What is Biblical Beauty? {Giveaway of Beauty By the Book by Laurie Cole}

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My daughter picked up a magazine the other day and after reading only a few pages, said,

“Why is everyone so concerned about looking younger?”

Of course, to a child, looking younger is not exactly something to be desired, but she knows full well that most adult women are on a quest for forever-youth…forever-beauty by the world’s standards.

As a mother of 7, it is rather frustrating to combat our society’s ideals of what women should look like.  I look like a mom, and for some reason, that is a bad thing.

But, wait a second…what does God say?

That’s what I love about Beauty by the Book by Laurie Cole!  She takes women through a study of true beauty

Biblical beauty.

In our society, it is so important we teach young ladies what it really means to be beautiful by God’s standards.  Those standards are eternal and real.

In Beauty By the Book, Laurie guides you in a study of 5 different kinds of women mentioned in the book of Proverbs.  Some of these are women you should want to emulate and some…not so much.  (So much can be learned by what kind of woman you ought not to be!)

This study digs deep into what biblical beauty is and aims to tear down the false standards of the world in favor of God’s standard.  This is where efforts like Dove’s Campaign for Real Beauty fall short – – Right problem.  Wrong solution.

And moms, it begins with you!  Your daughters formulate their own definition of beauty long before they hit their teen years.  Their definition of beauty is often based on what they learn from you.

Perpetual diets?
Wishing you were someone else?

Yep, they are catching all that.  You need to learn NOW what it means to be beautiful in God’s eyes!  Then, pass it on to your daughters!

Laurie has also written a mother-daughter Bible study to help you guide your daughter toward true beauty (however, be aware this study is for older girls, so wait to use it until your daughters are mature enough to handle the content).

All the video supplements for the series are available for FREE on the website at: https://www.priorityministries.com/videoroom/

Today, I am giving away
3 “Beauty” Packages
for you to begin this journey in your own home!

Included in these sets are:

Beauty by the Book and Beauty by the Book for Teens

2 Beauty by the Book charms - one for mom and one for daughter

 Note: Beauty by the Book is on sale for a limited time for only $5.99!

May God richly bless you with a heart for true Biblical beauty!

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82 thoughts on “What is Biblical Beauty? {Giveaway of Beauty By the Book by Laurie Cole}

    • Sorry ~ the most biblically beautiful person I know. Well I am blessed to know a few in our church who I am thankful for. One in particular has a disability, yet she is always joyful, thankful & smiling. She loves us & our children as if we were her own!

  1. The most Biblically beautiful person I know is my husband’s grandmother. At 91, physical beauty (at least by the world’s standards) has left her. But, she is the biggest prayer warrior. She’s always happy to spend time together. She’s thought of as the church grandmother and everyone loves her.

  2. Noah’s wife. I never really thought about her until I just read an article describing her. She is nameless in the Bible and even though she was laughed at and mocked for about a hundred years she still followed her husband. Beauty isn’t always exterior. it is meek and quiet and submissive.

  3. The most Biblically beautiful woman I know is someone I met about 25 years ago. Her name is Juanita. She taught me what it means to be truly submitted to Christ.

  4. My pastor’s wife is a great example of Biblical beauty. She is always looking for ways to pray for and minister to those in our church.

  5. I had an older friend who always made the people around her feel special. She was in the nursing home we visit, and she always knew each aide and encouraged each one. (She got the best care because she was so kind!) She also said that the Lord had allowed her to outlive her family for a purpose, and she wanted to live each day for Him. I miss her.

  6. When Peter speaks of how we should treat our spouses (1 Peter 3:1-7), he refers to Sarah. Even though she was beautiful, this is never mentioned. He praises her for calling her husband “lord” and having a submissive spirit.

  7. Who is the most biblically beautiful woman that you know personally? What makes her so beautiful? My pastor’s wife, she radiates kindness and love.

    What is true beauty?– this is a subject that I struggle with at times. I am interested in having this Bible study, my girls are 8 and 5, and I truly want them (and me, too) to understand what true beauty is.

  8. My friend Amy is biblically beautiful! She is a wonderful bible study leader and a great example of a wife and homeschooling mama of 7.

  9. Though I don’t have any girls (God decided that I needed to be the mom of 3 very active, beautiful boys!!) I would love to read this book! I feel that if my boys see that I find myself beautiful in God’s eyes, they will want to find a woman that does likewise for a wife. Thank you for the opportunity!!

