Week 20 – Halfway There!

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20 Weeks is one of those wonderful moments of pregnancy where you feel like you have really hit a milestone.  It is the halfway point (even though, in many respects, it isn’t really halfway considering the first 4 weeks or so of pregnancy you didn’t even know you were pregnant).

We had our sonogram nearly 2 weeks ago, but with the trip to Arizona and the recovery from the trip to Arizona (funny how much longer it takes me to regroup when I am pregnant), I just couldn’t manage to post about it until now.

So, the wee little one you see playing the trumpet (at least that’s what my kids think 😉 ) is Roberts Baby #8, growing like a weed and wiggly as ever!  I’m definitely feeling tons of movement this week and even starting to see little baby body parts sticking out!

Sonogram FAQ:

Do you find out the gender?

Answer: Not officially.  We never let the sonographer tell us, but we do typically look for ourselves.

Are you going to tell us what you thought you saw?

Answer: Sorry, no.  A few close friends and family know what we think we saw, but otherwise, we’re keeping it to ourselves.

What is your favorite part of the sonogram?

Answer:  Baby feet!  Oh, how I love baby feet!  I always have to have a baby feet picture.

What was baby’s heart rate?

Answer:  146 – down considerably from the 170’s baby has been sportin’.

Baby looked healthy and strong and stubborn.  The sonographer had a difficult time getting a good look at baby’s heart because baby just wouldn’t cooperate.

So, here’s to the halfway point and another blessed 20 weeks!
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13 thoughts on “Week 20 – Halfway There!

  1. Yeah, I don’t consider 20 weeks halfway. It’s not just that you don’t know you’re pregnant for the first 4 weeks. You AREN’T pregnant by any definition of the word for the first two weeks between period and ovulation. So, I usually refer to 22 weeks as halfway, because that’s halfway between when I find out at 4 weeks and when baby is born. And that’s what I’m really look for when I talk about halfway, half of the time I am anticipating a baby is gone. :-)

  2. Haha, playing the trumpet was exactly what I thought when I saw the picture! Wishing you another happy and healthy 20 weeks!

  3. My favorite part of the sonogram is baby feet too!! We got a great shot of “our” feet at our last sono (2 wks ago) because they were up by his head, and kind of against my belly, so the sonographer got a perfect shot of the bottoms of his feet side by side :) If it wasn’t a sonogram, it would have looked a bit like an Anne Geddes :)

  4. Well, tell the kids they’re not the only ones…it totally looks like a trumpet. As soon as I saw it, that’s what I thought. I love the idea that you don’t ask for the gender, but look the whole time so you can make your own observations. I told my husband that I could live with doing that. With all four of our kids, i’ve whimped out and decided I wanted to know, which drives my husband crazy. Just not having to turn away and make my own guess, I think that would be better.

  5. Congrats! I got excited with you looking at the little picture of your baby and recalling not that long ago how I looked forward to peeking at my sixth little one (two are with the Lord) resting inside me. She’s just over a month old now. I just found your blog….love you and what you do via your site:) The question I have for you is how has your family reacted and treated you for choosing to allow the Lord to bless you with so many children? My husband and I would love to have more children if the Lord willed it so. But, with my last four pregnancies, I sadly admit, I was not eager to share the great news with immediate family (not even my mother). I waited until it was all but obvious to share. I only wanted those who could rejoice and encourage me in the Lord to know. She and my family love the children when they come, but do not understand why “I allow” myself to continue to become impregnated. How should I deal with this? It’s very discouraging not to be able to get that faith push from your own mother (a “Christian” too).

    • I hear you friend!! My family is the same way. We have 4 babies now and plan to have more, Lord willing.
      I worry about what others will say, especially our family. They are not believers and don’t know that we are open to having more children.
      I am learning not to “fear” man and try to focus on what the Lord says about children and what He is calling my husband and I to do in regards to our life and our family size. It is not easy. I had a all our war in our family when we announced we were going to home school. My grandmother as even wrote me out of her will and “disowned” me. This was so very painful, because she and I had always been so close!! It has been a rough couple of years but I have a great peace trusting that the Lord will bless myself, my husband and our family for our desire to live in His will and for his glory!
      I pray that your encouraged, as I am, by wonderful blogs such as this one, and that you are able to find like minded families to come along side you. I pray for that for myself as well!!!
      God bless you and may you have a peace from God that drowns out the naysayers!!!!!!
      Take care!!! :0)

    • I’m not sure our family will ever truly understand, but for the most part, they have decided to stop saying things in efforts to make us stop. Hold fast, be kind even when the words are unkind, and guard your heart as best you can. The Lord is capable of changing their hearts as well. :)

  6. I also thought about a trumpet when I first saw the pic. How funny! A week and a half until my sonogram with baby #4…..first time we plan to find out gender. Very excited!