A Little ME Management

At the 2:1 Conference last weekend Heidi St. John said something I had forgotten in the hustle and bustle of running a household and homeschooling.  She said there is no such thing as TIME management because time is going to do what time is going to do. 

The only thing we can do is practice ME management.

This hit home for me because here on Raising Arrows I often talk about Time Management.  I have an entire category on Time Management.  And even though, I am a huge advocate of balancing your life and managing your home, I’m know there have been times when I have blamed “not enough time” for my own laziness or lack of balance in my day.

Heidi suggested making note of your “Time Bandits.”  These are the things that if not kept in check will rob you of your time.  These are not things like changing diapers or cooking, but rather the “unnecessary extras” of life.

I want to take this thought a bit further and suggest your worst Time Bandits are those you actually LIKE to do, but that end up stealing time away from you if you don’t approach them caution and balance.

Now, I’m not one to say if it’s a Time Bandit, you have to stop doing that activity, because I believe God gives us talents and leanings and gifts and within those is where we often find our hobbies and pastimes.  So, I do not believe that if you are easily lost in paint and canvas for hours on end that you must never get out your paints in case you end up squandering an entire day.

So, what do you do when you lack ME Management in those areas of your life that tend to take over?

1.  Pray for God’s hand of balance.  I do this with my writing.  I can easily get lost in writing blog post upon blog post.  I have always been like this.  Words on paper (or screen) are beautiful to me and I enjoy the crafting of them.  But, they are also a weakness and the only way I can keep them in check is to ask the Lord to keep me in check.  He is faithful!  He keeps me balanced through my husband, my children, and sometimes even the entire shutting down of my computer!

2.  Have a plan before you ever get started.  Before you ever set foot in the sewing room or pull out the scrapbooking papers, give yourself boundaries.  Set a timer if you need to.  In many ways, it is freeing to know you are going to work this long on something you enjoy and then move on to something else.  Plus, you avoid the guilt of “overdoing” it.

3.  Give God the glory!  I have found that the more worshipful I am in an activity I enjoy, the more likely I am to keep that activity in balance.  If I am writing for Him, then the chance of ME getting mixed up in the deal is rare.  Praise Him for the things you do well, praise Him for the little things you enjoy, praise Him for the time He allows for you to do those things.  Everything you do in your day is worship.  Worshiping the right Person keeps your priorities in the right place.

So, what “unnecessary extras” do you enjoy?  Are you in a season that lends itself to being able to enjoy those things?  Do you see your hobbies as a chance to worship and give glory to God?  How has the Lord kept you in check lately?


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7 thoughts on “A Little ME Management

  1. Thank you for this post! Time management is something I definitely need to work on. It’s easy for me to make time for God and for my son, but I spend too much of my “me” time on me when some more of it should be put toward housekeeping!

  2. Have a plan before you ever get started.

    YES – I stress this all the time when people ask me “how do you do it all” 1. I don’t – I only do what I know I can do and 2. I have a plan on what I want to accomplish before I sit down at the computer. (3. I use a timer). =) But so many people sit down with no plan and end up hating themselves 3 hours later when they’re still sitting there pinning garbage.

    God is a God of order and has a plan! (Jeremiah 29:11)

    • Pinterest absolutely drains me and I rarely ever go there for that reason. I get the “how do you do it” question a lot too…going to be addressing one aspect of that question very soon!

  3. Honestly, I struggle with surrendering my agenda everyday. My agenda is to clean my house, make my clothing, have my way. Notice everything starts with a MY or ME! This process isn’t easy, to lay down your time to the Savior. I sew too much most days. Thank God for repentance and mercy as the focus moves towards Him, he alone puts light unto our steps where ever they are that moment. So time is in his hands, his steps alone

  4. Another wonderful post, Amy. :) This is such a healthy way of looking at this issue. It really is the stuff that I enjoy doing that drains my time. I can also be pretty easily distracted–coming on the computer to write and then spending a half hour checking Facebook or deleting junk emails. Asking the question, “Am I glorifying God in this activity?” is such a simple, wise solution. Thanks!

  5. ME Management! I love it, Amy!

    “your worst Time Bandits are those you actually LIKE to do, but that end up stealing time away from you if you don’t approach them caution and balance.”

    So true! I’ve had to balance blog reading because I was in the habit of having to scroll through my reader every day (I like my email box empty too), but I have been blessed by clicking on blogs as I feel led, rather than reading them all. I can’t comment as much any more either, but I was blessed by reading your blog today and wanted to let you know! Thanks for sharing!