  10. My friend, Laura. I haven’t known her terribly long, but she just radiates a joy and peace and trust that I so wish to have. Just yesterday she and her hubby paid cash (thanks, DR!) for a new to them van that was necessary and on their way home with it, got a call and found out her husband had been suddenly and unexpectedly laid off. Instead of stressing about it, she is praising God for providing for their needs and outlining all the ways He has been preparing them for this without their even knowing. I KNOW this would NOT be my reaction. She is kind and gracious and loving to all she meets. She is my inspiration.

  11. I posted a comment before I read what I was supposed to comment on:) Anyway, I would have to say my sweet Mother-in-law. When she was a live, she demonstrated Biblical beauty in every way.

  12. The most Biblically beautiful person I know is my sister. She truly shines the light of Christ to all those around her. I strive to be like her and am so glad God answered her prayers as a child for a little sister. I am blessed to be her sister.

  13. My mother-in-law. I wouldn’t have been able to choice a better mother-in-law if I had to choice. She is always the most positive non complainer I have ever met. And when I need her she is always here. She simply radiates love. She touches everyone she meets, I strive to be more like her.
    As for my daughter, we have not had the struggle of being like the world, yet. She is 12 and her dress as well as the way she handles herself is something she does work hard at. She understand the biblical commands well and wants to please only God in her actions and deeds. I think one main problem people in the church have with thier children is that they want to please their parent. We taught our children to aim higher and please GOD.

  14. A dear Titus 2 friend who taught me early on that mothering is the most important, eternally impacted thing I will ever do! So thankful!

  15. Beautiful give-away- the most biblically beautiful woman for me is my Aunt. she has always been a role model in my life. Not only does she love the Lord, she lives out that love.

  16. The most Biblically beautiful woman I know is a lady who is one of my best friends. I met her when I was in Bible College and she was my “Secret Mom”. She is beautiful because she knows the Scriptures so well, spends much time in Bible reading and prayer, takes care of her physical appearance to always eat right and look as a Christian lady should.

  17. The most Biblically beautiful woman that I know is my mom. She has such a gentle and sweet spirit and Jesus light just shines through her! She is the most Godly woman that I know and the best mom I could ever imagine!

  18. Biblically beautiful – MY MOM. She is my dad’s sole caretaker. He has a degenerative muscle disease and she is his loving, devoted 24/7 caretaker.

  19. I would say I know many women who would fit that category, but I would choose a lady at my church named Dottie as my first choice. She is a loving, caring, and very positive influence in my life. She gives so much of her time and love to the children in our church, and she never complains. She is a cancer survivor and she is one tough cookie! She is like a grandmother to my children, and I love her very much. She is a true example of someone who sacrifices for others without expecting anything in return. I love you Dottie!

    Christine in OH

  20. Wonderful, the most christian women I know are the ones who live their life for Him, their husband, their children, and for themselves…

  21. I am lucky to belong to a church where there are so many biblically beautiful women. Each has their strengths and weaknesses. I try to learn by each of their examples.

  22. When people comment on my daughter’s beauty, I tell them that she is beautiful inside as well…and that is more important. To God, it’s having a heart that is totally dedicated to His Word and His Will. My life’s verse is Psalms 27:4
    One thing have I desired of the Lord, — that will I seek after; that I may dwell in the house of the Lord all the days of my life, to behold the beauty of the Lord, and to inquire in his temple.” I pray that someday, my heart will be fully His!

  23. my aunt in law, she always has kind words and prayers. she loves all of her 16 beautiful children and would love more! she’s not perfect, but no one is. she has always accepted me and encouraged me.

  24. The most Biblically beautiful mother I knew, was my husband’s grandmother, June. She passed away over 2 years ago, but she taught me what it was to be beautiful on the inside, shining for Christ as a wife and as a mother with the unfading beauty of a gentle and quiet spirit. She taught me to always be joyful, pray continually, and give thanks no matter what your circumstances are. “Be joyful always, pray continually; give thanks in all circumstances, for this is God’s will for you in Christ Jesus.” 1 Thess. 5:16-18

  25. The most biblically beautiful person I know is my sister-in-law. She emulates a rich beauty that runs deep in her soul. I know she desires to look beautiful in terms of clothes, make up, etc., but her life doesn’t center around those details. She radiates beauty in her vocation as wife and mother.

