Homeschooling Changes Everything About Home Management

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I wasn’t born organized.

However, I have always had the desire to be organized (does that count?).

I grew up in an organized home, so I knew what it should look like and for a short time right before I began homeschooling 10 years ago, I can honestly say I was organized.  I had a good schedule, my home was tidy, and I felt peaceful.

But, then I started homeschooling.

And things began to spiral downward.  Not only was I having trouble keeping up with the housework, I also had trouble keeping up with the homeschooling.  It seemed I could do one or the other, but never both and never well.

What I didn’t realize back then is that homeschooling changes everything.

No one but another homeschooling mother could tell you this.  And frankly, only another homeschooling mother in your exact circumstances could fully understand.  While I am not living your exact homeschool life, I know full well how life changing homeschooling can be and how learning to manage your home as a homeschool mom can help you feel peaceful and successful rather than overwhelmed and downtrodden.

Whenever I do a series like this, I like to include some “homework.”  Today’s homework is a simple list that will help you pinpoint exactly what has changed in your life because of homeschooling.

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