Homeschooling the Bigs 2012-2013 Curriculum

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The photo above shows exactly what we strive for in all our children’s curriculum, but what really comes to life when they hit the “Bigs” stage.  That is my husband and my oldest son (age 14) standing with Charlie Duke.  Yes, astronaut Charlie Duke.  Blake has met quite a few astronauts and NASA members, including Gene Krantz, Joe Engle, Alan Bean, and the late Guenter Wendt.

Blake has also spent time at TeenPact learning about our government, writing his own bills, and running for office.  This program, predominantly geared toward homeschooled teenagers and unashamedly Christian, is intense.  The writing and studying required kept Blake busy for weeks.

Blake is working through KONOS Ancient World History with his sister and will move on to Tapestry of Grace Year 2 with us soon.  (You can read more about why we went with TOG in this post).

We still haven’t started Thinking Like a Christian, but it is definitely going to be something we will start this school year.  I’ve also heard great things about TrueU from The Truth Project and would like to look into that for him as well.

I also plan to have him start Biblical Economics this year.  This may take us a while to work through, but I think it will be well worth it.

He will be finishing Teaching Textbooks Algebra I soon and we plan to move straight to Algebra II rather than do the traditional jump to Geometry.  I never could figure out why you had to switch gears like that.  He will probably round out his high school years with Geometry, but is still considering Pre-Calculus.

In Science, Blake will make this move sometime this year from Apologia Physical Science to Biology.  And yes, we will be doing the dissecting. 😉

He is still working through Latin for Children.

Go here to read how my son ended up learning Latin and why we chose this curriculum.  As soon as he finishes this, he will move to Rosetta Stone Spanish.

I’ve also decided to keep him in IEW’s Phonetic Zoo spelling program.  His spelling has improved tremendously, but I don’t think he’s quite ready to be “off the hook” yet.

For Grammar/Composition, he’s working through Writer’s Inc.  We’ve decided to do Grammar this way rather than a formal program.  We shall see what I think after a year of this.

We are letting Blake decide if he will continue piano lessons this year.  He’s plays quite well, but it is definitely not a passion of his.  He has yet to make a final decision.

He should also be earning his Eagle Scout rank sometime in the next year to year and half, so we are very excited about that!

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2 thoughts on “Homeschooling the Bigs 2012-2013 Curriculum

  1. Hello Amy,

    I am so impressed by the range of studies your family covers. My mother and father homeschooled me just one year, but it was one of the most enriching periods of my life, much less my school life. I followed the link to the Biblical Economic curriculum. I am very interested in hearing more about true prosperity, especially their answer to “and what duties, if any, does government have toward the poor?”

    Might you do a follow-up post or review of some sort, once your son covers that part? I am very interested in receiving guidance on the subject, but not quite willing to buy the books. :)

    Thank you for another inspiring post!