Ask Amy – New Feature Here at Raising Arrows!

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I am blessed to receive so many emails from so many wonderful readers!  I read every single one and try to respond as I can, but as you can imagine with a full household and a full homeschooling schedule, it is quite difficult to do this in a timely manner.

This is why I’ve decided to start an Ask Amy feature on Saturdays (as I am able).  Some of the questions that come through email will be answered here as blog posts.  Your name and any information that might identify you will be kept confidential.  I will still answer some emails, but any that I feel others may benefit from, I’ll use for Ask Amy (unless you specifically ask I not do this).

Thanks so much for understanding and a blessed weekend to all of you!

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9 thoughts on “Ask Amy – New Feature Here at Raising Arrows!

  1. Just reviewed your “once a month” series. Great information and ideas! I was a 1xmonth shopper for several years, but now that our household consists of only 3 adults (mom & dad working full time and adult son 3/4 time) I got out of the habit – have tried to do 2 wks at a time but still not enough organization for me:-)

    Going to get back to 1xmonth! Thanks for sharing this!