My Manly Fall Mantel

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If you’re a regular reader here at Raising Arrows, you probably realize I am married to a very manly man who likes to hunt and fish and be outdoors.  You also know I have several dead animals hanging on my wall to prove this fact.

Oh, and did I mention the boys in the household far outnumber the girls?

So, while I do adore pretty things, I have learned over the years that pretty doesn’t always have to be feminine and in fact, you can create beautiful things in your home that can easily compliment and honor your husband’s tastes as well.

That’s how this Fall mantel came about.  I was perusing Pinterest, when I came across a pin of a mantel with deer sheds (antlers) displayed on it.  I immediately thought of all the deer sheds in my basement that are supposed to someday become a lamp (or some such thing), but for now have been collecting dust in a box.

I rescued a few of them and brought them upstairs to be the highlight of our mantel.

A little interjected note here:  This mantel is not your typical mantel.  It consists of 3 jutted-out pieces of stone at an angle across the face of the fireplace.  A cohesive display is not an easy task.

This year, I decided to purchase new strings of leaves from our local discount store.  These are a very simple way to decorate for Fall and can be added to just about anything and end up looking good!

I added these in amongst the antlers on two of the pieces of stone and then put together a center focal point from a rustic wreath I’ve had for years.

To tie everything together, I added a few baskets from my basket collection, as well as more leaf garland and a little burlap pumpkin that makes me smile.

I was so excited to show Ty when he came home and his reaction did not disappoint!  He loved it!

I’m writing this one down on my Decorating Pages of my Holiday Planner, so I don’t forget!

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16 thoughts on “My Manly Fall Mantel

  1. I love it! However I have all girls (5) and #6 is baking right now, :) so needless to say I don’t know much about boy stuff. Hubby isn’t into hunting (yet.. he has talked about wanting to, just doesn’t have any hunting friends) so right now, it’s typically all girl stuff here. My husband is into computers. No computer decorations here, that’s for sure. lol I love how you decorated, made it manly and kept it pretty!

  2. I could not love this any more!!!! It is AWESOME!!!!! I have 4 girls, but we are ALL huge into hunting and the outdoors, so this would fit right into my decor. One of my daughters has actually had a deer head mount in her room since she was two (and her room was Winnie the Pooh decor…, yeah….that was her dad’s doing ;)) My house is all decorated in wildlife (and two coyote hides and one bear and one deer) and cabin’y decor so now I’m wishing I had a mantle, because I’d be copying this!

  3. I’m not a fan of dead animals but I just wanted to say that I love how you brought all the colours together. They work really well. Congratulations on getting those three bits of mantle to work so well together and on valuing your men in the decorating! I’m always a bit surprised when I walk into someone’s home and see all the pretty feminine decor and wonder if men actually live there too. I’m a fan of balance and combining the interests of both sides. I feel a home should be a welcoming and comfortable place that displays the tastes of all who live there and not just one. Granted there are men out there who like pink and flowers. I know a few and more power to them for being able to own that without feeling threatened.

  4. This looks fabulous! I keep meaning to decorate for fall . . . but I still have sea shells and sand dollars and other beachy things on my mantel and buffet table in the foyer. I DO live on the coast! And it IS still Hot! But, I want to switch over to a fall theme. I wonder if I can somehow mix beachy stuff with fall stuff?? :)

  5. The mantel looks great. I’d say lovely, but that doesn’t sound too manly! Like the one comment above, my husband is more into computers. No computer deco around our parts either. My two 9 yr olds (b & g) are pretty good at rearranging what I do have so we find displays all over the house and get new looks every so often.

  6. It looks wonderful!! Your so creative! I love it! Makes me wish we still had our mantel. You’ve inspired me to get out my Fall things. :)

  7. My husband and sons and daughters all have either deer mounts or antlers and so every fall we decorate our living room with them till after Thanksgiving. My husband especially loves this. We’ve decorated our church like this some years too since we have a lot of hunters and we like how it appeals to the men unlike most of our flowery decorations.

    • I saw a beautiful Christmas decor last year that was done with pheasant feathers. It was stunning next to the woodwork of the house we were in. Been mulling over how I can do that in my own home.