And I Rejoice!

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Cassette Test 3w2d

I could hardly believe it.  I had tested early…way early…3 weeks 2 days early.  Yet, there it was.  And it was beautiful!

Now, at 7 weeks, I am feeling every bit of the months-long morning sickness I deal with during my successful pregnancies.  And I am thankful.

Every Friday, which is the day my weeks turn over, I hope to give you a quick update.  So, here is today’s:

*I found out, as I said, at 3w2d via a cassette test from CPT – I’m still in shock over how early it showed a positive.

*I felt very peaceful this time and decided against going in for hCG quants.  With my miscarriages this winter, I was in constantly getting blood drawn and having sonos…I just couldn’t do that this time.  All the tests in the world could not have changed the outcome.

*I’m using ProgesterAll sent to me by my dear friend Karen from Victorian Rose Soap.  No, I do not know if my progesterone is low or not, but it can’t hurt.  I started using it right after the last miscarriage in February.

*I wish I had never gone through that body scanner at the airport.  Yes, I know they are supposed to be safe.  I’m not buying it.  But, I didn’t know I was pregnant and you don’t know what you don’t know.  So, I don’t dwell on it.

*I threw up earlier than usual for me.  Now, you would wonder with an early positive and then early morning sickness that I must be off on my dates, but I’m not.  Twins?  Eek!  I kind of like my babies to come one at a time.

*You won’t be seeing belly shots.  As I explained in this post – I’m Pregnant and Huge – the results are skewed.  In fact they are so skewed, I don’t even tell people when I am due because the look of sheer terror is just too much.

*This is Baby #8.  I do not count the miscarriages in with my numbers (otherwise this would be #12).  It’s not that I don’t think those babies deserve recognition, but I think it is difficult for people to wrap their brains around miscarriage.  I already struggle with explaining where Child #5 is.  Explaining 4 children whom I never held is not something I feel up to.  I openly talk about them, but I do not include them in the count.

*Food aversions abound.  This is another difficult thing about pregnancy for me.  I crave something, but after I eat it, I can never eat it again.  Often, nothing sounds good.  My husband is an amazing man and will usually call on his way home from work to find out if there is any craving he can pick up for me.

In light of yesterday’s post, UNdomestic, you can probably imagine that now is definitely one of those time I feel UNdomestic.  I look and feel pretty unkempt and a lot of my life reflects that.  But despite it all, I rejoice!

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174 thoughts on “And I Rejoice!

  1. Congrats!!!!! So happy for you, will keep you in prayers, we have a few miscarriages so I understand how you may be feeling right now

    Much love

  2. Congratulations. May the Lord bless you and your wee one. May He cause your heart to rejoice and enjoy this little one even now. May His protection abound, His peace pervade and his provision be abundant.

  3. This one’s gonna make it. Not that I’m a prophet, or have any knowledge of anything medical or anything! It just sounds so hopeful! Praying for you, Amy!

  4. YAY AMY! Congratulations!! I’m 7w3d and due in the middle of January… must be around the same time as you!! But shh… it’s still a secret to most 😉 Praying for you and your little one!!

  5. Congradulations and PRAISE THE LORD.

    Lo, children are an heritage of the Lord: and the fruit of the womb is his reward. (Psalm 127:3 KJV)

  6. Congratulations! This sounds just like my latest pregnancy! I am 18 weeks and the story/symptoms are almost identical. It encourages me as it has been long with morning sickness. But guess what, for me it was twins! The good Lord chose to take one Home, but was merciful and is letting me keep one for awhile. How long? Remains to be seen. But I am grateful. I have had 3 miscarriages. I have 4 living. I will pray for you! Many blessings and than you for being such an encourager!

  7. Congrats congrats congrats my friend! Praying over you and sending virtual hugs! You may not have known you were pregnant when you went through that scanner, but God did and He will protect the baby. And I’m guessing the early morning sickness and pregnancy test is a sign that baby is well anchored and growing very well! (((HUGS)))

    LOL about the cravings. I don’t usually get too many. With my first it was strawberries, my second strawberries and ice cream. With this third one I’ve alternated between grapefruit, tomato juice and (of all things!) liverwurst :)

  8. seeing a +++++++++++++++++++++++++++ pregnancy test is one of life’s most beautiful sights to behold! (especially when they are hard won!)

    What wonderful news! Congratulations on this new little life!

