Week 17 – Where I Actually Post a Photo

It’s a little on the blurry side, but I had gotten so many compliments on the skirt I’m wearing in this photo that I wanted to share this outfit with you.  The skirt comes from Style J.  I purchased it through a group that gets together and puts in a bulk order every now and then, so I got a really great deal on it!  I seriously LOVE it!

I’ve been doing a lot of sewing this week (sorry for the super small diaper photo!)  I’ve been showing a lot of my progress on the Raising Arrows facebook page via Instagram.  (I’m amyarrows on Instagram if you’d like to see our daily life in photos…that is, when I remember to actually take a photo of what we’re doing!)

The blanket is probably not gender neutral enough, but the soft flannel was calling my name, so I caved.  And yes, that diaper has a purple background, but I have no qualms about putting my boys in purple.  I’m planning to post more about the diapers and pattern and all of that after I have more of my stash finished, but for inquiring minds, it is a Mama Bird pattern which used to be free, but is now for sale from what I hear.

 BabyFruit TickerAnd lookie!  I’m having an onion!  My 14 year old son who is out of town today asked that I call him and tell him what size the baby is as soon as the ticker turned over.  The kids all sit around on Thursday nights and guess what the baby will be on Friday.  It’s hilarious!

Other fun facts:

*This is the first week I have not felt nauseous at all.  You have no idea how grand it is to be able to eat and not worry how you are going to feel in 30 minutes.

*There is this one particular Mexican restaurant I could eat at 50 times a week and never get tired of it.  They know me by name.  It is sad.

*On Sunday, we had some good friends over.  All 3 of us mamas were pregnant.  All 3 of us have suffered in some way…one with 2 stillbirths, one with a reversal that did not seem it would ever bring a new baby, and myself with our little Emily and 2 back to back miscarriages this past winter.  What rejoicing there was (and a whole lot pregnancy talk)!

*Ty has me call him if it has been a while and baby hasn’t moved and then finally does.  We’re a little skiddish.

*My middle kiddos call baby “the newborn”.  They pray for Mommy and “The Newborn” every night.

*We haven’t even begun to look at names for this baby.  We have a 5 letter rule (yes, I know, you have my permission to roll your eyes).  We accidentally named our first 3 children with 5 letter names and then decided that was pretty cool considering my name is 3 letters and Ty’s is 2 and 3+2=5.  Cheesy, but charming.

Have a blessed weekend!


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34 thoughts on “Week 17 – Where I Actually Post a Photo

  1. You look wonderful! I love the skirt too! So glad this has been a better week for you, what a blessing- enjoy! Maybe it has todo with the onion- haha! ;). Too cute that the kids are having fun guessing!

  2. You look beautiful Amy!! The blanket/diapers looks so cute! Don’t worry about the striped one looking too girlish. It’s going on on the baby’s bottom. And really? Yes, I think it’s gender neutral.

    So glad this pregnancy is going well for you. Prayers for an uneventful pregnancy, and safe delivery.

  3. So glad you were able to fellowship with your friends and rejoice in the Lord’s favor and blessing on your lives. So happy for all of you! I’m glad to hear you’re feeling better and I love the 5 letter rule! :)

  4. We have a six letter rule. :-) It started out accidental as well, but with this baby we purposefully added a letter so he could match his siblings names.

  5. Oh, and I forgot to mention, we were all Biblical-ish names until #5 when hubby didn’t like any of the names I wanted – and stopped being a believer. :( I wanted Esther, we have Kaleii. :) Azariah Shadrach Mishael is hubby’s older son’s name – then we have Zarek (isn’t Biblical, but means May God protect the King), Malaki (Malachi sounds like it should be chai not ki), Syleii (We liked Silas, and we had a girl, so we made a girl version, so it’s semi-biblical).

    Having a ‘name rule’ is a good thing. I love how the Duggars have all J’s.

  6. I’d LOVE to hear some points on cloth diapering older babies- breastfed babies are so easy to diaper but I bought a bunch of diapers that use microfiber inserts and they’re just so hot in the summer with PUL covers that I’m on my 4th box of Target diapers. I also have unsoftened, hard water so fitted diapers into the solids stage is pretty rough on the water bill.

    • What makes you think they’re too hot? (Gosh, I hope that doesn’t sound snarky, as it’s an honest question, not anything more!) We use microfiber inserts with a variety of covers without issue and we’re it was 116 degrees here today!
      We’ve got really hard water too, but I just shake out anything that’s easily removed into the toilet to flush it and throw the rest in the bag. We currently have 2 in diapers, and when our older one was eating mushy table food we just stuck in a liner made of a cut up old receiving blanket to toss if it was too messy or wash if it was just wet. Made things really simple!
      We’ve got an older washing machine (we’ve had it almost 10 years and it was purchased used) and I just wash twice. I use a squirt of Dr. Bronners soap and it works great.
      Hope it helps!

      • Jessica- not snarky at all :) I take off the diaper and his rear is RED and hot and after a couple of days of using them he has a rash. This doesn’t happen when it’s cooler out, like right now, or if I use cotton/bamboo diapers. It’s not so miserably hot now and I want to switch back. However, literally every time I put a cloth diaper on him he has the nastiest poo ever and they have to soak. I’m pregnant, canning, and too whiny for that right now LOL. Your receiving blanket liner is a GREAT idea and I think I’m going to do that.

        • Just had to tell you I was reading this post when my two year old walks up and says ‘”Oh, she’s petty-boo-ti-ful” to your picture. And she didn’t even follow it up with ” çuz you look like a cow mama!” like she did last time she told me that, lol (to be fair, I was crawling around on the ground looking for something which hopefully is why she thought I looked like a cow :-)

  7. I think you look wonderful! I seriously searched to see how far along you were (and didn’t have to look long!) because I was guessing you looked about 18 weeks compared to what I usually look like :) I really appreciate your posting as I had never even heard of diastasis before your blog, and I’m sure I’ve got it – especially after our last baby.
    I also have to agree that the blanket is very gender neutral, and I’ve seen (and felt!) that fabric in person! The brown makes it less feminine I think!
    I also think the 5 letter thing is super cute.

  8. I’m so glad you are feeling better! I have awful morning sickness as well, so I know what a relief it is to be able to just eat! I also crave Mexican food (in general, and especially when I’m pregnant!). I love the 5 letter rule. We have a “never use the same first letter twice rule” that happened on accident as well, so now we are sticking with it… assuming we don’t end up with 27 kids.:)

    • We have used the same first letter twice but we do have a rule that we have only one of each sex with that letter. So if we get a letter addressed to “Miss R ” then we know exactly who it is for. The Duggars would be forever opening each other’s mail ;-).

  9. I just stumbled on to your site today and I think I may be here to stay. I was so excited to see someone else who is in week 17 of her pregnancy!!! I’ll be looking foward to catching up on the rest of your blog and following along as you progress in your pregnancy. Maybe you and I will even give birth the same week!

    - In Christ, Stephanie

  10. I like your baby naming rule. Ours is they can’t start with the same letter and no more than two names can have the same ending sound. I’m having a banana! heehee

  11. No eye rolling from me – Our first two boys got names ending in -er and we’ve kept it going. Another thing we noticed before picking the name for our 4th boy was that they were all alphabetical so that made picking a name a little more difficult. H – K – P – T. I’ve already decided that should we have another baby God needs it to be a boy as I can’t think of a single girl name ending in -er that comes after T!