Using Schedules to Your Advantage

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The word “schedule” has always scared me.  It feels boxed-in, confining, rigid, and nothing like the free-spirit I fancy myself to be.  But over the years as I’ve gone from foot loose and fancy free to floundering, I’ve realized that schedules can actually give you the very freedom you desire.  I’ve also realized schedules do not have to be measured out in 15 minute increments from sun up to sun down.  Schedules only work if they work FOR you, not against you.

Here is a quick start guide to creating a schedule that works…

1.  Decide what kind of person you are and how your family functions best –

Tight schedule?
or a
Loose schedule?

Do you like to get up at the same time everyday?  Do you prefer flexible times for meals?  Do you feel your family needs plenty of flexibility or do you need the structure of a solid schedule to keep your family on track for the day?  Do you need a mix of both with part of the day scheduled and part of the day not?

2.  Write down the natural rhythm of your day as a starting point.  Every family naturally follows some sort of rhythm.  It will work best for you to harness this as the starting point of your schedule.

3.  Analyze what works and does not work in your current routine.  Is your homeschool day too haphazard?  Are meals not getting prepared on time?  Do you like having afternoon free time?  Are your evenings a wonderful time of family togetherness?  Keep what works, tweak what doesn’t.

4.  Write it down and try it out!  but don’t be discouraged if it doesn’t go exactly as planned every single day.  If you consistently see problems following through with the schedule, then revamp.

Now for some exciting news!

You can get all the scheduling advice you need in one place!

The Homemaker’s Guide to Creating the Perfect Schedule
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This ebook is the Deluxe Edition because not only does it contain step by step instruction and help in creating the perfect homemaking schedule, it also contains the same help for creating your perfect homeschooling schedule!

Here are just a few of the topics this ebook covers that makes it a steal at this price!

  • Learn how to work with your unique family dynamics
  • How to make a schedule stick
  • How to get your children to do chores
  • Step-by-step instruction on how to put together a workable homeschool schedule
  • How to teach your children to work independently

So, grab your copy today and get started organizing your day!

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