You Thought I Should Try Norwex…So I Did! {Welcome Home Link Up}

A few weeks ago, I told you how we had gone back to a One-Day Home Blessing after years of cleaning zones day by day. {yes, we are still thrilled with the results!}

Several people mentioned in the comments of that post and on my facebook page a product I had heard about in passing from my friend, Renee…a product line called Norwex.  Right after I wrote that post, Renee (who had no idea I had just written that post), emailed to ask if I would be interested in learning more about Norwex.  I almost laughed out loud as I typed back and said, “Absolutely!”

Renee sent me the Envirocloth for my kitchen, a window cloth, the dusting mitt as well as a facial cloth.

I have admit when I found out these cleaning products were microfiber, I was a little worried.  I own microfiber cloth diaper inserts and every time I go to stuff my diapers with those particular inserts, I cringe.  Why?  Because they hurt my fingers.  Perhaps I’m the only person who deals with this (remember, I have that lovely thing called Sensory Processing Disorder), but no matter, I had a moment as I was opening Renee’s package when I thought, “These may be the greatest thing since sliced bread, but if they hurt my fingers there is no way I can use them.”

I quickly realized not all microfiber is the same.  Yes, the Envirocloth and the facial cloth were similar to my inserts, but as soon as I wet those down the texture changed completely and I LOVED how they felt!  The polishing cloth and dusting mitt were not rough on my fingers at all.  I was impressed by that simple fact.

Then, I used them…

This is my front window:

We have two huge picture windows in our home.  The front one is where the children stand to watch for Daddy, to watch for deer, and to watch for the mailman.  They pull chairs up to it, press noses against it, and touch it…constantly.

I have always used a name-brand window cleaner because nothing else worked.  Now, don’t get me wrong, I LOVE natural cleaners, but when I can’t find anything that works decently, I’d rather cave and have a smudge-free window…for at least a few seconds.

When I read that all I needed to make the window cloth work was a spray bottle of water, I chuckled and thought, “Yeah, right.” (Sorry, Renee – I am such a skeptic!)

But, I decided to give it a shot…I could always just redo it.

I sprayed on the water and began wiping the window down and was shocked!  The window was not streaked, the smudges came off easily, and it was beautiful!  I ran around the house looking for more windows and mirrors to clean!  In fact, on cleaning day, I insist on being the one to clean all the windows and mirrors!  I love the results that much!

The other items did not disappoint either.  I use the Envirocloth more than my beloved sponges, the facial cloth is amazing, and my daughter (our resident duster) uses the mitt all the time.  In fact, I am searching Renee’s catalog to figure out what else I want…ahem, NEED…because:

This was one of those moments in a homemaker’s life when she realizes the tools of her trade really do matter.

So, please, take a look around Renee’s site and if you would like to order something I get hostess credit (YAY!) if you email your order to her at

drposchen @ cox. net
(remove the spaces)

So, what have you been discovering in the wonderful world of homemaking this week?  Link it up!

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13 thoughts on “You Thought I Should Try Norwex…So I Did! {Welcome Home Link Up}

  1. I was introduced to Norwex many years ago. My favorite products are their microfiber cloths for dusting and cleaning bathrooms and their magnetic ball. It is a ball that you can put in the washing machine or in the dishwasher and it allows you to use less soap. They have some great products even though it may be a little pricey on some things. I am glad that you had a good experience! :)

  2. Hi! I just started following your blog and I’m laughing because I have microfiber issues too! I cannot STAND the way it feels on my fingers, and yes, it actually HURTS me to touch it! Glad it know it’s not just me!

    I’m really intrigued by your “One-Day Home Blessing” method of cleaning. As I’m starting to homeschool my children, I feel like I just can’t keep up with all that needs to be done around the house, even WITH the children’s help. It really bothers me, but I feel like I’m barely keeping my head above water in terms of chores. I may have to consider giving your method a try.

  3. Thanks for sharing that. I have used Norwex for about 9 months, but I didn’t know that about the Envirocloths and glass/mirrors.

    My favorite is the dusting mitt. I dusted 2 weeks ago, everything still shines like it was just dusted. The mitt doesn’t attract dust like spray waxes and cleaners so they stay dust free longer. I used to have to dust every 7-10 days. Now it takes at least a month for the dust to appear. That means way less cleaning time.

    Someone I know had someone whose teenager started using the facial cloth. They were using Proactiv for their acne, but it wasn’t working. The cloth with just water cleared up their acne, because it gets rid of the bacteria.

    These are great cloths. After each use, you just rinse, hang them up, let them dry, and they are ready to go again. You don’t wash after each use nor use bleach on them nor put them in the dryer.

    Thanks for posting this. I had ordered 2 Envirocloths to keep my kitchen counter free of bacteria by using only water, but I hadn’t started using them, yet. Now I know to use one of them on the glass and mirrors.


    I love cleaning with no chemicals.

  4. My new favorite is the bathroom scrubber (I think that’s what it’s called) for the shower. I was amazed at how clean it got my shower walls and door. The thing I like best about Norwex products is that you don’t need anything but water. I can give the rags to my children and they can clean without me worrying about harmful chemicals (which we’ve thankfully had out of the house for years). Very pricey products but everything I have bought years ago is still in great shape!