  26. My late Great Grandma, Grandma, Mother and Mother in Law are the most beautiful women I know. The are all the epitome of the Proverbs 31 women in their own unique ways!

  27. The most beautifully biblical woman I know is my friend Bonnie. She has such a great attitude and never lets anything get her down. She is an inspiration for me to be better and for that I am so thankful for our friendship!!

  28. Both my grandmothers (now in glory). Both were prayer warriors and wonderful examples of godliness. Their lives were spent knowing the Word of God and living lives rightly before others. I can remember visiting my one grandmother and falling to sleep listening to her praying as she would kneel by her bed.

  29. My pastor’s wife is the picture of a loving devoted beautiful woman! My husband & I are youth leaders at our church & this would be wonderful to use with my older girls! Thanks!

  30. This looks like a wonderful study for moms and daughters. I am looking for something like this to do with my daughter and her friends and moms for this summer! This might be just the ticket.

  31. I commented before reading the question. The most beautiful women biblically I know would be a mentor of mine. She is a pastor’s wife. She is always talking about the Lord and can often be found singing to Him in her home.

  32. My daughters and I have been studying what God’s Word says about beauty and modesty lately and this would be an excellent help to us! We don’t have a lot of good examples where we lives so thank you for this opportunity!

  33. I know a lady named Cindy who is beautiful inside and out. She has 4 children who are now grown, but easily relates to my stage of life and is always encouraging, never condescending. Always helpful. She is a godly role model for me.

  34. The most biblically beautiful woman I know is the pastor’s wife from a church I used to go to. Her passion for Christ, her ministry, and her willingness to serve others made her more beautiful than most women I know. :)

  35. This sounds like an amazing book I would love to read for myself, and with my daughter someday when she is old enough!

  36. My pastor’s mother, who was my pastor’s wife for so long. Her continual joy and upward look encourages everyone to “be ye holy, for I am holy.”

  37. My sister-in-law is Biblically beautiful! She loves the Lord with all her heart and it shows in everything she says and does. She strives to live a holy life above reproach. I look up to her, and appreciate her Godly example.

  38. The most biblically beautiful person I know is my friend, Michelle. She is SO loving, sincere and giving and has such a joyful smile. I love her!

  39. Pam Markey, missionary wife and mother (now widow), for her love of God’s Word and surrender to His will and her humility.

  40. The most biblical beautiful woman I know would be my ladies Bible study leader Denise Morriss. No matter the circumstances in her life she is full of love and joy for the Lord.

  41. My Granny was a beautiful woman. A friend of mine is also a beautiful woman.Many would look at her and say by outward appearances that she is not very attractive but she is always there if I need parenting advice or a shoulder to cry on.Definitely a Titus 2 woman and beautiful to me.

  42. My grandmothers :) Yes both of them :) Or all 3 if you include my GMIL too :) All 3 are very beautiful women in Christ and in appearance as well. They all love God and their families and serve others unceasingly.

  43. There is a woman in our church who fits the biblically beautiful description. She is a kind older woman, who shows how to serve every chance she gets. She really puts others first and sets a great example.

  44. A friend who lives in California, Betty. She has such a loving spirit about her and she and her husband took my hubby and I under their wings during the months leading up to our wedding, encouraging us, giving us a good example of what it means to have a God-centered marriage.

  45. I would love to go through this study! And my nieces who are coming of age would benefit greatly! What a great idea for a bible study!

  46. The most biblically beautiful woman I know is a fellow leader from our women’s study, Kelly. She has 6 kids under 11, and homeschools them in a tiny 3 bedroom apartment. She is resolute in what God has called her to do in ministering to her family first, and everything else has to take a second seat. She is truly inspiring.

  47. My friend Fannie. She has her quiver full and is always joyful. She dresses modestly and has a very meek spirit.

  48. I would love to win a copy! i know older women in my life ( my mother and cousin) who REALLY struggle with not being young and who they used to be. i know that i have a tendency to have a hard time with this too. i am not old at all but i know that it is coming and i want to grow older with dignity, grace and have God in my heart no matter what age. i want to teach this to them as well. I WOULD LOVE TO WIN A COPY!

  49. i belong to a small spanich church and i will love to give the study to my girls i am encharge of the kids and teens in my chuch we small only 6 teen and like 12 kids over all ages but god have put ths in my hard and i now one day they will be the leader in my church love the book need to help me to teach this i my home church is a blessing i find you thanks