The New House Tour {Welcome Home Link Up}

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front porchSeveral of you have asked, so I thought for this week’s Welcome Home Link Up, I would share my new house with all of you!

This is the first thing you see when you walk in the front door.  It is so open and wonderful that I don’t even notice how tiny my kitchen is. (off to the left in the photo)

dining room

The next photo is our sitting room and where most of the school day takes place.  It is a cozy room located just behind the wall with the fireplace.  Where I am standing to take this photo is where the bookshelves you can see in this post are located.


sitting room

In our basement is another much larger living space with another fireplace.  This is where we watch movies and have family worship time.

A couple of the floors in the house were handpainted by the owner who is an artist on the side.  This is a photo of the boys’ floor.  The three oldest boys share a large room together, but it still feels chaotic in there since the move, so perhaps another time I will share the entire room.  For now, you get their floor!


The girls room feels less chaotic.  Not sure why.  Baby sleeps in with them for now because they are quieter than the boys at night.  We’ll probably move Garin into a toddler bed soon, but for now, he is contained. 😉

girl's roomAnd finally, one of my favorite places…the arbored patio.  This was a dream come true!


Sorry, no photos of my kitchen, but you can meet my oh-so-retro stove in this post.

Hope you have enjoyed the tour!

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14 thoughts on “The New House Tour {Welcome Home Link Up}

  1. I love the room with the stone fireplace! Gorgeous!

    Also, thank you for including the link about your family worship time. I have really struggled with this, trying to meet an unattainable, perfect vision of what I think it should look like. After reading your post about it, I realize I’m doing better than I thought! 😉 (And to let go of the “perfect” vision and hear from the Lord about how our family can do this in a way that suits us and pleases the Lord!)

  2. That arbor is awesome! 😀 Looks like a great place to spend the afternoon visiting while the kids play and squeal in the yard…I’m just sayin’ :) I love the painted floors! A beautiful home made even better by the love shared within it! 😀

  3. When we were looking (years ago) at houses to rent in Kansas one time we saw a stove like that one. It was a first for me and intimidated me too! :) But the house was wonderful! We ended up no renting that one though as another one that was more suited to our needs came available.

    Your home is beautiful and so wonderfully put together (your doing, not the builders)! God is so good to have blessed ya’ll with such a home!! I’m happy for you!!!

  4. Even when my boys room is perfectly clean it feels the same way. Maybe that is because 4 boys share the room and with that many beds it is just to much to look at and feel neat. Love the living area. Great for having people over on cold days, and outside for the hot:)