  9. Oh Amy! I am so thrilled for you, you & baby will be in my prayers, i think perhaps i am joining you :-) no clue how far i am and no other symptoms besides 2 pink lines! Love your count explanation and fully understand & do the same, we have had only one mc but it’s always awkward when my boys try & explain! This is #6 for us

    • By the way, I’ve felt pretty sick early on with this one, and sicker than normal, bigger than normal, so twins has definitely crossed my mind 😀

  10. I follow your blog on a regular basis….So I feel like I know you just a little 😉 And if we lived close I just have this feeling we would become great friends! Congrats on your new little blessing! So happy for you! I am carrying Blessing number 6….I will be 23 wks tomorrow. I will continue to pray for you and yours…… God Bless

  11. Congratulations Amy! I, too, am pregnant and 7 weeks along but with baby #7. I look forward to walking through this with you even though we’ve never met. :-)


  12. Congratulations! I love “hearing” the joy you feel in your posts! While exhaustion and morning sickness is a good sign I do hope that it is mild and short lived for you!! Take care and God bless!

  13. Oh! I’m just so so SO happy for you! What wonderful news! I will keep you in my prayers. I had earlier and stronger nausea and food aversions this time too, but my early u/s showed just one little inside. So I guess you just never know!

  14. I am so happy for you! I hope everything goes well. I am looking forward to the END of my morning sickness.I am 12.5 weeks to it shouldn’t be too much longer!

  15. Congratulations Amy! As you probably know, the morning sickness is a great sign! What an incredible blessing this baby is…really happy for you!

  16. Congratulations, Amy! That is very exciting. Although I was only on #5, I understand about the not wanting to show your belly. In my last trimester, I constantly had people ask if I was having twins because I was so big. I just have big babies.

  17. Oh AMy! Congratulations! I totally understand on the no belly pictures, if we get pregnant again (praying!!) I won’t be posting pictures either (I already look pregnant, even though I’m not) I’ll be praying!

    I was wondering about the cream, I’m not that educated in the hormone levels, etc. related to pregnancy. With our 2 children I got pregnant on the first try, we are in our 8th month of trying so I figure something must be “up”, would this cream help, do you think? We’re not worried about not becoming pregnant, if it happens, that’s great, if it doesn’t, that’s ok too. We’re trusting God but I would be curious to find out more about the cream. :) Congrats again Amy!!

  18. Congratulations! Pray going up for you for a healthy baby. Miscarriages are hard to deal with but every baby is a miracle. I believe that God has a specific mission/plan in mind for your baby and He will allow your baby to fulfill that plan. Praying that it is a long-term plan and that you are able to enjoy this pregnancy!

  19. I’m so happy and excited for you! A houseful of 8 kids!
    I have wondered if I’d offended you with my suggestion of progesterone cream. My sis-in-law has been using it and had an early test, too,so it might have something to do with that.
    Congratulations again! I can’t wait to follow this pregnancy through your posts.

  20. Praise Jesus!! I am so happy for you! I am currently 9 weeks pregnant and expecting my 4th child (7th pregnancy). I was told after my 2nd pregnancy that ended with a ruptured fallopian tube to consider having no more children because of the excess scar tissue. After each child I was told, “no more” by the docotrs. I’ve had c-sections with each child. After my 3rd child during surgery I was supposed to have my one tube I have left tied, but the surgeon said he couldn’t get to the tube because of all the scar tissue so I was unable to have it done. I knew in the back of my mind that it was just God’s mercy and that He would probably bless my womb again. Several months ago I was mourning the thought of never having another child. We had been trying to get pregnant, but nothing happened. The week before I found out I was expecting again I had just come to complete peace with God that I would be content with the 3 blessings I already have. I recently was diagnosed with Graves Disease (thyroid disorder) and was told whatever I do, do NOT get pregnant. Without trying, I am pregnant and now in my 9th week. The specialists told me that my pregnancy should be fine and that my Graves disease will actually IMPROVE during my pregnancy! I’ve learned that God is ultimately in control and that worrying changes nothing. I will be praying for your pregnancy and that you will have complete peace as you trust Him for His provision.

