color is not available, sometimes 2 kids end up with the same color and then they get confused. This would certainly fix that. :)

  36. This sounds like a great thing! Thanks for sharing Amy! I will be last to choose the color, so I’ll get what’s left, I’m sure. But if I could choose, I would take purple.

  37. WOW! We have this discussion all.the.time at my house! What a perfectly brilliant (yet simple!) idea! Would love to win a set. Thanks for introducing DrinkBands to me. I definitely see these in my future.

  38. Looked at the website and I can’t figure out how you personalize them. When I added them to my cart, it didn’t ask for names. ??? Do you just write on it then? They are much cheaper than Inchbug cup labels, but if you can’t personalize them, then are they just to keep at home? I’m sorry, I’m not getting it. {embarrassed}
    My kids each have 1 cup. Their sports bottle. If they want more water, they refill it. It’s the only option. 😉 We put them all in the dishwasher before bed, which is when we run the dishwasher.

  39. I am forever throwing away paper cups bc I don’t know who’s they are. My toddler also drinks out of whichever cup he can reach on the counter. I know for a fact we have passed more than one or two colds this way. I feel so wasteful throwing all those cups away 3-4 times a day, but I don’t have time or enough cups to be rewashing them so many times! This sounds like a great solution and I can’t wait to try!

  40. We have these and LOVE them!!! We have 3 children and they ROCK! They never have to be taken off the cups, so we have gotten rid of all but the cups with drink bands!! We each have 2 cups and thats it!! Would love another set to bless friends with!!

  41. I will let the kids choose so that they will remember which one is theirs. I am so sick of asking the kiddos which cup is theres and they NEVER remember! Thanks.

  42. I have 4 girls and I am sooooo glad I’m not the only one who goes through this plight, every, day!! Absolutely, sign me up. I want to win!

  43. i think i’d snag the green one… LOVE this idea. we’ve done this with ribbons before. It would be great to have these since our dishwasher is such a rebellious machine!!!

  44. I am DROWNING in cups in this house! They are EVERYWHERE… ALL the TIME!!! Either you give me these or I buy them for myself… I need them. The End.

  45. These seem like a great idea!! We have the same issue here. I want the purple one!! but I have a feeling one of my girls will want that one! Hope I win a set!

  46. I’ll take whatever color no one else wants! Any color will do. This will save so much mess, hassle, dishes, and frustration! Thanks for the opportunity! :-)

  47. These sound AWESOME! Every day I say “where is my cup?” & it never fails someone has dumped it out or chucked it in the sink. This could help with that! :)

  48. These look fun and handy! My Mom always used a rubber band around the bottom of her glass to know which one was hers. :) I can see where these would be handy if you have lots of people in your house!

  49. Since I have 4 kids, I need a minimum of 8 for some getting lost! :). My favorite color is green, and my 6 year old will want the pink one. He’s got a thing for pink. :)

  50. These would be great with our family of 5! We homeschool, so we have drinks throughout the day. Mama’s would be the blue one! Thanks for the chance to win.

  51. I have always wished for something like this!! We have Camelbak water bottles and some of our friends have the same ones. I was completely grossed out when I accidentally drank out of my friend’s 3 year old daughter’s water bottle. Plus, sometimes we leave them places and I would like the option of putting my phone number on them so they can’t be washed off.
    Great idea!!

  52. I’ve seen those bands on a blog before & loved the idea of them! There are only 4 of us in our family, but it seems like many more at the end of the day when the dishwasher is full of cups & glasses! Great giveaway! Thanks! :)

  53. I will let the kids choose first then I will pick my color. I could really use these. I just did a ton of hand washing so the dishwasher would not be full of cups and sippies!

  54. I need these! I go through so many cups it’s unbelievable! And I only have 3 kids! LOL I was just thinking about buying 3 different colored cups just for this purpose! (I’d rather not! So if I don’t win, I WILL be buying these!) :)

  55. I am a missionary wife in India…enjoy you blog so much (I have 5 children ages 2-12). Definitely have the “too many glasses” problem!

  56. I love this! My mom’s solution was to buy differently colored cups, and each person had a cup that was theirs to use throughout the day. But with this, you can eliminate the plastic cups entirely! And eight is a lot of colors! So neat!

  57. Oh green would definitely be mine! My kids know when we play board games, they hand me the green marker always. 😀 I have 6 kids at home plus 2 adults, these will make my job so much easier.

  58. I need these! We try to leave our glasses out on the counter to avoid too many in the dishwasher, but clearing the table after meals becomes tricky with so many little hands delivering glasses and not knowing which belongs to whom. These would be great!

  59. This is a fantastic idea! We even fight to keep track of which cup was from today and which was from yesterday! :) That’s kind of yucky when your kids leave something in them and you’re not sure which one they are drinking. lol

  60. This is a great idea. We’ve started a system of certain colored cups little tupperware cups) for certain kids and that has helped SO much!

  61. Yes, just what I’ve been looking for! I used to use a dry erase marker and put everyone’s name on the counter by their cup until…. Someone accidentally used a permanent marker!

  62. I would choose a red band!! I was just fussing at the kids today for TOO MANY CUPS!! How come there are 4 of us home and 20 cups out?! HA!! Could totally use these!!