A Weekend for Celebrating: Passover, Egyptian Celebration, Resurrection Sunday!

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seder plate

This weekend is full of celebrations for many families.  Our family is doing some extra celebrating as well and I wanted to share that with all of you!

As with most celebrations, food is major part of the festivities.  Here is the majority of the groceries I purchased for the weekend’s events:


This year, we will be celebrating a Passover meal at home as a family on Friday night.  Last year, we received the Hand-crafted Seder Plate Set (shown above) from The Jerusalem Gift Shop.  I’m looking forward to using it!

Here’s the menu for our Passover:

Buffalo Roast (because I couldn’t find any lamb and decided we’d follow the tradition of not having lamb since Christ was the Passover lamb and there is no need to provide a lamb anymore)

Unleavened bread (rather than traditional Jewish matzah, we’ll be using our Lord’s Supper Bread)


Parsley & Salt Water

Charoset – I am making this myself and it will be non-alcoholic.  Here’s my recipe:
2 lbs of apples
1/2 lb of walnuts
1/4 cup cinnamon
enough grape juice to form a paste (consistency of mortar)
Blend apples, walnuts, and cinnamon in a heavy-duty blender (I’ll be using my Vita-Mix).  Add just enough grape juice and blend until it reaches desired consistency
note:  I’ve never made this – so this will be a big experiment!

And a fun little FYI – earlier this week during school, our family sat in on a live Seder meal at The Homeschool Channel.  You can watch the replay by clicking this link. (If that link doesn’t work, try this one and scroll down until you find it.)

Egyptian Celebration

It just happened that we finished our Ancient Egypt unit in time for a celebration supper while family would be here to celebrate Resurrection Sunday with us.  We are very excited about this since it has been a very long time since we have had family attend any of our celebrations and homeschool reviews!  This event will take place on Saturday afternoon.  The older children have put together games, presentations, and even a quiz for the others in attendance.  I’m so excited about how nicely this all flows with learning about Passover.  I think all of this will really drive home the importance and Biblical significance of Egypt and the events that took place there.

Here’s the menu for our Egyptian Celebration:

Buffalo Steak (not traditional at all, but it sounded really good!)

Cucumber Salad

Palace Bread

Grapes and Cantelope
Pita Bread

Resurrection Sunday

We attend church in the evening, so with Listening Pages in hand, we’ll be there!  However, prior to church, we’ll be fellowshipping with Ty’s mother and Granny over a traditional Resurrection Sunday feast!

Here is our Resurrection Sunday menu:

Relish tray
Cheesy Potatoes
7-layer Salad
Fruit Pizza
Swedish Tea Ring (we used to be night managers at a Bed & Breakfast that served these…fell in love!)

So, that’s our weekend in a nutshell!  What will you be doing?  How will you be celebrating our being set free by Christ’s blood and conquering of death so that all who believe may live?!

Praise God from Whom All Blessings Flow!

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13 thoughts on “A Weekend for Celebrating: Passover, Egyptian Celebration, Resurrection Sunday!

  1. We are church of Christ, and do not formally celebrate any religious holidays because we are not directed to today in the New Testament. We feel we are to remember Christ’s death, burial, and Resurrection every day and celebrate it each first day of the week during the taking of the Lord’s supper. But it is very hard not to think of it more at special times like Easter and Christmas. I have always explained these times to my children, so they would understand both sides. Currently we do have statues of Jesus carrying his cross, praying in the garden, and another in the garden, as our center piece on our kitchen table.

    We will also be with family for the holiday weekend. Tonight I am hosting an engagement party for my sister so the two families can meet. Sunday we will have Easter dinner after church and all family who can come will be invited to our farm.

    I would love to have the passover dishes and serving pieces. My daughter told our preacher last year that “her Mama” wanted to buy them. He told her, “but we don’t celebrate that”. She said, “Mama knows that. She just wants them to share them with us”. Maybe one day I will get some.

    Hope your weekend is blessed!

  2. We will be doing a Seder as well…I’m so thrilled about your Seder homeschool link. I will check it out. I’m amazed at all your preparations for Easter…be blessed this weekend!

  3. This is our second year celebrating Passover (we actually celebrated Wednesday night). Since we also observe the week of the Feast of Unleavened Bread, I am going to try the Lord’s Supper bread you posted. Looks yummy! We have been using store bought Matzah, but I think this will be a nice alternative to have as well! To go along with our Seder, we watched this movie called The Messiah, Prophecy Fulfilled. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iQRlAA4gAZ8&feature=youtu.be It shows the parallels between the Passover celebration and Yeshua (Jesus), the Passover Lamb. God bless you on your celebrations this weekend!