  21. You know… 😉 with Daisy and Rosie, the high levels of hcg gave a positive result VERY early. And and as strange as it sounds, I just “knew” that I was having twins – and I was right!! Prayers and hugs! Congrats!!!! :)

  22. Praise God for the positive news!! I will pray that this pregnancy sticks and by God’s grace and in His time that you are holding your new little one. I take progesterone because of a loss and I find that a lot of times once I start taking it I feel more sick and have major aversions to food. It has been very worth it all for be since I have had three precious blessings since my loss and am currently pregnant again. :) Praying for your to feel amazing during this pregnancy and that all is and stays wonderful for you!

  23. Congratulations Amy. I pray that God will bless your spirit with peace during this sickness. I know all about morning sickness, and just came out of a nasty ride myself. Thank God everyday that your hubby is so willing to try to help out with cravings etc. Some people don’t have that blessing. I can’t wait to hear all about the pregnancy and the new baby! You’re due just a little later than I am I suppose!

    YAY! Praise God for new life.

  24. Rejoicing with you from the northwest corner of the states! I’ve always said that’s it’s pretty amazing how that piece of plastic can change your life forever!! Just a couple little lines or a plus. Wow! I can’t help but root for twins, but It’s easy for me to say! :)
    And how cool to see how many other women are posting about their pregnancies as well. God knows how to give good gifts!

  25. Congrats!!!!! 😀 😀 How exciting!! I sense another baby boom! I know so many ladies who are pregnant! Woohoo!

  26. Congrats. So excited for you. Gets me excited to think maybe this could happen again to me. We just miscarried again in March. It was my 4th miscarriage and I sometimes wonder will I get pregnant again. I am 38 and I have 8 living children adn 4 babies in heaven. It is so weird because peopel tell me well you already have 8 isn’t that good enough. Yes it is but what is wrong wit a momma wanting to hold another one especially after a loss. Prayign for you and excited to meet your new little one.

    • Susan — We had five losses between our first and second biological children, then one more between that baby and the next. Recurrent loss doesn’t always mean there won’t be more living children on the horizon, although it does often mean your doctor should look more closely at what might be going on — particularly if you don’t have a prior history of loss and now you struggle to stay pregnant. In my case, low progesterone levels count for the majority of my pregnancy losses. I took supplements with great success (documented via lab work).

      For what it’s worth, I don’t think there’s anything wrong with wanting another baby, regardless of the number of children you have at home. I believe the Lord gives you the desires of your heart, meaning He places His desires for you in your heart, making them your own. To have eight children and to want another is irrational by the world’s standards, culturally unreasonable. Who but God would make you want to do such a thing? Additionally, throughout scripture Children are called God’s blessing, and who wouldn’t want more blessing? :)

  27. Oh wow, congratulations! I’m envious. I have two in diapers and one still potty training, and yet I’m so ready for another. :) The miscarriage/loss issue is always tricky for me in a new pregnancy, but I typically do as you do and just share the number of babies we’ll have at home. Blessings to you as you grow this new little life — although with that early HPT and symptoms, I too am thinking twins, Will you eventually have a scan to see, or will you keep us all in suspense until the lovely end? :)

  28. Congratulations!!!!! And about the twins, don’t be scared, I had two sets of twins back to back, they’re not so bad. ;D I do wish the Lord would have spaced them out a little more, though!

    I will be praying for you!

  29. Congratulations! What a dear, dear blessing for you and your family! I will pray for you and your newest little one this minute! Our fifth is coming this fall and I look to your blog often not only for practical advice but for encouragement on this road. Thanks for putting yourself out there – a friend I’ve never met! Congratulations again and again!!!

  30. Congratulations!! I am 5 weeks along with our 4th after miscarrying in the fall. I also know so many other women expecting. Yay!!!!!!!!!!!! Blessing to your precious family.

  31. Ugh, I felt the same way about x-rays when I was pregnant with Jonathan. I was hit by a deer and the chiropractor did x-rays the next day. I didn’t know I was 4 weeks pregnant at the time. I was in a panic once I realized it. I had to let the guilt go. He turned out fine and is 5 years old now.

  32. Congratulations! Woo-hoo! I have twins…once you push out one, the other one is a piece of cake! 😉 I also had a single birth – he actually hurt more than the twins!

    Rejoicing with you!

  33. Congratulations!! I am a mom of 7 children and are praying about how God wants to grow our family also. May God give you peace through this pregnancy!! I just love how God keeps blessing this world with more children when so many are trying to stop life from coming it’s so awsome!!!

