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Several months back I mentioned a homeschool tool I absolutely love. Well, I still love it and today I get to share with you a giveaway and a great deal on this indispensable little tool!

What is it?

Let me tell you a little bit more about it, so you can see why I would not be without this online planning site.

First of all, I have never found a homeschool planning software I liked.  I’ve tried a lot and failed a lot.  I was incredibly skeptical about Scholaric, but I had a coupon for 3 free months and decided I would give it a shot.

2 weeks into it, I was amazed and thrilled!  It worked!

Here’s why…

I have a subscription that includes 4 of my children.  The awesome thing about Scholaric’s pricing is no matter how many children you have, you will never pay more than $5 a month.

To break down the screenshot above, you’ll see on the left hand side the subjects (or courses) my daughter was working on in September.  I plugged those in, but most of them Scholaric recognized as soon as I started typing and autofilled for me.  When she finished her math a few weeks ago, I simply hid the course, but it still kept the hours she worked on that course available, making it perfect for the homeschool family who has no problem moving to new curriculum in the middle of a school year.

Next, you will see dates and boxes for each of those subjects by date.  The beauty of this is I can plug in assignments and leave them for her to do which show up in BLUE or she can complete a project and add it in herself.  Either way, when the assignment is complete, one of us can go in and mark it Complete and the assignment turns BLACK.

I can also Share the assignment with all of the children or just some of the children by checking the box next to their names in the popup window.

While I do not typically keep record of time spent on school, I decided to go ahead and use that feature of Scholaric to see just where we were in regards to time.  Interestingly enough, this has become a little game my older children like to use to “beat” each other in hours.

One of my favorite features is the little arrow beside every assignment that allows you to move it forward or backward on the schedule!  If you don’t get to something that day, no problem!  Just move it!

I use Scholaric on my iPad, but because it is an online program, it is available anywhere, anytime.  Even Dad can log in and check the children’s progress throughout the day!

So, I am thrilled to be able to offer you a giveaway for a 12 month free subscription to as well as an exclusive link to sign up for a Buy-3-Months-Get-3-Months-FREE deal!

Here is the LINK which gives you 6 months for the price of 3.

And here is the giveaway…I know you will love Scholaric as much as I do!

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61 thoughts on “ Exclusive Link & Giveaway

  1. This is my first year homeschooling and I am just getting to know all the resources that are available. This would be a great one!

  2. I have yet to find a way that I’m happy with as far as keeping track of our hours and our progress. Being able to use it on the iPad is wen better!

  3. I currently do all my homeschool planning in Microsoft Word. The look of the planner is very similar but this looks so much more functional! Being able to add subjects or move something to the next day would be so GREAT!

  4. We have just started using it this year (first year of hs’ing too) and have found it great for all our needs!! They also always seem to be tweaking it to make it better and better – adding features and listening to client feedback.

  5. This looks amazing! I’ve never tried a planning software, and normally have everything planned months before school starts, but I’m really struggling this year and just can’t get organized. This would be perfect!

  6. I have tried a few programs, but they haven’t worked for me for one reason or another. I would love to try this one, it looks simple enough :) Thanks for the chance to try it for 12 months free!

  7. I have never used any kind of software and always do my own planning using Excel. I think it would be kind of neat to have something that does all the extra work and I just have to fill in the blanks!!

  8. I haven’t used online planning as I thought I would really prefer planner planning but I’m struggling this year. I’m starting to think online planning would be a bonus as I get frustrating making hand written schedules each day for the kids with the vast majority of tasks repeated often if not daily. Would love to give Scholaric a try.

  9. I think this online program would teach me so much and help me get more organized with my four little ones (ages 2, 3, 5, 8) . I currently write everything down. I guess I’m a bit old fashioned :o)

  10. I have never used a planning software. As of today for this year I have nothing it has been THAT chaotic. Trying to get organized but honestly, I’m just surviving. Will definitely be checking this out!

  11. I have searched and searched. Tried and Failed just like you. FINALLY, maybe I too have found a program that could work. The feature that you mentioned about being able to click and move it forward if not completed on that day, that is what I have been looking for. Rather than having to keep re-doing the schedule. What a time saver. I am gonna go check this website out. Thanks so much!

  12. I used for the first 6 weeks of school this year, but found it quite time-consuming. Before school started I signed up for a trial of Scholaric, but never really got to use it. Would love to try it out and see if it works better for us. Thanks for your review!

  13. I used for the first 6 weeks of school, but found it to be quite time-consuming. Would love to try Scholaric — I’m really wanting something online to work with, as I’m often out of the house for various activities or work. Thanks for your review!

  14. I have looked and looked and looked for a good, easy to use software program but not found one that we like as a family. My husband is a sotfware developer so his standards a bit high! Looking forward to try this one!!

  15. I am currently using a free online program. This is my second year, however, this looks like a really great program that I would love to try out! Thanks so much for this giveaway.

  16. I’ve never used an online planner before, but I’ve seen others ones talked about in blogs. Always wondered about them,but never wanted to “try it” for the large price tags they come with. This maybe just the thing! thanks for the opportunity. I’m sharing with a new homeschooler – a friend of mine who loves to schedule with her computer. .

  17. Oh my word!!! After 12 years of homeschooling, I never realized there was such a thing as planning software until I saw your contest! I am so excited about this! I cannot even begin to tell you how invaluable this would be to me! I spend so much of my time hand writing out all of their assignments each week. I think this software would really save me lots of time, which I definitely could use as a pastor’s wife and mom of 7 (ages1-17)!!! Thanks for posting about this!

  18. A little skeptical here too as I haven’t found anything that has worked for me either but it really looks promising! Would love to try it out!!!

  19. Amy, I have a quick question. I signed up and am trying to get started. How do I let the kids keep track of their assignments? Do they have to log into my account and click on their name or is there a way to just let them view their assignments?

    • I log in to Scholaric in the morning at the beginning of the school day and then they just click on their name and check things completed or add what they have done to their lesson plan. I spend almost the entire time in the Lesson Plan section of Scholaric.

  20. I’ve never used it, but was looking for something like this a while back. I’ve been using Google, but would like to check Scholaric out!
    Thanks for the offer.

  21. I’ve been using HS Tracker but would be interested to give this software a try. I love some of the features mentioned.

  22. I did try an online planner, but it was far more complicated to maintain than this one seems to be. I love everything online, just needed to find the right homeschool planner … hope this is the one!