  4. This looks so fun. I’m head of our children’s church and we just celebrated the last supper with the pre-k and k-3 classes last week. So fun! Nothing teaches as well as doing hands on.

  5. Last night we did Seder (well, a very short, impromptu version of it). We’ve talked and talked about doing it, so I decided I was tired of my excuses and we would celebrate :). So we did! I definitely wasn’t “traditional” but still had great meaning for our family…and the point wasn’t to be legalistic, but to be thankful and remember. So we had koolaid instead of grape juice/wine, clover instead of parsley, and cinnamon applesauce instead of charoset. We also just did the short seder (mostly just the question and answer) first and then ate dinner (ham and potato casserole). We were happy with how it turned out and have bigger plans for next year :). Sometimes we just have to jump in or our family will just keep talking and talking about it.

    Also, I was curious about your feelings of the traditional celebrations around this time of year. As I was preparing yesterday I realized that I must not be preparing on the right day b/c there weren’t 3 days between then and the day to celebrate resurrection. After extensive study and reading yesterday I realized that I was right…there weren’t enough days b/c Jesus was most likely crucified on a Wednesday. So I’m wondering if we should really celebrate on Wednesday night next year. How do you follow these celebrations? Based on the Catholic church calendar or on actual events? I’m just curious as I’m trying to determine what to do for our family next year. Thanks!

    • I had to chuckle that your passover meal included ham, and probably had some milk or cream in the casarole along with the meat 😉

      Just regarding your 3 days between good friday, the crusifiction night, and sunday, the resurection night. What I’ve been told is that the jews consider any part of a day to be a day. So for us, there’s two days between friday and sunday, but by the jewish culture, of which all the writers of the new testement bar one were, count it differently. He was crusified on friday, they consider friday day one, he was dead saturday, day two, then rose on sunday, the third day. It’s a little illogical to us, but it’s how they do it. You’re right, the date is probably very wrong as the roman catholic church chose the resurection day as a sunday for obvious reasons, and it was timed to coincide with a pagan spring festival as they tended to do. So that’s another matter, but the 3 day thing is actually right, supposedly.

    • I haven’t read and studied enough to know for sure. There are very strong feelings on both sides of the issue for sure. :)

      • Yes, as I said it was definitely not traditional this year :).

        For those who are interested, this is one of the articles that led me to my conclusion about Wednesday. I do think that what we are truly called to do is remember the sacrifice Jesus made for us and the promises he fulfilled on the cross. I think that can be done any time of year and any day. I don’t think this is really an issue to be legalistic about (at least in my opinion). Jesus didn’t say, “take this bread in remembrance of me today, Wednesday/Thursday/Friday”… He just instructed us to remember. Anyway, here’s the article I was drawn to (and I’m still praying about how this will apply to our family in the future)…

  6. Technicly for christians the passover meal is actually thursday 😉 The easter passover dates are so confusing because jews and christians use different calenders to track and celebrate events that happened at the same time.

    Because of horrid morning sickness I can’t do it this year, but hopefully next year we will be doing a Seder. Before I really became a christian I was basically engaged to a conservative jewish man, so I have a special place for the old testement traditions and jewish festivals. Jesus WAS a jew, christians often forget that. I’m seeing more and more people over the past few years celebrating an altered (christian) passover or last supper along with easter, I think it’s great! A wonderful way to begin the easter weekend.

  7. Wow. We’re doing Passover this year again I think. We’ve done it for several years. I’m adopted, and there’s a chance there’s some Jewish in me, so it’s extra special for me. Are you doing Mazzo-Ball Soup? That’s delicious too.
    A tip for the Charoset (we make it non-alcaholic too, because I love it, and I don’t want to have to eat only a tiny bit!): DON’T PUT IN TOO MUCH GRAPE JUICE! I make this one every year (I even use to have our recipe memorized) and if you put in too much grape juice it will taste more bitter (it’s suppose to be bitter-sweet) and it will (though juicy) have a very unpleasant dryness-that-sticks-to-your-tongue kinda aftertaste. The grape juice is more for making the consistency (since it’s not wine, and is therefore not for making it wine-flavored). Wine adds to the taste, grape juice does not. It will make it quite dry if you add too much. It’s a fun thing to do with little ones though. (the whole process of Charoset) because the grated apple is fun to squish around with your hands to mix in all the other stuff. WAY more fun then a spoon! :)
    A funny passover story: My brother LOVES salt. And as you know during the Sader you’re suppose to dip the parsley in the salty water, symbolizing the salty tears, well my brother LOVED IT! He insisted on eating the rest, since the rest of the family only took a little tiny bit. It was really funny, since the point is kinda suppose to be NOT liking it! 😉