  34. Congratulations! I did a double take when I saw the picture because I just used the same test two weeks ago with the same results! :) I can completely relate to food aversions, and feeling undomestic! You will be in my prayers.

  35. Is the progesterall a creme or a pill? I have had 6 miscarriages and this time when I got pregnant I asked for them to put me on progesterone. When they took my blood my HCG and progesterone were really low…and once being on the pregesterone pill my numbers doubled and I am now almost 23 weeks along. I honestly believe I would have miscarried without the use of the progesterone pill and I am very thankful for it. Congratulations!!!!!! This is so exciting! I pray all goes well for you and your family.

  36. ok…maybe I shouldn’t say this….but is it just me or are we thinking twins?!?!?! Based on that super early positive (higher levels of hcg…?) and the earlier than usual nausea….?
    Like your airport scanner,I had some pretty heavy duty,contraindicated for pregnancy antibiotics just before I conceived-the kind of meds they tell you not to conceive for several months after taking…I conceived in weeks…didn’t think there was any way that could happen (based on health issues I had been having). I was nervous,and at 7 weeks thought I was miscarrying…but he is here now…he’s perfect and lovely and everything I prayed for….so what did I learn? Worrying only serves to steal the joy we could be having :) I know you know all of that already.
    Either way…I am so happy for your family I could cry! My family will be keeping you, your family, and the new one (ones?) in prayer!!!
    Thank you so much for sharing your life.It is such an encouragement!!!

  37. Oh praise God, I am so so so so happy for you!!! My mom and I have been praying for you every day since I read about the first of your two recent miscarriages, and this is such wonderful news!! We will continue to pray, for you and this precious new bundle of joy! God bless!

  38. Oh Congratulations!!! You are the very first person I have met who has pregnancy cravings just like me! I am 10 wks along with my 4th and also, when I eat something, I usually can’t eat it again. I’m not able to pack ahead for lunches because it will most likely revolt me by that time and I will be onto something else. I don’t show early, but I get chubby belly for the first 4-5 mos and just look overweight. I am sick for most of the 1st and 2nd trimesters. I agree with your decisions about counting babies and am so greatful to be walking this road with you. Praise the Lord and I look forward to your updates. 😀

  39. Awwww, Amy! Congratulations. As a survivor of hyperemesis, I shudder when I hear of a mom in the throes of morning sickness. Blessings on you and your family.

  40. Congratulations! I know exactly what you mean about the miscarriages. I just had one last August (the anniversary is coming up) and I’ve noticed that it IS hard to explain to some people. I have been blessed that most of my friends and family do understand the hurt. Anyway, I am so happy for you and your family! God Bless!

  41. Congratulations! Wonderful news. Will be praying for a healthy happy baby! I have 2yr old twins. Life was REALLY crazy the first year but OH, they were SO worth it!

    I went for a follow up visit yesterday after my last miscarriage and left feeling depressed. The doctor made me feel like I shouldn’t want or try to have more kids “at my age.” I truly felt the visit was a waste of money. My husband and I even talked about stopping to purchase birth control and follow the doctor’s suggestions. Then we prayed and went to a fancy coffee shop instead! :^) It was nice to just sit and enjoy my husbands company. We decided to pray that God would allow us to have another healthy baby. And if that wasn’t His will to close my womb.
    When we returned home I gave each of the kids an extra hug. I am content with whatever God gives me. I LOVE my family as it is. However, I would LOVE to have another baby or two or three! :^)

    Thanks so much for your advice and encouragement.

  42. AMY!!! AHH!!!!! PRAISE GOD!!!! I’m so excited for you!! I was so happy to read that you have a peace this go-around, because as soon as I saw your post (before I even read it), that was my prayer for you!! Yay, blessings!!!

  43. Congratulations! I wonder if you are sicker earlier than usual because you are taking in extra progesterone? You may want to get your levels checked with and without taking the extra. I would love to be in your shoes…..sick and all. No more babies here and it makes me heartbroken to even think of it. Again, congratulations to you.

  44. Congratulations on a new blessing!!!! We just miscarried last month. Our 4th miscarriage. I will have to check into the Progesterall you mentioned. I took it with my 2nd and 3rd child, but none of the others. Thank you for sharing this wonderful news with us all!!!

    Praying for you during these first months of sickness!

