The Frugal Advantage of One Store Shopping

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{Disclaimer:  The above photo is NOT a one-store shopping trip and NOT a typical week’s worth of shopping for us.  It is simply a photo of groceries on my kitchen table.}

Recently, we decided we needed to cut our grocery bill down considerably.  We had stopped shopping once a month due to life circumstances, but the shopping weekly was killing our budget.

We started by shopping our pantry, but you still have to go shopping, and I needed a way to cut the bill once I was in the store.

That’s when I decided the best place for us to start was in shopping one store and one store only.

shopping at Walmart

Shopping takes a lot of brain power for me!

I alternate between shopping at WalMart and shopping at ALDI depending on any non-food extras I might need that week that cannot be purchased at ALDI.  When I shop at ALDI, I cut our grocery bill in half of what it was.  When I shop WalMart, I have to be much more careful.  Alas, sometimes a trip to WalMart cannot be helped.

Here’s how I do my One Store Shopping:

1.  Shop your pantry first This method will ALWAYS save you money.  Grab a piece of paper and a pen and write down every meal you can make from your pantry, keeping track of any extras you need to purchase to make that meal.

2.  Look at the weekly ads for your store.  We don’t get the newspaper, so I look at these online:
ALDI ads
WalMart ads

3.  Put together meals from the on-sale items in the ad.  As you work your way through the ad, consider what meals you can make from their on-sale items and then fill in the blanks with the extra groceries you need to complete that meal.

4.  Write our your final meal list and grocery list. You can use this handy monthly meal planner or just use a piece of paper.  I keep my meal list on the side of the refrigerator and my grocery list on the counter until I’m ready to go shopping.

5.  Stick to the list.  Stick to the list.  Stick to the list.  If you are really wanting to save money, you will need to follow this rule even when the extra goodies in the store call your name!  Your budget will thank you!

I have been very pleased with the results and it is making the fact that we have to shop weekly less painful.

Now it’s your turn!  Do you shop one store?  Do you shop those store’s sales?  Do you shop weekly or not?

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