The “Mom I Want to Be” List

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I’m a firm believer in knowing what direction you are heading in.  I tell my children frequently,

“What you practice now, you will become later.”

If you point yourself in a particular direction, chances are you will arrive there sooner or later.

God is the one Who directs our paths, but what I’m talking about here is not our circumstances so much as our attitude along the way.

That’s why I have a Mom I Want to Be List.

It gives me a goal to reach toward, an attitude to strive for, a reminder, a daily nudge.

My list?  It looks like this:

1.  Gentle
2.  Listening
3.  Loving
4.  Available
5.  Prepared

I know what each of these means to me.  I know the depth of what each one requires.  I know where I want to be and one word is all I need to remind me of that place.

I’m not looking for perfection, I’m just looking for MORE.  More of each one of these things on my list.

So, if you had a Mom I Want to Be List what would it say?  What do you want MORE of?

19 Comments on The “Mom I Want to Be” List

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19 thoughts on “The “Mom I Want to Be” List

  1. Amy this is so perfect right now. I am struggling with keeping my patience and temper in this atmosphere! I have a 19 month old and a 3 year old and my 3 year old is pooping in her pants! Yes, she is “potty trained” but has begun, over the past 2 months, pooping in her pants because she doesn’t want to go poo poo. So her body forces her to!

    That being said, I want to be a patient, gentle, sweet-spirited mom. Slow to anger with a gentle, soft response. Available for snuggles and read-alouds!

    Thanks for encouraging me to write that down!

  2. The Mom I want to be:

    1. Gentle (but firm)- I tend to sway wildly from one extreme to the next
    2. Relaxed/Peaceful (usually related to being selfless)
    3. Quiet (in volume and spirit)
    4. Discipler- to say His name more, and reveal His word more
    5. Health oriented as a cook

  3. The first four would be on my list…I need help with them all!! Now that my kids are teens, I feel it’s too late. But God is gracious. I trust He will “redeem the years the locusts have eaten.”

  4. I want to be a mom who is…
    1. Intentional with her time and words
    2. Not so uptight about things that don’t really have eternal significance :-)
    3. A listener
    4. Gentle
    5. Diligent and consistent

  5. Love your list. Instead of a list, I’m working on a verse– Proverbs 31:26 -She openeth her mouth with wisdom; and in her tongue is the law of kindness. My then 8 year old pointed out how I needed that one when we read through Prov 31 last spring. Ouch!! But he also helps me pray for that too. Maybe once I get better at this law of kindness in my mouth, I can move on to a list! Thank you for the reminder on my quest to be the mom-I-want-to-be.

  6. Gentle is my number 1. My past left he hard, cold, untrusting, and angry, I do not know how to be gentle, never have. I’ve come along way from my past but being gentle is still one area I struggle in. I pray more then anything to be a gentle mother.

    • Elizabeth, I totally feel ya. My past made me hard too… and very angry. I have begun to see it wilting away as I have continued in prayer, (and the Lord showed me some nutrient deficiencies, which when I am faithful to supplement, I do much better… you could try reading The Mood Cure, if you think that might pertain to you too.)

      God bless!

      • Sorry to butt in here, but I too understand where you are coming from, and the deep heart longing to be a gentle and loving woman in spite of my harsh past. God is so good, and I have great hope that He will continue to make me a tender woman after His own heart!
        *I’m also going to look up that book!
        Thank you for sharing,

  7. I needed this post today. I have been incredibly irritable and impatient with my kids lately. I would love to blame it on the fact that I just had my third child 5 weeks ago, but I know it’s just an excuse. I love my kids and it terrifies me to think of them remembering me this way. I want to be more loving and patient with my little ones. After all…they are blessings from the Lord, given to me to raise and nurture, and teach to love the Lord. They aren’t truly my own, but His, and I need to love them like Christ loves me.

  8. I love your list, it’s wonderful.

    My list, at this moment would consist of mostly patience. I have little right now, because I have a child with behavioral issues that we’re trying to figure out and see how to help him. Controlling my temper during his outbursts because he needs understanding instead of mom yelling. Those are my two big issues.

    Other things: Loving, understanding, firm (I waver in my firmness a lot, and they get away with more than they should).

  9. Hello There!
    I just stumbled on your site and love it already :-)
    I am a newly married lady and it is our desire to have children someday – if and when the Lord allows!
    I would love to have my children think of me as being:
    1) gentle
    2) cheerful
    3) trustworthy/reliable
    4) Loving
    5) fun
    6) trusting and loving the Lord and their father always
    Thanks so much!
    Peace to thee