  45. Amy, I am so happy for you and your family! I am twenty five weeks right now with our second daughter. It’s a really amazing feeling to bring life into the world- and even the second time around for me it never gets old. Congratulations! ((hugs))

  46. Congratulations to you and your family! Your posts are such a blessing to me and now you are expecting a blessing (or two) of your own! As a mom of twin boys (now 4 yrs old plus two girls – one older and one younger), it’s not easy but it’s never boring – and I survived!! May God bless you with the strength and grace to fulfill your amazing vocation of motherhood!

  47. Congratulations and I will pray you have an uneventful pregnancy. As the mother or 3 + 8 angels, I know how stressful the wondering can be as each week passes. May they pass quickly and happily and you enjoy every minute.

  48. Love! Praying for this little one the Lord has spoken into life within you & within your family. Really praying. And for your momma heart, your dear children, & husband. May this entire pregnancy be full of surprise gifts of overwhelming grace for each of you!

  49. Wow! Congrats! We are due roughly the same time, I think, and I knew almost as early as you did that I was pregnant. Sick early here, too. Baby 7 for us. I think its a girl due to all the nausea. Just so happy for you!

  50. I’ve only just started reading your blog, but I’m so excited for you! I’m a Doula and childbirth educator so ANY preggo belly makes me smile uncontrollably!! Congratulations! This is so wonderful. =)

    I feel the same about miscarrying.. I’ve had two *known* and one suspected (I had labor like cramps that came in waves, but I never tested.) It’s hard for even me to wrap my head around having had 6 pregnancies with 3 live births.

  51. Praise the Lord!!! What a blessing! Our little number 8 is due in about a month and I know what you mean about having 12 :). My kids always ask each time I get pregnant how many we have in heaven and they add them to our family. :).

    Congratulations! I will be praying for the months ahead. Blessings.


  52. Thanks be to God!
    I am so very happy for you, congratulations.
    Will keep you in my prayers during your pregnancy.
    Have a wonderful day.

  53. Congratulations! That is so exciting! I totally get why you dont tell people the due date! We never tell people when we are trying (p.s. we are trying!) and so here’s hoping for a super smooth pregnancy for you and good news for us sometime this year! Congratulations again. Just absolutely wonderful news!

  54. Congrats, and I agree with another poster twins are awesome. My 3rd Pregnancy was twins and they are a true blessing.

  55. Amyyyyyy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh my!!!!! Congratulations!!!!!!!!! How did I miss this post?!?!? I’m sooooooooo happy for you!!!! I’m pregnant too!

  56. Hi Amy,
    I miscarried my fourth pregnancy in the fall, and we also just found out we are expecting again. I am a bit unsure of how far along I am because my cycles have been somewhat variable this spring, but so far the morning sickness has been the worst yet. And I am so thankful for it each day because it makes me feel like things are developing as they should! I think I will be due one week ahead of you.

  57. Oh Amy. I haven’t commented here (maybe ever?), but you have been on my mind the past several months and I’ve prayed for you daily. I am so overjoyed for you right now. :) This brought tears to my eyes! I’ll continue to pray for you – that you can manage through these difficult first few months and keep rejoicing (and for Baby’s safety, of course). Blessings to you!

  58. Congratulations!!! What a blessing! Definitely will be praying for you. I completely understand what you mean about not including the miscarriages all the time when you talk to others. I am currently 28 weeks pregnant and have two children who are in heaven, but don’t usually tell people when they ask how many we have because, unfortunately, even most Christians still don’t get that whether they be ten years old or ten weeks old, they are still people and deserve respect and recognition as such. They have souls, too. I can also understand you not wanting to tell everyone the due date, lol. I get huge each time, too, and so I’ve been telling people the baby is due this summer, because I know if I say August 26th their eyes will get big and they’ll say something like, “Oh!” or “It must be twins.” or “I don’t think you’ll go that long.” or “Haven’t you had that baby yet?” So, I’d rather it be a mystery for now 😉
    Praying for you and baby and praising God for the blessing of children!

  59. That is wonderful news! I’m praying for a successful pregnancy for you.
    I have a friend that doesn’t like to be seen during pregnancies because she feels like she blows up too big, but I think she’s beautiful, she has God’s creation inside of her!
    I just want you to know I love how candid you are. Honest, just setting yourself out there so everyone can truly see you. I love it. I wish I blogged more, I just can’t seem to find the time – or, maybe it’s that I don’t make the time. :-/ I should. You inspire me to.